Chapter seven: Secret fire

Chapter seven: Secret fire

A Chapter by Thatonedawg

Chapter seven. Thanks to anyone who reads this!


Chapter 7: Secret fire



Half asleep, I rolled over and clutched my spare pillow in a hug. A sound filled the room and I quickly understood it to be my alarm. It felt like I hardly even slept at all, and not a blink ago, I was getting into bed. Shutting off the irritating sound I groaned and rolled out of bed to the floor. My body was so weak and my mind was so foggy, that I felt like a zombie, as my morning routine happened in front of my sluggish eyes. School is going to blow today, but at least I can catch some sleep there before Hiro's training. The image of my split soul popped in my head and a pleased smile curled across my face. As odd as it looked, I was still thrilled with my weapon. Though unusual in appearance it serves the same purpose as any other. It's special though... it's mine!


Once I was ready for school, I let out a long yawn then teleported from my room. Appearing on the street, I stretched and groaned trying to wake myself up. Max was at the end of the street already, so I ducked behind a tree before becoming visible again. Even though every ounce of me wanted to tell my friends, I knew it would only put them in more danger. The worry of them not believing me has crumbled however, as I could easily dazzle them with my invisibility and flight! Though they wouldn't be able to see me flying, I’m not a ghost and I assumed I could carry them!


"Happy friday!" I greeted as brightly as possible.

"Good morning Vyon, you look exhausted." Maxwell replied sipping his coffee.

"Yeah, I had to make up homework last night." It was hardest to lie to Max, but I think I got away clean. "Didn't get much sleep, but that's what class is for!" My nonchalant sarcasm forced a scoffing laugh from him.

"Would you like some? You look like you need it more than I." Max joked offering the styrofoam cup my way, a busty siren adorning the lable on the sleeve.

"You sure?" I asked and he nodded. "Thank you!" I replied smiling and taking a long, throat burning, drink.

Maxwell stared wide eyed, watching me gulp down the steaming liquid without flinching. As we walked the effects of the untainted, black coffee was apparent. Though still physically drained to the last ounce, I was less out of it. My head was a bit clearer overall, as we headed toward Zenex, who was on his phone. Looking up at us, his blank face instantly shifted to a vibrant joy. Hopping down from his fence, he waved and grabbed his backpack before approaching us. Zenex also looked a little worn out, though I bet he was up all night playing video games or something.

"Hola hombres!" Zenex greeted with a raise of his energy drink, three elongated serpents eyes staring down at us from the can.

"Sup man!" I called, my voice still not fully awake.

"Buenos dias. Como estas?" Maxwell replied plainly, but it made Zen smile.

"Dude you look like s**t!" Zenex exclaimed commically as he looked at me. "Did you sleep at all last night?"

"A little..." I muttered meekly. "What about you?" I snatched the can and drank as much as I could before he retaliated.

"Should have known he would do that..." Zen muttered looking at Maxwell crossly.

Returning it, he smiled when he found I didn't take that much. "Really though man, you should get some sleep." Zen finished as we continued walking.


"Apparently, that’s what class is for." Maxwell chuckled sarcastically.


"Damn straight!" Zen shouted giving him a friendly shove. "Looks like we're starting to rub off on ya, huh?"

We laughed for a second as Maxwell's annoyed face slowly slipped into a restrained smile. Regardless of my appearance I was starting to feel better. More awake now, I found walking to be a lot easier. Flying would have obviously been better, but falling asleep in the air sounds... just awful. Zenex offered more of his energy drink and I gladly accepted, taking a much smaller drink this time. This combination of coffee and energy drinks did not sit well in my stomach, but the mild pain just made it easier to remain awake. Without this minor feeling, I would otherwise be empty and on the verge of falling asleep. School would suck today if I didn't get some rest and some food. Honestly, it was hard to care about English or algebra when you know what I know. These classes, though important for most, seem void of meaning to me. No equation will keep me safe and no amount of good grammar will keep my limbs in tact. The only practical purpose for me to go to school, was to see my friends and get a free meal.

"Heya Shio!" Zenex yelled ahead, waving one hand overhead.


"Oh, hi guys." Shio mumbled, slipping his head phones off.


"Are you still staying at my house this weekend?" Max asked as Shio came within range of his voices volume.


"Yeah, all good with my folks." His normally melancholy voice glinted with shards of excitement.


"Can I come over?" Zen spoke in a pitiful tone as a fake frown grew across his face.


"Only if you're on your best behavior." Maxwell, Shio, and I laughed at this statement.


"Yes sir!" Zen used an army style voice, as he saluted and stood up painfully straight.


"Vyon, you alright man? You look really out of it..." Shio asked and I looked up, my vision blurring slightly.


"Just tired, thanks though." My response coaxed a small smile and a nod from Shio.


How do they do this? How did I ever do this? Walking is so painfully slow and tiring... Just a taste of flight would have them all hating the feeling of concrete beneath their collective feet. No sane person would walk when they have the power to burn across the sky like a shooting star! Just thinking about this made me internally moan. We were still about three blocks from school and I was feeling tired again. Tonight is going to be worse... If I don't get a good amount of sleep at school, then training later is going to be a nightmare. Maybe I can skip one day... they wouldn't mind, right? Reaching the corner I watched Zen and Shio run across the street. Where I would normally have followed, I was in no mood to run anywhere. Once the "walk" sign came on, Max and I crossed the street to join the others.

"Hey you two!" Lyra waved as we stepped into the parking lot.


"Good morning Lyra." Maxwell replied, accepting a hug modestly.


"Hey Lyra, how are ya?" As I asked this she latched her arms around me.

She gave me a cheek to cheek kiss, then stared at my face for a moment. "You look tired buddy!" Lyra declared sweetly.


"Yeah... I am." This came out in a whisper, as I was lost in her embrace. "Good news though, I can hang out after school!"


"Awesome!" Lyra cheered brightly upon seeing how much vigor her kiss gave me.


"Thank you your majesty! Glad you'll grace us with your presence!" Zenex chuckled at his own mocking joke.


"Shut up!" I snapped, laughing with him.

Heading into school, I was burned up by the thought of skipping out on Hiro's training. One day wont ruin everything, I know, but I just feel bad. The decision was easy to justify when I looked at all the progress I have made in only two days. In one night, I created my split soul and slew a fuzen with minimal injury. I would say that earns me a one day vacation, right? Heading into my first class I waved to Shio as he continued on toward another building.


Taking my seat, I found the desk to be comfortable for once, extreme fatigue causing this marvelous event. Putting my head down on my arms I was instantly out. Awaking to the bell, I found several mean notes scattered around me, as well as a few pencils stuck into my hair. Throwing all this away, I trudged to my next class hoping to go back to sleep. Stepping in I found we had a substitute today and I knew sleeping would be easy! Plopping into my desk, I awaited roll call, then passed out eagerly. Never thought I would say a class ran too short, but I was still incredibly tired when I walked outside. Heading straight to the lunch room I caught up with the others as they headed inside.

"Yeah bro, it's an awesome game!" Zenex exclaimed to Shio as I joined the conversation. "I'll bring it tonight!"

"Do you have a Gamecast Max? Should I bring mine?" Shio's muddled voice still sounded quite excited.


"Nah, I got it! Don't worry!" Zen replied over Max who was about to speak.

"You guys ditchin' Vyon and me?" Lyra asked nudging me for reference.


"Nope, I'm not even staying the night!" Zen exclaimed in response.

"Must be nice having house keys!" I chuckled about a rather sore subject, to lighten the pain it would bring in the future.

"I'll make ya a pair someday!" Zenex's friendly reply made my heart smile, though I just laughed at his joke.

After getting lunch and finding a spot away from the other students, I finally got to eat! Though it was just a microwave burrito, which in itself is a snack, I quickly inhaled it like thanksgiving dinner. My manners could have been a bit better, but I was starving, so the excuse created itself. Now that I was a bit more coherent, I was really excited about hanging out with my friends later! Not going to training has been bothering me... I feel guilty and like I am missing out on so much. No fuzen will be able to touch them if I'm around though! Once the bell rang I headed to the locker rooms with Zen and got into my gym clothes. It was free weights today, but Zenex and I decided to have a few cigarettes outside instead. This made the class pass incredibly quick and soon I was changing to go to algebra, then home. Well, no, not home... Hopefully I can convince Max to let me spend the night at his house. If not I will just warp inside and stay invisible for a few hours, no big deal... A piece of trash blew up and around the corner as I walked, causing me to tense with fright. Small things like that make me jumpy now, but that is understandable. Many times I would swear that what I saw was actually a fuzen, but there have only been a few times I was right. My walk was lengthened by a short conversation with Shio, who was also eager for school to end.

"Hello Vyon." My algebra teacher greeted.


"Hi!" I replied cheerily, as he was the only teacher I even remotely liked.

He stared for a moment, before removing his glasses. "Something is... different about you..." Was all he said from across the room.


"Really? Haven't changed anything recently." Chuckling my response, I took my seat as other students began flooding in noisily.


"Must be me..." He laughed softly upon saying this, then addressed the class.


Though I tried to pay full attention, my heavy eyes were soon falling shut. Once the bell rang, the room was filled an explosion of movement. Everyone fled toward the door as I stared around the emptying room in a daze. Standing over me was the teacher who frowned in a humorous disappointment, his eyes shutting even before his hand met his eyebrows. Excited to escape, I quickly began stuffing my bag with papers and books in a disarray of scrambling movements. My teacher chuckled as he moved away, toward his desk.


"You were sound asleep. I didn't want to disturb you." The teacher mocked me as I hurried to leave.


"Thank you! Have a nice weekend!" Opening the door I shot him a smile as he began gathering his things.


Air whipped my face as I ran across the yard and toward the front gate. Rounding the corner, I stumbled a little bit and grunted in frustration. Now I'm not saying I forgot how to run... it just feels strange. Flying sort of feels like aerial running, but with no motion or actions required. I’m not really sure how to describe it... Running with my thoughts, using my life force’s legs, not my own muscles. Like god damn Uberman, that’s how it feels! Then at night, I get to be Captain Comet! It felt funny thinking these things as I passed the other kids. I could get a costume and... nah! My eyes wandered to a random face, someone whom I had never even seen before... Something struck me and I had to look away, the girl spun her eyes toward me then, and I bowed my head bashfully and because of... this feeling...


I... holy s**t, I think I felt her... emotions! Whoa, she was... that was... I didn't actually feel them, I just, knew! It was, like, a momentary wave of that, like, socially awkward feeling! That was incredibly bizzare, weird as hell. It isnt really super significant, that could have been my own feelings. Still, it was like I understood instantly! Yet it dissipated almost instantly, with the next breath.


"Hey guys!" I shouted to them passing through the gates archway.


"Vyon!" Zen and Lyra cried in unison.

"Where were you? You're usually the first one out here." Max asked inquisitively... a word he taught me when we were younger!


"Fell asleep in class. My teacher was cool though, let me sleep till the bell!" Stretching out I was very happy for that power nap.

"That's awesome! My teachers suck and constantly wake me up!" Zenex replied with a snorting chuckle.

"It isn't polite to sleep through a class. These people get paid to teach us and so... Yeah, sleep, these jerks are getting paid either way...” Maxwell murmured under our conversation, but I couldn't avoid laughter as his dulling voice.

"That isn't nice Zen! At least they try!" Lyra spoke defensively playfully slugging him on the shoulder, Max was astonished.


"Lets go, I hate being here after school is out." I said receiving a confirming nod from Zen and Shio.


Heading across the parking lot, we were followed by a mob of dispersing bodies. Each heading to a home or activity and all free for two glorious days! In the sky ahead, a figure shifted and I felt the surge of internal fire. It was a Fuzen, lurking in the tall trees around our school. This creature appeared to be a bloated head with a long snake like tail protruding from the severed end, composed of veiny, twisting tendrils. However it slithered through the air like a kite caught in phantom winds. Just as I felt myself begin to worry, a flash of green cut the creature in two. Hina appeared to catch the weapon, before it even struck the creature! Darting off toward suburbs, she let out a spectral sonicboom! Like a jet had blast off in another dimension, but this exact location! Feeling a smile creep across my face, I began feeling less upset over skipping training.

"Uh... Vyon? What ya looking at?" Shio asked and I shook my head looking to the awaiting faces.

"Nothin' just day dreaming." I replied catching up with the group.

Continuing on, with only minor taunts, we headed for downtown. We headed over the levee bridge and were soon surrounded by tall buildings and clusters of cars. Stopping off, so Shio could pick up, the rest of us occupied our time with a box of puppies across the street! After about forty-five minutes Shio came out and joined us silently. We continued toward our secret spot a bit faster now, Zen begging to keep one as Max chided the idea. Passing the usual restaurants, outlets, and pawn shops, we were soon among huge corporate buildings. As we came to the alley, which led to our warehouse, we checked to make sure no one saw us. Once down the decrepit slice of side street, we traversed the fence and set up shop in our dingy little home away from home. Speckles of sunlight shivered around the floor as we entered and began dusting off the furniture. Lyra asked Zenex for a cigarette and instinctively he offered me one as well.


"Thanks!" Lyra and I said, a few seconds apart.

"No problem, thank my sister for getting lazy! Thank you, Shio for buying the goods!" Zenex said passing his lighter around once his smoke was burning.


"My pleasure." Shio's reply was muffled due to him focusing on rolling a blunt.


Taking a deep finishing drag, I held it strong and then blew it out slowly. Holding the cigarette smoke was a good effort to temper my lungs for the pot. Unable to hide his excitement Zenex clapped and made a loud noise of joy as Shio began to finish. Burning it lightly he tightened it up and then set it down as he cleaned his fingers and scraped the remainder together with his school ID. It would be hard to say I didn't enjoy it. Aside from flying, I don't know what else makes me this good.


"Spark it." Shio muttered handing it to Zen delicately.


“Nice... aww yeah!" He replied eagerly, a cartoonish smile coming over his face.


Watching the end burn away, I saw the fire of Zen's lighter gleaming in his aqua colored eyes. After a few puffs and then a long drag, a Cheshire smile appeared alng his face, as he began inhaling through his nose. Lyra had it passed to her and she smelled the smoke coming off the blunt, making a pleased noise afterward. I was next and part of me was sad Shio, would be last, but I was happy he shared at all... Taking a pretty wicked hit, Zen and Lyra's coughing was soon joined by my own. Holding it toward Max he took it and placed it in his lips for a few seconds. Shio then had it and took several sharp puffs, breathing deeply in between. Before passing it he breathed deeply, straining a bit. Shio released a loud bursting cough, which he had to pat his chest to contain or soothe. This felt good... Not just the tree, but my family. Shio's first blunt was almost out by the time I saw Max pass it to him again, but he just handed it to Zen, for he was working on another one. The rotation was switched, but being in the middle made that not matter to me. I got my hit at the same rate, but it was smacking my brain pretty hard. After a long day at school nothing feels better than to kill some brain cells! Alright, that’s a pretty depressing statement actually... But I’ve been really on edge for about a week straight now! I don't want to say I deserve to smoke, but, I do!


My thoughts, the way I think, nothing is real anymore! Nothing learned previous to this seems to matter, I’m fighting for survival here! These things haunt, literally everywhere... It’s like life has been put beneath a veil, or the lights turned off... Other people, normal people, they live under this shadow, but I can peek outside! Theres an internal light, a fire I can use, to look through the fog that is reality! For the last week it has been like I didn't exist fully. Like I had left my plane of reality, perception, existence...

"Dude! Good s**t!" Zen said taking a deep breath off the blunt then passing it to Lyra who chuckled.


"Got enough for one more little one." Shio mumbled as he scraped what was left together.


"Wish I had my sisters pipe..." Zen started as I took another hit. "That'd be a few bowls."


"No prob, I can roll a shorty." Shio mumbled.

"Man... this is... rough..." Lyra's statement was seperated by coughing.

"Take it like a man!" Zenex replied in a tough guy voice, but he laughed shortly after in his normal nasaly tone.

"She’s right..." Max choked, then spit to his left. "This stuff burns more than usual."

"Just means it's working!" Was my response and I got a chuckle from Zen and Lyra.


After we had finished the pot, everyone began doing there own thing. Maxwell began reading a book and Lyra went on her phone. Zen and Shio were playing a card game of somekind, but I didn't want to move to watch. Lyra occasionally would show me funny pictures as she scrolled through the internet, but this became less and less frequent. Pretty soon I went on my phone just to mask my deepening thoughts. My recently discovered obligations have weighed heavily on me this last week. Life is changing and not in the way I would have expected... Hiromasa isnt someone I thought would’ve needed to exist outside of vampire hunter flicks or How to kill zombies, that one was great!


Lyra snapped her fingers in my face, I had dozed off. "Hey buddy! We're gonna go get some food." She stated once she had my focus.

"Awesome, I'll come!" My response was short and sharp as I popped up out of my chair.

Heading out of the rusted out old warehouse, I realized I was pretty damn high. The others all seemed effected as well, but my head was swimming like crazy. It was difficult walking perfectly and crawling under the fence required heightened focus, as to not get filthy. After a bit of walking and a few more blocks, we came to a local grocery store. Though it had a small cafe attatched, that was closed. A variety of snacks and other random foods were purchased, nothing of course by me. Though I never told them directly, I was certain each of my friends knew my situation at home. Lyra and Zen were always far to eager to share food with me. Max and Shio would sometimes offer to buy me things when the others were out of earshot. Though heartwarming, I was always stricken with a storm of guilt. Still when food is right in front of me, it is hard to say no...

"Hey let's go to the beach!" Lyra blurted out suddenly, licking her fingers clean.

"What? It is way to late to go to the beach!" Max replied quickly.

"Then the pool, I just really want to go swimming!" Lyra playfully stamped one foot as she said this.


"Sure, let's go! I mean, I'll go." Scanning the other guys faces I could tell they were reluctant.


"I can do whatever I want, so yeah! I'm in!" Zen exclaimed with a cocky grin.

"Well... my dad is gone. So why not?" Maxwell said after a bit of thought. "You are supposed to be at my house, so I guess your coming too!" He laughed, nudging concerned Shio.


Although school is the last place I wanted to go on a friday evening, I was excited at the prospect of breaking in. It wasn't the first time we snuck in some place only to flee once caught or leave with the same stealth entering required. Hopping the fence we headed around toward the gymnasium quickly and quietly. Though I doubt security was here this late, I still would have rathered avoid any problems all together. A constant fear of encountering a fuzen was also lodged into the back of my mind. Approaching the back door to the swim area I saw Zen reach into his pocket and remove his wallet chain. On one end was a decorative steel spike, about three inches in length. With a few curse words and a large amount of clicking, Zenex attempted to pick the lock. Shifting the tool around he grunted and struck the other end with his palm, causing a loud metallic crunch. Removing the bent piece of metal he opened the now broken lock and waved us in.

Lyra went to her locker to change into a bathing suit or something. I’m not ashamed of wanting to come here with the prospect of a near naked girl, but that is mostly the reason I’m here to be honest. Don't particularily like swimming myself, but that's a different story... They have to at least be suspicious, since I blush almost every time she touches me. As she emerged from, I almost gasped. The curves of her body were now barely covered by a thin two piece swim suit. Her silken hair waving delicately behind her as she moved that supple body toward me. After a moment of taking in the image, I gulped and looked away hoping I wasn't noticeably red.

Lyra slowly dipped a foot in the water and waved it around testing the tempature. Zenex tossed his phone and wallet aside, then dove in fully clothed. He came up with his normally spiked hair a compressed mass against his face and head. Maxwell untied his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt, folding it neatly before he prepared to get in. Shio also kicked off his shoes, then rolled both pant legs up and sat with his feet in the water. Pulling off my shirt, I sat down with my legs in the water, not caring the end of my jeans got wet. Max hopped in with a small splash and I followed creating a larger burst in the water. After a little splash fight Zenex started trying to climb on Max's shoulders, but he simply threw him off each time.


"You're going to freeze on the walk home Zenex." Maxwell warned him doing small laps in the pool length wise.

"It's a warm night, I'll be fine!" He replied splashing water Max's way.

"Come on in!" I called to Lyra and Shio as I moved through the water toward them.

"I'm alright, just gonna chill on the sidelines." Shio repeated kicking at the water lightly.


Lyra fell forward, then posed into a type of dive, piercing the water gently, but causing splash as her legs began to kicks. Swimming around me, she went to edge of the pool. Watching Lyra move beneath me in the water made me wish it was just her and I. Wait, wow, that is way to strong a feeling! Im probably coming down, I get all dopey and open when I’m starting to get tired. She rose from the water, her long hair forced to a single mass behind her head, accenting the water peeling from her cheeks intricate patterns. Diving to the bottom of the pool, I came up next to her and splashed her with my arrival. Playfully punching me in the arm she swam away quickly, her face and body beckoning me to chase her. As I was about to grab her from behind a terrible sight filled my vision.


"What the hell are you all doing?" The tubby security guard called as he appeared in the pool room.


"Oh s**t, run!" Zenex shouted climbing out and narrowly avoiding being grabbed.


"Run, come on guys!" Shio shouted, which was odd... hearing him yell.


"Go, go, go!" Maxwell demanded as we flung the door open and ran out into the night.


I hopped the fence and started to run, but looked back as I heard. "Vyon, wait!" Lyra called from atop the fence, where she was stuck or something, probably due to lack of coverage.


"Jump!" I called holidng out both arms. "Now!"

She yelped and threw herself through the air into my arms. A gentle warmth hit me as our bodies touched and I began running away carrying her. The overweight security guard couldn't keep up and we lost him at the fence. He shouted something threatening, but soon his voice was behind us and I began looking for the others.


"Whew, thought you guys got nabbed!" Zenex cried popping out of the bushes and causing Lyra and I to jump.


"Didn't see that coming..." Maxwell panted with a hint of thrill in his voice. “See what... you get...” Max was out of breath, though still averted.

"Here, I grabbed everyones clothes." Shio said holding out his arms as everyone grabbed there stuff.


"Vyon, you can put me down now." Lyra chuckled and I quickly set her down before shaking my hair dry.

"My dad is out of town. You guys want to crash at my place tonight?" Max asked much to my excitement.

"Yeah let's go... we could all use some rest after that." Lyra laughed after slipping her shirt over her damp skin.


We walked for a while until we reached Max's house. His large respectable home had double doors and upon entering I felt bad about being wet. Maxwell didn't seem to mind however, as he told us to get comfortable and he went to change. The house was cold, but having my friends nearby grew a positive warmth in my heart. Plus I held Lyra tonight, I’m holding her hand right now! My tired body fought to keep up with my racing mind, but soon it gave up and I collapsed on the couch. Once everyone had dried off as best they could we watched a really bad horror movie. Part of me kept picturing it as an actual enemy and I just kept laughing... Hard to be scared of rubber masks and makeup when you have seen the vile creatures I have. A warm weight hit my shoulder and I perked up to find Lyra had fallen asleep on me. Smiling widely, I brushed the hair from her face and gently rested my head on hers, so I could sleep as well.

© 2017 Thatonedawg

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What I love most about this chapter is that Vyon is acting like a teenager! The raw emotions and impulsive actions are great and it is important to show the reader he is in fact a teenager. This is another great chapter.

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6 Years Ago

Ty for the continued support and I will try to re-arrange the chapters when I can! Thank you for let.. read more

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