Legends Of War

Legends Of War

A Chapter by Wild Thunder

Gannon trains for battle in the underworld. Loretta is captured. The kings of foreign lands make a pact for war.


Loretta made haste to cross the land of the Foekai.  Its terrain was cold and there was snow covering the grounds of the island.  The trees were covered in crystal ice and she found her breath spilling ghosts into the air.  They faded.  However her trail was not unnoticed.  A creature stalked her from the shadows.  Loretta started to walk fast as she heard the movement in the woods.

Then as she heard the creature moving quickly behind her she panicked and ran in the woods.  Dodging trees and getting herself lost from the path.  She jumped over a fallen log, with the swift pattering of her paws the snow lifted off the ground.  She ran into a large hallow log.  Finding it full of ice spiders she shrieked in fear.  She then came tumbling out of the log falling down a depression that was a valley.

Loretta lifted her hand.  She landed in something hard much like a stick.  Then to her dismay found herself laying in a pile of bones.  She looked around to see eaten animals.  Then from where the light shined down from the tree tops she saw a massive beast with horns of a goat that was much like a wolf.  It howled at her.  She then stumbled to her feet and tried to run but she tripped over a skull then turned to see the wolf diving in the air at her.  She huddled in fear of the titanic beast.

Then a spear flew through the air and strikes the beast clear through its heart.  It died instantly tumbling to the ground, leaving the world with one last howl.  As Loretta looked up to see who throw the spear a net was thrown over her. A fiery red haired lady waring shining silver armor with scarlet clothing was capturing her.  She was strong and looked like a warrior but she was also very beautiful. Then a rock hit her head as she was dragged knocking her out.

“Human you dare tempt a reaper of death.  Your soul is ours for the now.” said a shadowy creature to Gannon who was standing in a most sinister of natural places.  The dull purple light of the poison that filled the air glowed upon there faces.  Gannon stood with a body that was now sown together by the shadow of the queen of death.  Baring his sword made from the bone of devils.  He stood before the demon.

He charged with no fear in him.  Gannon lunged with his sword in the air.  The reaper blocked his clout with his rod then went to strike Gannon in the legs.  He jumped in the air and went to strike his sword at its head but with much grace it raised it's hand and the reaper blocked his assault with shadow.  Then Gannon slashed three times at the evil creature.  Each time it was blocked by the reapers rod.  Moving it back with each strike.  Then the reaper raised his hand and pointing its open palm at Gannon forced him back with its black magik.  Knocking Gannon to his feet like a powerful wind blew him back.  Gannon got up and ran with a war cry as he slashed again.  But the reaper moved away from him and hit him in the back.  But Gannon spun around and slashed the blade.  It severed the arm of the reaper as its bony arm fell to the ground.  The zombie like humanoid cried in pain as its vail fell from its face showing a very decayed man.

“Human, spare me.  I am but an elder thing!” said the reaper.

With fury in Gannon's eyes he responded by plunging his blade into the chest of the wicked creature ending his very prolonged life.  He held his blade to his side as Lavoilt came from the shadows.  “You are getting stronger but not nearly strong enough to kill a dragon Gannon  I thought you were a great warrior.  Still having trouble with even lesser devils.” she snicked at him.

“Lavoilt why do you torment me with your words?” he roars at her.

“You are still angered by the betrayal of that dragon.  Too bad... him she sounded nice.” Lavoilt said.

Gannon looked away.  “I will avenge her...” he spoke aloud under his breath.

Lavoilt then chuckled.  “What point is it to avenge the dead but go and kill your dragon?”

Gannon then looked at Lavoilt “I don't care about Lyria... I want to see my Loretta one last time.  By now they have slain her.  What I have waiting for me is a life of war... they must all pay for taking the one I love away from me!  I could never be with her looking like this.  I am monster.” he roared in agony.

“You look beautiful down here.  Why not stay with me?” Lavoilt submits to Gannon.  Gannon turned away walking into the darkness away from Lavoilt.  Leaving himself to drown in his missories.

“You have got to let me go!” cried out Loretta.  She was laying in a cage in a wooden home.  A small fire was burning and weapons adorned the walls.  Loretta started to bang on the cage with her paws in order to try to break the wood but it would not budge.

The strange lady walked over to the cage and then bent down to look inside of it.  “Quite Kantoria or I will not feed you tonight.” she said.

“Please... perhaps we got on the wrong start.  My name is Loretta.  I am princess of the Lyrian islands.” she tries to tell the women.

“My name is Millenia, battle queen of Foekai.  You say your a princess of the Lyrian islands.  Your tricks will not fool me Kantorai.  I am strong among my tribe.” Millenia says to her.

After hearing this Loretta is filled with sadness.  The Foekai were not known for being kind.  They were barbaric and would play games with the dead children after destroying a village.  She started to weep for her freedom.  She knew that she would not be released from one of such rank as Millenia.

“Kantoria, crying will not appeal to my sympathy for you.  You might was well accept the fact you will make a fine pelt.” Millenia says to her as she gets out some tools.

“Please Millenia, I must find my lover.  He is a great warrior of my land.  Gannon the dragon slayer and he will come looking for me.  If you bring harm to me he will be enraged.” Loretta cries out.

Millenia walks over to the cage then with a swift slash of her sword it is cut open.  “Gannon you say?  So you love this man?  Your a princess?” Millenia's change of heart was refreshing.

“Millenia please listen to me.  Please, I beg of you.  I am not a Kantoria... I was cursed to be in this form.  I am a princess.  However I don't know why I became this thing.  My lover Gannon was a great dragon slayer in my land.  He used to be my guard and I fell in love with him.  He took great care of me.  I must get back.  He must be so worried about me.  Millenia please let me go.  I will do anything for you!” Loretta bursted out.

Millenia thought for a moment.  “I guess I already had one catch today.  No need for a useless slaughter of a lire I suppose.  I do not believe you Kantorai but if you insist in this path then take this.” Millenia then takes off her cloak and hands it to Loretta.  “This is a mark of my tribe.  No one will touch you if you ware this.  My tribe is feared among the nations of Foekai.  Follow the elder path to get to the shores.  It is no longer traveled and you will find no creature will attack you when you cross it.

“Thank you Millenia.  My people will sing songs of your kindness to me.” she says to her.

“Go Kantorai before I change my mind.” Millenia spoke then sent Loretta fleeing quickly from her home.

In a land known as Isrule which is to the south of Foekai a King is speaking with his daughter.  A storm is over casting the castle.  “You know I love you Trysha.” he says to her.

“Yes father of course I know you love me.” Trysha responds.  The king is named Reiger.  A fair leader who only wishes peace for his kingdom.  Trysha was young.  Not much older then eight.  Outside soldiers rallied with swords and shields.  They prepared for a war with the Foekai to the north of them.  They sent out messengers to all the nations in preparation to defend their land from King Belg.

The nation Of Isrule was given the task of guarding the seal of the sky gods from the other nations.  They alone held responsibility from protecting the secrets that the seal held.  The Foekai desire the seal in order to become more powerful and ultimately to fight Xion's army and claim the underworld as their own.  Among the seal are many scriptures on the war of the sky gods with the earth gods.  It is critical that no one comes to gain this knowledge and use it for any form of gain.  The balance between the two sides is easily tipped and one who tips the balance will cause the war between the two again reigning upon the world.

Reiger tries to explain to his daughter that they are going to war but it pains him so.  Trysha is young and does not understand her father.  She too wants to go to war with him but he explains to her that if he dies that she must become queen of the land.  However Trysha cannot bare the thought of her fathers death and begs him not to go.

Reiger made a compromising deal with an old king.  His name is Wish and he was bound for centuries because of his combat with the dragons.  When the dragons first came to the Laves, Wish was the supreme ruler of the land.  At that time it Laves was one land and not many islands.  However as legend says the land itself was torn apart during the war.

When the dragons first came they demanded that they be worshiped as gods.  However this did not sit well with Wish.  So he gathered his greatest soldiers and they banded together to slay the dragons.  Before the war was over they had slain most of the dragons.  Most of the remaining dragons fled Va tali and flew to other lands.  However a few remained and gathered using there powers together to turn all the dragon slayers to stone.  Thus ending Wish's reign as ruler of Laves.  The seal was scribed to hold the secrets to free them from stone.

Reiger made a scribe of his own of the seal.  It had only the pieces in it that would free Wish and his people from imprisonment. However Wish had to prove himself by defending Reiger's land.  So he freed Wish alone and made a deal with him.  If Wish would slay a dragon and prove how powerful he really was Reiger would free his people but they would have to defend against the Foekai.

Wish agreed and headed off to slay the greatest dragon he could find...

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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Wild Thunder
Wild Thunder

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