A Warning Of Death

A Warning Of Death

A Chapter by Wild Thunder

Wish is warned about his demise from a devil god. War breaks out between Isrule and Foekai.


The sound of sand and wood is heard rubbing together as Loretta pushed hard on the boat.  The splash of water cut by the wedge bow sprays into the air giving her a second wind.  With the hope of seeing her lover again she gathers inner strength and grabs a piece of drift wood then spins around and throws it into the mans face.  This makes him stumble just long enough for Loretta egress from those sands into the waters of freedom.

The man still charges into the water though.  Loretta grabs the paddle but still he presses on and tries to swim after him.  Loretta paddles hard without looking back.  Once she notices that she is far away from shore she looks back to see the man drowning and sinking into the water.  She cries out to him and turns around to try and save him but she was not fast enough and he sunk deep as the waters ate him whole.

In the underworld Loris and Xion argued over who should keep the soul of the drowned warrior.  However soon there conversation changed as they awaited a vast swarm of souls for the taking.  Xion says to Loris “How many souls do you think that man will give you?”

“Who?” said Loris.

“The man that you made that silver sword for.  The one that consumes light.” Xion replied.

Through Loris's many eyes he says “Many more then it cost to make that blade.”

Xion walks and gazes into the ocean of fire and smiles as he sees the souls of the evil burning for his glory.  “He will earn a wonderful place in my kingdom for his fool heartiness however.”

Loris slithers back and hisses at Xion then roars “Xion what have you seen?  Is he going to die in that battle.”

Xion then laughs and replies “I know how all souls will die, its mine; my only pleasure.”

“Xion will he fall in during that war!” Loris shouts.

Xion with firery eyes looks at Loris then growles to him “Your demanding your own death speaking with me like that.”

Xion then looks into the fires with a smile. “Yes. A great warrior will slay him because of his arrogance. The heart of a man is weak. Easily pieced by a spear.”

“does anyone else know about this?” Loris asks.

“Thatos... speaks of this with the mortals.” Xion laughs with a grin.

Wish awakens in the night to find Loris awaiting him in the form of a hooded man.  Wish immediately knows the man as the one who forged him the sword.  He invites him inside as Loris obliges. “Wish I have terrible visions... you must not aid Isrule.” Loris says.

“Why shouldn't I?” Wish asks.

Loris then says “Because I have seen a great warrior slaying you in my dreams.  Isrule knows of this that is why they have not given you your seal.”

“How would you know that?” asks Wish.

Loris tries to think of some explanation but when he is not able to Wish demands that he goes away.  Loris without argument obliges and returns to the underworld and allows Wish to fall to death.

Deep below the depths of the world Gannon had left Lavoilt fully recovered and retrained how to fight with a blade.  His pride returned.  Seeking the ruler of the underworld from the tales he was told by Lavoilt.  So there he stands before Xion's kingdom as he looks upon its high towers of of flesh and bone.  The ebone gates he walks through sends terror into him.  Finally after much travel he arrives before the great overlord Xion himself.

“Mortal.  Why have you come here?” Xion says.  Then upon further inspection knows who he is.  “Gannon the dragon slayer.  What a pleasure it is to meet you... you escape my influences quite often.  How may I assist you?”

Gannon bows before Xion.  “I need your help to save my lover.  Her name is Loretta.  She means everything to me.  I will trade my life to save her.”

“Foolish man.  Why do you assume I have her?  She has not past through the fiery gates yet.  Though I did see her... yes Loretta.  Quite a beautiful young girl.  Ripe with affection.” Xion said as he closed his eyes so not to harm Gannon.

“You saw her.  Why was she here?” he said to Xion.

“Thatos stole her for his own.  I saved her life from him.” Xion laughed.  “She was so helpless I could  not let her die in such a meaningless way.

“How can I find her... where is she?” Gannon blurted out.

So Xion took Gannon to where he let her go.  Gannon thanked the great lord of the underdepths then left swiftly to look for his lover.  However when Gannon was leaving he saw several reapers attacking a man.  Several of them were armed with weapons.  Gannon raised his sword and run between the man and the hellish spirits.

On the other side of the Foekai island a blade raised into the air at the shores spill the crimson waters of war onto the sand.  Wish and a small group of Isrule soldiers sieged the coast in order to gain an encampment on the Foekais lands.  Wish saw there leader over the cold icy dune in front of him.  He slashed through several soldiers as he ran.  Each one was cut down without mercy.  He finally reached the top of the dune where the great warlord stood.  He wore the fur of a beast and carried a large stone hammer.

With a single swing the man hit the ground in front of Wish sending sand and ice shards into the air.  Wish was blinded momentarily and staggered back wards.  The man swung again as Wish ducked under the slash and went to strike at the mans ankles but man jumped back.  A man coming from behind with a spear stabbed into the air just past Wish's head.  He quickly spun around chopping the man's head off.  He then ran up the hill with a war cry and threw his silver sword into the chest of the brute.  The then dived onto him with a pair of short swords and stabbed them into the mans eyes.  Then ripped then out.  He then swung both blades cleaning them of blood then put them back as he took his sword and raised it high.  Then ran to return to the front lines of the battle.

Gannon makes quick work of the spirits as the drift back to the underworld.  He puts his blade away and walks over to the man.  “Are you alright?”

The man looks at Gannon then says “Are you man or demon?”

“I am neither.” Gannon replies.

“What is your name creature?” he asks.

“Gannon the dragon slayer.” he replies to the man.

“You will be greatly rewarded for your kindness to me.  I am ruler over these lands my name is King Balg.” he says.  “You say you are a dragon slayer.  I have had my troubles with a dragon slayers. However you seem to be wandering the world.  Come with me.  I will show you a great life if you stand by my side.”

“I am afraid I cannot do this.  I must find my Loretta.” he says as he walks away from the great king.

“Very well Gannon.  I will remember you and forever be grateful.” said Belg.

Meanwhile Wish is sneaking over stalking the enemy.  He sees that they have another camp not too far from the show.  However when he is looking for there leader he sees a beautiful young girl with fiery red hair.  Her body was built like a warrior.  Then visions come of his best friend from child hood.  Then blood lust for the dragons as he remembers her end was to the maw of those fiends.

He watches her sharpening her blades preparing for the battle.  So delicately preparing each spear.  Polishing her armor and grooming the blood out of her furs.  She bore the mark on her arms of a Foekai warlord.  Was this true a maiden as fair as the heavens born into a heritage of death.

Wish then focuses.  There army is small.  It can be taken by a small force if they are careful not to be spotted.  A surprise attack would guarantee there victory.  But there are other armies east of here.  There is five camps in all.  So they would have to be swift if they are going to claim victory over this camp.

Some time later Gannon is resting inside a bar.  There are Foekai soldiers all about.  He is listening to the locals speak.  Gannon then overhears something terrible  “...destroy the seals of the dragon slayers.”

“If that is true then what shall we do. Wish must be stopped.  Is this what this war is all about?  Those seals.” Spoke another man.

Gannon used to be entrusted to guarding those very seals.  The seals held an army of great power at rest.  Once the seals are broken the Asrudians would return.  He was alive during the creation of those very seals.  Gannon immediately walked over to the people.

“What do you know about Wish... he lives again!” Gannon burst out.  “Has he found the seals?”

“No he has not, Isrule posses a the seal currently.  I hear though he fights on there side because they will give it to him.” he says. He could not take any chances.  Gannon immediately rushes to find his way to Isrule.  The seals must not be given to that Wish.  Memories of him pass through Gannon's mind.  The man who became a god so they say.

A great war breaks out in the south of Foekai.  This allows Gannon some time to travel in secret to Isrule.  Wish's army was attacked by surprise and forced back to the shores.  Argo, one of Belgs greatest warriors leads a massive force to finish the job.  Wish's numbers are slaughtered within weeks.  Eventually Wish has no choice but to regather his forces and retreat.  Out at sea they rally what is left and wait for the main force to be lead into battle.

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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Wild Thunder
Wild Thunder

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