A Chapter by Wild Thunder

Wish struggles with inner demons.


Lord Belg ordered the Foekai draw back to the shores allowing for a time of morning for the people of Isrule.  Belg then left Isrule and returned to Foekai and took Millenia and her forces with them.   They celebrated there swift victory over Isrule.  However Millenia noticed something was troubling King Belg.

The afternoon was bright.  Belg stood upon his balcony alone looking down at his kingdom.  Millenia walked in from behind.  Slowly she walked behind King Belg and placed her hand on his shoulder.  “What troubles you my lord?” she asked him.

“I deserve to be slain by the princess of Isrule.  I killed her father in front of her.” Belg said to Millenia.

Millenia then says to Belg in a calm voice.  “You need not worry.  Isrule will fall to our hands.”

Belg then sighs at Millenia.  “Is it right for a kingdom such as ours to slay the weaker nations.  Look... its peaceful here.  I escape here from all the talk of war.  The birds care not for the wars.  They just fly about, living.  How cruel is a King to kill another King before their own daughter?  My rage consumed me over my son.  I did not even witness his death... nor had a chance to tell him I loved him.  However this young girl... watched her father die... and still did not have a chance to tell him she loved him.  I stole something from her.  I have slain many in my life.  What has it brought to our nation?” he says to Millenia.

“It's brought us prosperity and safety.  Do not forget what our goal is my lord.  We must slay the dragons.  Few remain.  Once they have fallen our empire will rise above the rest.  We will rule Laves and bring this land into a state of peace.  Uniting them in order to bring about a new dawn.  An age where war is forgotten.  We fight today so that tomorrows people will never see blood shed again.” Millenai says looking into her masters eyes.

Belg then sighs.  “My fathers set about the same goal... but what has it brought to us but more war.  Sometimes I wonder... but you are right.  I cannot turn from this.  My people need me to be strong in these times.  We are in victory.  I should be happy.  Right?” he then turns, galumphing back inside with his head low.

Millenia then looks out and watches the birds play.  “My lord... be strong...” she says under her breath.

Gannon and Loretta returned to Epitaph and rested together.  Loretta was in bliss of the events... however Gannon did not know who he was in the company of.  Just to know that Gannon was ok was enough for Loretta.

“Kantoria, I want someoen to know my story before I die.” he tells the Kantorai girl.

Loretta looked at him with her piecing blue eyes.  “I will carry on your story and tell it to all the lands.” She tells him.

Gannon then looks at her.  “No, only tell it to a girl named Loretta.  She is a princess.  I cannot return home.  I have been damned by the dragon who rules that nation.  If I return Loretta is sure to be in danger.  I love her so much.  You see I came before Lyria... the ruler of the republic, I asked her for Loretta's hand.  To allow her to be relieved of her duties to live along side with me.  However the dragon became enraged with my request and tore me to pieces then casted me into the underworld.

There I was taken in by a devil queen named Lavoilt.  For months she stitched me together with shadows and brought me back from the fate of the dead.  She retrained me how to fight then when I was fuller recovered I left the underworld.  I have been seeking Loretta when I was thrust into a trail to destroy this.”  He then pulled out the Seal.  “This is the sacred Seal of the dragons.  Many think it only holds the nation of Asruldia bound... however it also holds a powerful dragon bound.  If this Seal is used to release the Asruldian's curse it will also release the Azmradon the dragon of the apocalypse.  I know this because I was there when the Seal was forged.

History has lied about the Seal saying that it was the dragons whom made it but it was not.  It was made by the holy goddess herself.  I am immortal not from slaying the dragons but because of the goddess's blessing on me.  The legends of the dragons were lies.  I am to protect the world from Azmradon.  However I could not defeat him in battle.  So I must prevent the Seal from being used.  Isrule was given the duty of protecting the Seal but they have fallen from their duty.  They a deal with the king of Asruldia to use the Seal.  After finding this out I stole the Seal from them.  Now I seek to find a way to destroy it.  It must not fall into the wrong hands.

I just hope when it is all over I can return to my love and embrace her one more time.  I miss Loretta with all my heart.  I wish I could tell her but I know that is impossible.”  Gannon says.

Loretta laid next to him.  “I am sure she misses you too.” Loretta faintly said then fell asleep on his lap filled with tears that could not be let out.

In the night a troop of soldiers from Foekai came upon the shores of Epitaph and slowly at work they searched the homes for Gannon.  However when they arrived at his home they only found Loretta laying sound asleep.  They searched high and low for him but still nothing.  About ten miles off the shore Gannon on a ship traveled into open waters with the Seal on him.

Trysha was pronounced Queen of Isrule.  Immediately she headed for the holy place in order to get guidance from the goddess.  She felt so alone and scared.  She did not know what to do.  How could she lead her people at the young age of nine.  However she had to grow up fast or else her nation would fall apart.  Taken with a band of soldiers guarding her she reached the waters.  They waited in the distant for her as she prayed to the goddess.

“I can't keep this damn thing on me.  If I can't destroy it I must hide it where no one will find it.” Gannon says out loud.  He sails and the waters become still.  He looks in the shadowy night toe see a ripple coming for his boat.  Then a long beasts bursts from the water out at him.  Gannon draws his blade and stands up keeping his balance on the boat.  The creature plunged back inside the water.  Its size was massive compared to him.

The creature must be drawn by the aura of the Seal he thought to himself. “Leave me demon!” he called out.  The serpent the burst from the water again.  This time hitting Gannon into the water.  He struggled in the inky depths below the surface of the water. It had its jaws on his leg dragging him below the waves above.  He took his sword and slashed at its under belly.  He stabbed it in and the blood from the creature filled the water all around the ink.  It let go of Gannon and he swam to the surface and breathed in air before being dragged down again.

The doors to the great hall of Isrule slams open.  Wish stands there with his sword in hand blood dripping onto the floor.  Clearly he had been in a battle.  “I demand the Seal!” he growls.

The keepers of the throne look at Wish.  “How is it that your not dead?” one says.  A few guards move against Wish then are cut down by his sword.  He walks in holding his blade straight out with one arm.  The other limp by his side.  The keepers start to back away and the maidens scream in terror.

Each step Wish takes leaves droplets of blood and every movement sends even more to splatter on the white floor.  “Give me the Seal or die!” he roars at them.  Clearly Wish was fed up with Isrule.  Without the king Wish no longer felt the need to obied by his agreement.

One of the keepers then yells out.  “I can give it to you.  Come with me.  Just put your sword away.”

“Ill put it through you!  How about that!” he growls like a mad man.  His eyes wide and his irises small as dots.  Wish then holds the sword to his back as the keeper takes him to the Seals holding room.

When they enter the room the keeper cries out in agony.  “It is gone.”

Wish then roars loudly.  “Lies!  Give the Seal to me!”

The man then starts to speak “I swear!”

Then with a stab in his gut Wish lifts the man into the air.  “B******s!  I fought for you for nothing!”

Much blood was shed.  Everyone in the shrine of the Seal was slain.  The bodies piled in the main hall.  Pinned to the walls and piled on the ground.  Blood covered the floors and dripped outside of the building.  The body of the high priest impaled holding the doors shut.  Wish left Isrule to find the Seal on his own.  Foekai must have taken it during there invasion he thought to himself.

Wish felt a weakness come over him as he was sailing over the ocean.  “The enchantment on me is fading.  That damn curse is returning!” he growled with anger as insanity was reaching into his soul.  His mind nearly corrupt with corrosion.  All that consumed his thoughts was the possession of the Seal.

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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Added on November 7, 2009


Wild Thunder
Wild Thunder

Clovis, NM

Hi, my name is Jeremiah and I am a writer... a very bad writer in my opinion but a writer no less. more..

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