The Value Of Life

The Value Of Life

A Chapter by Wild Thunder

Wish fights a mighty dragon. Loretta seeks to leave Foekai.


A brown haired man stood atop of a hill over looking Lyria’s shrine.  He wore red armor with white trim and had a sword made of purest white silver.  Its shine caused great disturbance in the sun.  He looked down at the dragon watching her.  “So this is what the great Lyria has become.  What a waste.” he said with a young voice.  His eyes were a pure brown color and his body was strong.  He stood about six feet tall and held his sword with pride as he walked down the hill to Lyria.

As one maiden saw the man she screamed and the rest ran in fear.  Lyria quickly noticed the commotion.  When her eyes laid upon the man she shook with anger.  The past burnt in her mind of that man.  Quickly as the memories of the man flooded her mind she grew fearful of him.  This was Wish, the man said to have slain a hundred dragons.  Once a great king of the western lands, however his empire fell long ago.  He waged war with the dragons himself when they came to the over world claiming to be sent by the gods.  Almost all of the nations of Laves accepted them.  However the Ishbaal empire refuted them.  Wish rose to power because of his great combat skills.  His king was slain and in his wake he was crowned lord over Ishbaal.

During the war of the dragons he killed many of the greater dragons and his soldiers claimed untold numbers.  They were able to slay so many that only seven dragons were left to roam to Laves.  The seven dragons used their power to imprison his army and himself inside a crystal.  How did he escape harked Lyria.

Wish then let down his sword and pointed it out at the dragon from some distance.  “Lyria I have come to fight you.” Wish yells.

Lyria backs away in fear.  “Why have you come for me?” she asks him.

“It was asked of me to kill you.  Your head shall surely prove my identity.” he speaks without any fear in his voice.

Lyria then cries out a high pitched scream.  The soldiers would soon arrive to defend her.  “Calling to the one man in the land foolish enough to fight me?” he says to her.  Lyria then remembers her greatest guard now lays in the bottom of a lake in the underworld, food for the fishes.  Slowly she stumbles back into the water.  Knowing that Wish wont risk rusting his sword and armor.  “Fight me with your honor dragon.”

Wish then charges at her.  Sword behind him and each step is made in the sand without a stumble.  He runs up to the shoreline of the water then walks into the water after Lyria.  See that he is going to fight her no matter what she moves to land to defend herself.  Wish is forced to move back onto land to go after her as she quickly swims past him.  He grabs her tail as she rushes past him and climbs her carefully not being thrashed off.

“Get off me human!” she screams.  Wish using his blade he stabs into Lyria’s back as he climbs her.  She cried out in pain with every stab.  Wish is half way up her back when she start to roll.  She forces him onto the ground grinding him into the ground.  He starts to twist his blade into her back more cutting deep into her.

Finally he is brushed off her but with her body torn open wide from his sword.  Lyria whips her tail at Wish but quickly with a swing of his sword the tail is cut off and blood flew into the air and sprayed around.  She now stumbles around in pain then falls into a rage.  She spins around and charges at Wish.

Right as she is about to collide with him, Wish gets on his knees and lifts up his sword.  Her body is cut clear open from his blade.  She then falls to the ground and her organs are seen still beating.  She is in extreme pain as she thrashes about for life.

Wish walks over to the now dieing dragon and swiftly cuts her head off.  Her body still frantically moves but her head falls to death and stops moving with its last ounce of breath escaping it.  Wish then lifts the head and ties a rope around it.  He walks off into the distant with the head as proof of his victory.

Loretta ran quickly with only memories of Gannon filling her mind.  Tears welled in her eyes as worry set in on her heart like a loin pouncing on her shoulders.  What has happened to her lover.  How could she ever show herself to him.  He could never love a beast.  Oh how would he see through this retched form of hers.  Still she decides even if she can't be her lover she could at least be by his side.  Even if she had to do it from the shadows.

As she came to the side of a high edge cliff overlooking the sea she sighed in relief.  It was dark below however.  The sands were black like soot.  Then she heard a man call out from behind her.  “Thought you could escape fiend!”

The sound rumbled in the tight lock.  The man was on the higher of the cliffs.  Loretta knew she was trapped on the mountain side.  She started to hurry down as the colossus of a man glomped down the side of the canyon wall.

Loretta saw a small boat if she could only just get to it.  She dived over to another part of the canyon in order to make it harder for the man to catch up to her.  Each step the man took sent pebbles and rocks falling down.  She looked back to see that he was almost where she just was.  “Running will get you no where.” the man yelled then hurled a spear at Loretta she ducked as it landed in front of her it stabbed into the stone on the ground.  He was already reaching for another as she struggled to get down the canyon.

The black sands were not too far she thought.  She then dived down to the ground.  The man hurled another spear that knocked a smoky cloud of sand into the air covering her fur in a strange black substance.  She quickly got to her feet.  But pain struck her ankle.  She had hurt it on the fall down.  The man then was only a small ways left to go before he too was on the sand.  Loretta hurried as fast as she could to the small boat.  She pushed onto it as a spear flew straight at her but just grazed her as she danced out of the way.  She looked back on last time to see the massive warrior a short distance from her only seconds before her pounded her brains out with his gigantic mace...

Wish stormed into the Isrule capitol city.  Wish held the head of the great queen of the dragons Lyria and threw it on the court floor before king Reiger looked at the head with amazement.  He almost could not believe his eyes.  This dragon ruled an entire empire.  Wish was even more fantastic then the legends painted him to be.  This also troubled Reiger because Wish most likely ended the Lyrian empire in doing this.  A land forced into turmoil because of one man.  Reiger thought how could he free an army of this caliber onto the world.  “If you would kill a dragon that was so important... then how can I trust that you will not slay my entire nation!” Reiger bursts out.

“Give me what I seek and you will not have to fear such a fate.” Wish explains.

“Wish come back later and we shall have it prepared for you.” Reiger says to him.

Wish then leaves the court with the promise of his protection.  However Reiger consults the elder magus of the land.  He asked him to contact Thatos for him in order to know the fate of such a great warrior.  Thatos tells him that if Wish fights the Foekai a great warrior among them would slay him.  However he must be without his army.  Then he suggest to Reiger that Wish will accept such a deal if he must in order to free his people.  So Reiger leaves and summons Wish back to his court.

“Where is my seal?” Wish explains when he does not see it.

Reiger then stands “Wish I have determined that you will receive the seal after the battle with the Foekai.  An enraged Wish charges at Reiger.  The guards drawing their swords and charge at Wish.  “Enough! Guards hold your swords.” Reiger says then Wish lets down his weapon.

“Fine.  If you have betrayed me however Reiger, Foekai will not be your problem.” he snarled then left.

© 2009 Wild Thunder

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