Tracked Down

Tracked Down

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

As they sleep in hiding in the old barn, Eleazar's group is awakened by unexpected visitors



Tracked down


He had no idea how much time had passed since he'd fallen asleep, but the sounds of feet tromping across the icy ground brought him wide awake and he was at the door to the barn with his sword drawn almost at once.   He put his ear to the cold wood of the barn to listen, and was rewarded with the snort of a horse, and then a muffled voice speaking, then another, though he couldn't make out what they were saying.   A hand touched his arm and he nearly called out in surprise, but it was only Aurei, looking questioningly at him.   He held up a finger to his lips and she nodded.   A moment later Zeatt joined them with equal stealth and Aurei pointed to the door.  The Matron understood and they all strained their ears to listen.

"It could be the farmers." A deep, rather gruff male voice said from the other side of the door.

"Two were barefooted." Another voice, equally as deep, replied.

"Barefooted in this weather?"

"We'll find out soon enough."

They could hear the sound of swords being pulled from their scabbards, and Eleazar pushed the two women back from the door, quickly handing Aurei one of his daggers as the door to the barn slowly opened.

A large Orc head cautiously slipped through the doorway, his yellow eyes instantly locking on Eleazar's glowing red eyes -- as well as the point of the half-Drow's sword pressed against his neck.   For a moment the Orc just blinked, taking in the scene then smiled a big toothy grin.

"Sir Eleazar, I presume?"

Eleazar lowered his sword slightly, "And you are?"

"I am Vinth, Captain of Queen Eioldth's Life Guard.  I have your squire, Dorthellus with us.   We have been seeking you."

Eleazar lowered his sword.  "We are pleased to meet you, Captain Vinth."

The Orc, who now could be seen to be wearing shining silver Plate Armor, leaned back out the door and motioned for his company to join him.   Moments later ten Orcs, all wearing the same silver Plate Armor, came into the barn and formed a line, standing at attention, for following them was Eleazar's young squire, escorted by a tall, regal Elven women with long blonde hair that seemed to nearly glow in the light of the glow sticks carried by each of the Orcs.   She was wrapped in heavy wool hides except for her head, but when she entered the barn and her eyes fell on Aurei, she ran to her and the two embraced.   It was Queen Eioldth herself.   Eleazar glanced around, expecting to see King Haroldris with his wife, but there were no more in the company except for a pair of Orc Guardsmen who held the reins of the horses out in the sleet.

"Your Majesty!"  Aurei curtsied deeply after their embrace ended, "It is an honor -- and a surprise-- to see you."

"I can imagine, Aurei.   I will explain this all in a moment, after you introduce your companions."

Aurei gestured to Eleazar, "Your Highness, this is Sir Eleazar of the Blood Knights."

Eleazar bowed very low.   "At your service, Your Majesty."

"Sir Eleazar, I am familiar with you through tales of your adventures that my husband has told me."

Aurei then turned to Matron Zeatt, "Your Majesty, this is Reverend Moth-"

"Matron Zeatt, it is wonderful to finally meet you."  The Queen interrupted Aurei's introduction and Zeatt bowed slightly.  

At Aurei's puzzled look, the young Queen explained.   "Aurei, I have corresponded by letter with The Reverend Mother, for many years and I am most delighted to actually get to talk to her."   The Queen looked at Zeatt for a moment, then turned to Aurei, then back to Zeatt again, surprise on her face.

"I am her aunt, Your Majesty."  Zeatt correctly guessed the Queen's question.

"That is a blessing for both of you.  You both greatly resemble each other."

"Your Majesty, we have one other person here that I need to introduce, and I'm afraid you might not like to meet him."  Aurei walked deeper into the barn and the group followed her.   Fendoris was seated and waiting for them.

"Emperor Fendoris, this is Queen Eioldth of Northmarch."  Aurei said flatly, and both Emperor and Queen looked at each other in surprise.

"Haroldris took an Elf as a Queen?!"  Fendoris exclaimed with disgust evident, though by his expression he was more than a little pleased to see yet another beautiful Elf lady around him.

"Emperor Fendoris, I had hoped I would be introduced to you under far different circumstances."   She nodded to him and then turned to Eleazar, "Sir Eleazar, are you responsible for the capture of His Excellency?"

"I take full responsibility, Your Majesty." 

The Queen looked somewhat distressed and so Aurei explained to her the situation, with Eleazar adding a description of his own course of action until their paths crossed.   Fendoris of course provided many interruptions to the tale, to give his own version of what had happened.  


When they finished bringing the Queen up to date, she sat down on a stool in the barn with a sigh.   Even through her heavy wool clothes, Aurei could make out the slight curve of her belly, which went unnoticed by those in the barn who did not yet know that the Queen was nearing the halfway point of her two year pregnancy with Haroldris' heir.


"Well, this puts a spin on my plans."  The Queen said after a moment of thinking.   "For you see, just like His Excellency, I too am in exile."

"What?"  Aurei, Zeatt and Eleazar exclaimed together at the news.

The Queen smiled somewhat sadly, "Now allow me to bring all of you up to date with what is going on.   Emperor Fendoris, this tale also concerns you as well, so please allow me to explain."

The Emperor was intrigued and so joined the three Drow in listening to Eioldth's tale.


© 2014 Eddie Davis

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Added on November 1, 2013
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The Chronicles of Aurei Book 2: The Knights of Northmarch


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