A Glimmer of Hope

A Glimmer of Hope

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

Sialia tells her son of magic that might help him calm his fears over Aurei's safety.





Glimmer of Hope




As his mother’s song ended, Eleazar blinked away the images that the tale generated in his mind.  It was all a dream -or a vision as she’d called it- and so it wasn’t real.   Yet it seemed so real right then, and his mind scrambled to try to make sense of it all.   Sialia sat her harp down and took her son’s hand in both of her own, then leaned in to look him in the eyes.

“My son, do you know why I sang that song for you?”

Eleazar blinked, “It is about suffering love.”

“Yes, but there is much more.   It is not a children’s tale; it did occur.   Nitthum and Baella were the ancestors of the Faesidhe Elves.   They founded a Kingdom far in the west; the kingdom was located south and west of Northmarch, and other Elves joined them.   Many, many, years later human clans invaded their lands and there was great war.   The human clans united under Thresius the Great - the founder of the Southern Empire.   Nitthum, who was by then the King of his people, went out with a large cavalry force to meet them.   He and many of his knights were overwhelmed after a long day’s battle, and he was killed.”

“But I thought he and Baella wore rings that would sustain the other from injury?”

Sialia nodded sadly, “They did, but Baella was giving birth to their second child - their only daughter- and was unable to accompany her husband.  The distance that they were apart prevented the rings from working. "  

"Thresius took the ring of Nitthum as his plunder and wore it for years as a trophy, though it did not work for him, nor did he know of its enchantment.   The Ring has passed from emperor to emperor since his death.   They no longer wear it; instead it is placed, along with other plunders from Imperial conquests, in a strongbox."

"Fendoris Maximus took it with him recently when he fled the coup attempt against him in Aeropolis."  

"My son, that strongbox remains hidden within his damaged airship, but not for long, for very soon forces will recover that ship and the undead creature that the Emperor has been transformed into, will possess it again.”

Eleazar nodded, “So you wish me to try to retrieve the ring of Nitthum?”

“Yes!   You must hurry, my son.”

“But what good will it do for me?”

His mother sighed, “Son, you can use the ring.”

“How?   By itself it has no power.”

Sialia smiled, “True, but you need to know the rest of the tale.   When Nitthum died in battle, the people of his Kingdom - the Faesidhe-  fled through the deep forest and travelled northeast, joining the Inion Sidhe around the Great Tree and eventually replacing them as its guardians.   They were led by Baella, who carried her newborn daughter, as her son walked beside her, when they fled the humans.   With Nitthum gone, Baella found her life dwindling- she lived only for her children; especially her daughter.  When her daughter was grown, Baella convinced the Inion Sidhe who then guarded the great tree, to give a piece of the white fruit when it finally appeared, to her daughter.   Out of respect for Baella, they did."

"Shortly thereafter, Baella announced she was dying.   Her heart longed to be with Nitthum in death, and so she bid her daughter come to her, gave her the silver ring she had taken from Illyania, and then she died.”

“So where is the other ring now?”  Eleazar asked his mother.

Sialia smiled, “You have given it to Aurei Bugley.”

“What?  Me?   Why would I have the ring?   How would I have given it to her?”

“Because I gave it to you.”

“You… do you mean the Feather Fall Ring?!”

“It began as that - King Fenric took two rings that already held an enchantment - one of Feather Falling and the other - now in the Emperor’s possession- that prevents the wearer from drowning.   Both rings had far greater enchantments added to them.”

“But how did you come to possess the ring of Baella?”

Sialia’s eyes sparkled, “Nitthum and Baella were my parents.”

“Your parents!  You are their daughter?!”

“Baella gave me the ring as she was dying.   I gave you the ring when I sensed I would die.   Other than the original enchantment of protection from falling, it will offer no other magic until the other ring is found by you and worn by you.”

“Why only me?”

“You are Nitthum’s grandson, and you gave Baella’s ring to a woman you love.   Now you fear for her safety and prayed to Yesh for a way to protect her.   If you can retrieve the ring of Nitthum from the ruined airship, and will put it on your finger, both rings will activate and will provide regenerative powers.   But only as long as you both are within shouting distance of each other.   If you are further away then this, then only the feather fall and protection from drowning enchantments will be activated.”

“But if I give Aurei the ring, won’t that bind us together?   Isn’t that part of the enchantment?”

Sialia laughed, “My dear son, you are already bound to the girl!  It is a strong case of Aleiryid.   Why do you fear it?   But that decision remains your own, until then, the rings will protect both of you until you both are ready to acknowledge what you feel.   Since this is the fear which binds you, I would tell you to find the ring, put it on your finger and then you won’t have to worry about Aurei’s well-being, as long as you are near her and you both wear the rings.”

Eleazar took it in quickly, “I understand.   I’ll try to find it.”

“Make haste, my dear child, for the Emperor’s masters are now the Necromancer’s Guild and they will greatly desire finding the ring when they learn of it.”

Eleazar nodded, “I wish this dream did not have to end.   I have missed you so much, mother.”

Sialia embraced her son, “Always know that a mother’s love cannot die, and that I am always thinking of you and I will see you again.”

Suddenly there was a distortion, like a ripple on the water, and Eleazar awoke with a start, staring bleary eyed at the nearly spent candles before the altar in the Knight’s chapel.




Although Aurei had heard Sialia’s song to her son and understood every word, she had not heard their conversation that followed, though she desperately wanted to hear what the majestic Elven lady said to him.   They spoke for a few minutes, embraced, and suddenly Eleazar just vanished.  


Aurei gasped in surprise and it seemed that her noise alerted the lady of her presence.   She turned in surprise and then walked toward her.   Aurei was afraid she’d be angry, but as she neared, she was grinning broadly.

“You heard my song?”   She asked, and Aurei shyly nodded.

“Did you understand it?”

Again Aurei nodded and Sialia laughed and clapped her hands, pleased.

“The effects of Aleiryid!   Shared dreams!!”

“What is ‘Aleiryid’?”  Aurei asked, but the lady ignored the question and took her hand, then looked closely at the feather fall ring that Aurei had - to her sudden great surprise- forgotten to return to Eleazar.

“T-that’s not mine.”   She explained anxiously, afraid that Sialia recognized her son’s ring.

Sialia shook her head, “Oh, it most definitely is now.   It used to be my own, and my mother’s before me.   But now it is yours, sweet girl.   My son will soon be embarking on a quest, and you must go with him.”

“A quest for what?”  Aurei asked, confused.

“It is up to him to tell you, but he will be most desperate to begin it very soon.”

“I’ll go with him, I promise.”

The beautiful Elven lady nodded, then gently touched Aurei’s cheeks, leaned in and kissed her forehead, “I am happy for both of you.   Goodbye, daughter of my heart.”

Before Aurei could reply, she felt the scene ripple and fade away and suddenly she was lying in bed wondering if it had really just been a dream. 

© 2014 Eddie Davis

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The mother approves! Sure sign of a good girl.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Oh my golly...my heart is gushing, now. This was so lovely.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Eddie Davis

10 Years Ago

Thank you, I'm very glad you are enjoying it.

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