Dead or Alive

Dead or Alive

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

The Queen's party is pursued, but unexpected help may save them.



Dead or Alive



The party rode for most of the day without incident.   The sun shone for some time, warming the air and melting off most of the ice from the ground.   They were not unhappy at this, for it made their travel easier.   Vinth kept them off the main highway, out of fear that those that supported the rebels in King's Reach might have scouts on the western road.   So they rode down a somewhat winding hunting trail that more-or-less followed the path of the Western Road, but was a mile removed from the wide highway.   The hunting path took them up and around hills, through several small copses of trees, and even over meager trickling creeks.


It was a slow, relaxing ride, but all in the group could not help but feel a bit vulnerable on the lonely path which avoided some of the tiny hamlets that dotted the Western Road, as well as most of the outlying farms.   It was late afternoon and the party was discussing their options for camping that night when Queen Eioldth, who was taking in the beauty of the early winter afternoon, suddenly leaned over in her saddle and squinted as she stared off to the east.

"Your Majesty?" Vinth asked, seeing her concerned look.

"There is a group riding our way -- they are a long way off; I can just barely make them out."  Eioldth responded.

Aurei stared off in the same direction that the Queen looked but her Drow eyes were not nearly as sharp in the daylight as the Elven Queen's blue orbs and she could see nothing.

"Is it a large group?  Can you tell?" Eleazar asked, squinting in vain to try to see.

"I can't count them, but it looks like a large group, I think, they are mounted."

Eleazar looked over at Vinth, "Not good, I fear.   If they are following us, they may ride through the night and catch us."

"Our horses are too tired from the ride today to continue on through the night."  The Orc Captain commented as he stared off into the distance where the Queen had seen the horsemen.

"Let's ride for a few more hours to see if they are still following behind us."

They all agreed, so after a few minutes spent stretching, they remounted and continued their ride.





"We can't help them, Drake -- you know that!"  The tall blonde lady told her companion as the two stood on top of a hill some miles away with a magical image displayed in the air before them.

The dark-haired man frowned and nodded to the arcane image, "Look, Grandma, they will be totally annihilated by that mob.   There are probably a hundred of them, and 50 Armor Golems, plus 10 wizards controlling them.   They are travelling magically, so they will overtake them, and the fools are trying to outrun them, so they'll be exhausted when the battle begins."

The beautiful blonde lady sighed, "I know that, Drake, but the last time we intervened, we were banned from interacting with anyone here for 50 years!  If we get them out of this jam, and are banned again, what if something more serious happens and we can't intervene?"

"This looks rather serious to me!"

"We could be completely banned forever if we do something, Drake!"

"So do you just want to stand around and watch them get killed?"

"Of course not!   But we have to find a way to help them without breaking the rules."

Drake scratched his chin for a moment in thought.


"Do you have an idea?"

"Possibly.   Tell me; are we not charged by Yesh with keeping the history of this world?"

"Yes; you know that."

"You were commanded to record historical events, comment on events that had already passed, and record them in a tome that anyone in this world is allowed to read, correct?"

"Yes… why?"

"Well, if we are fulfilling our roles as historians, then it is alright to communicate historical information to the people of this world  -- since writing a book that they are allowed to read is a form of communication, wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes, but how is that going to help them in their current situation?"

Drake smiled, "I think I have an idea, if they continue heading the direction they are riding right now.   Come with me."

The lady nodded and a moment later the two disappeared from view.


© 2014 Eddie Davis

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