Stone Cold

Stone Cold

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

Aurei and Eleazar arrive at the damaged Imperial Airship



Stone Cold



An hour later, Captain Tarron suddenly announced to them, “The Imperial airship is just ahead, Earl.”

“Good!”  Eleazar said enthusiastically, though he was very surprised that he was more than a little disappointed that his time chatting with Aurei was ending.   Of course after this little trip was completed, he’d have to get back to his duties and she to her’s; but it was better that way.

“That was a very quick trip.”  Aurei announced as she stood and stretched her legs.

“Yeah.”   Eleazar agreed, wondering why he sounded so sad.  He forced himself to smile, “Now we have to get to work.”

“So what do we do?”

“Well, we have to get the airship tied to this one.”

“That may not be easy,” The Captain interrupted, pointing through the glass to the approaching airship.  

The crew of the Autumn Maid stood on deck, holding glow sticks aloft so the imperial craft could be seen in the heavy nighttime snowstorm.   But both Eleazar and Aurei could see it clearly.

“It’s not too bad, Captain.”   Eleazar assured him, “The Elemental ring is destroyed, but we expected that.   I can see that the catapults are still in place and they have mooring rope anchors there."

Aurei groaned as she recalled her experience as catapult shot, “Can we tow the ship from the mooring anchors then?”

Tarron nodded thoughtfully, “I imagine so - we have six very thick ropes; if they’ll fit through the anchor attachments, I don’t see why we can’t tow it that way.”

Eleazar seemed pleased, “Very good, Captain.   The Duchess and I will go across with your men and secure the ropes.   For the ride back, we’ll stay on the Imperial airship and search for something we’re looking for.”

Captain Tarron agreed, “It might be a bit cold over there - the quarter deck looks like it hasn’t a window or shutter left intact.”

“We’ll be searching in the hold of the ship, Captain, so it should be fine.”

“Alright then, let’s get started."




Half an hour later, Aurei and Eleazar stood on the battle damaged deck of the Imperial airship, trying to ignore the debris and bodies of imperial guards that littered the deck, watching as Captain Tarron’s men pulled the gang plank back aboard the Autumn Maid.  

“Are you sure you want to ride the whole way over there?”   The Captain yelled across to them.

“We’ll be fine - none of these corpses radiate any magic; they haven’t been compromised by the Necromancer’s Guild.”

“You know that once we get underway, I won’t be able to hear you until dawn.   The Autumn Maid will be travelling very fast and the noise of the propulsion tubes will drown out any sound.”

“We’ll be fine, Captain.”


“Don’t worry, Captain, we’ll be fine.   If the Earl tries anything, I have my swords with me.”   Eleazar smirked at her and Aurei grinned.

“Well, okay then, we’ll get underway.   I’d recommend you both get off deck for the take-off as the jolt might knock you off that slick deck and there isn’t much railing left to stop you.”

They both nodded and carefully crossed the icy deck to the door that led below deck.   Amazingly, it looked to not have been touched in the melee.

“Odd,” Eleazar said to Aurei, but he shook his head and opened it, finding the interior dark, but unthreatening.

“Let’s go find that ring.”  He suggested to her, and drawing his great sword, led her down into the ship’s hold.



© 2014 Eddie Davis

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Added on November 26, 2013
Last Updated on May 28, 2014
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