A Chapter by Eddie Davis

Eleazar receives a vision of his mother, but he is not the only one.







It was brilliant green, a bright but soothing forest of springtime.   He glanced around in alarm, but he could hear the peaceful songs of birds and the sweet smell of flowers.   He was on a path, dressed in the green and brown leathers worn by the Elven Rangers, deep inside a forest.   Ahead was a clearing and he felt himself walking to it, anxious to get there, though he knew not why.   As he neared he heard the soft but melodious voice of a woman, and she sung in Elvish.   He found himself running up the path, for the voice was familiar to him.  

She sat on a tree stump in the middle of the clearing, amidst a ring of blue and yellow flowers.   He stopped upon seeing her, for a very long moment, stunned upon looking on her glory.   She wore a long white gown that shimmered and sparkled as if it contained the essence of a rainbow.   Her skin was pale and flawless and her blue eyes sparkled as she cast her eyes on him.    She placed the harp she carried on the stump and ran to him, her long golden hair flowing behind her like a river.    Never had he seen her like this and he was amazed how much she resembled Haroldris’ queen, Eioldth.  

It was his mother.

“Melda Youndi!” she said in Faesidhe, which meant ‘beloved son.' A moment later she was embracing him, kissing his forehead over and over as she tightly clung to him.

“Mother… how is this possible?”  He asked as he breathed in the forgotten scent of his mother.

“It is for your benefit, my son.   Long have I wanted to see you again, to tell you of my great pride of you and my love.   My heart overflows with joy that Yesh has granted me my wish.”

“Is this just a dream?”

“A vision, my child, for you hold within your heart something that binds you more tightly than the demon that once possessed your soul.”

“Mother, I am so sorry… I could not-“   Her fingertips stopped him and she smiled, absolving him of any blame for her death.  

“You have nothing to ask forgiveness for, my child.”

“I was filled with a demon; I did some terrible things.”

“And that demon is gone; your soul is purged.   Hear me, my son; I am very, very proud of you.   You are on the right path, following the road of Yesh.”

Eleazar shook his head in amazement, “Mother, I never saw you like this, you seem so happy and so beautiful.”

Her smile shone like the sun, “My child, you never knew me except in the pits of hell where we spent our time together.   What you see is the form I wore among my people and which I now wear for eternity.”

“Mother, I am afraid… I have… I have… T-there is a girl, s-she is a…a…”

“Drow?   Yes, I know of your feelings for Aurei Bugley.”

“I am sorry, mother, I-I don’t know w-why, but… I…” he stammered, unable to look her in the eye.   Her hand took his chin and raised it so he was staring into her eyes.

“Eleazar, I approve of her.   She is a wonderfully lovely girl!”

In spite of his best efforts, Eleazar found tears streaming down his cheek, “I don’t k-know what to do, mother!   I am a knight of Yesh, I took vows, and yet I am afraid something will happen to her.   Like what happened to you!   I-I don’t… I can’t l-let… not again!”   The half-Drow knight wept in frustration.

“My son, come with me.”   His mother said as she took his hand.   She led him to the ring of flowers in the center of the clearing and bid him sit on the stump as she took up the harp.   “Remember how I used to sing to you about the legends of my people?   I have one last song to sing to you, my child, and I tell you to listen well, for the answer to your question can be found in this tale.”

Her fingers gracefully strummed the harp strings as her voice lifted in song, “Nitthum ham eresa…”





It was late when Aurei finally went to bed and she lay there wrapped tight in her heavy blankets, wondering in frustration why Eleazar so irritated her, yet at the same time fascinated her.   For a long time she stared up at the ceiling when, just as she debated getting up and finding something to do, she noticed that the ceiling of the room seemed as if it was covered with water, shimmering as if…


She was in a forest, a bright, beautiful forest, green and alive with smells and sounds.   Aurei stood for a few moments glancing around her, for never had she seen such a beautiful place in her life.   Glancing down at herself, she found she was wearing green and brown clothing as the Wood Elves wore.   She was on a path and she could hear the sound of a harp being played in the distance, with a clear Elven voice singing something.   The beauty of the song drew her forward, and she ran lightly down the path until she came to the edge of the clearing.   In the clearing sat Eleazar, seated on a tree stump, dressed just as she was, in the garb of a Wood Elf.   In front of him stood what Aurei first thought had to be an angel, for she seemed to radiate light.   Stopping in her tracks so she would not be noticed, she stood spellbound by the Elven lady.   She was majestic and beautiful, and Aurei was reminded of Eioldth when she saw her, though this lady seemed to surpass her with a supernatural glory about her.   She was singing to Eleazar as she played her harp and for an instant, Aurei felt a wave of jealousy, for the woman obviously loved the knight.


But though she did not understand a word that the lady sang, it all came to her.   She was his mother, Sialia Fannithal.   The meaning of the song came to her, though she had no idea of any of the words Sialia sang, and Aurei closed her eyes as the story of the song filled her mind.

“Nitthum ham eresa…”

© 2014 Eddie Davis

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"Her smile shone like the son..." I think you meant sun?

This was so beautiful...I can't even think of anything more to say; it was simply gorgeous!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Eddie Davis

10 Years Ago

Probably that autocorrector again... thanks, Elina
Erin Winter

10 Years Ago

I don't know. I think if you capitalize Son it would still work. Whiter than the human mind could fa.. read more

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