Ready to Ride

Ready to Ride

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

The Queen and her group prepare to set off across country.



Ready to ride


Half an hour later they were ready to ride.   With Boric and the two other Orcs gone, as well as Dorthellus, they had enough mounts for all of them.   Aurei and Zeatt donned the boots of the two dead Mages, which, once cloth was stuffed into the toes of the boots, fit well enough.   Aurei also asked Vinth for permission to take a dropped sword from one of his lost men.   The Orc Captain generously agreed, giving her the contents of the Orc's saddlebags as well.   Sadly, the Orc Guard had no other article of clothing for her to wear, and the situation was the same for Zeatt's horse's saddlebags.

She was preparing to mount the large Warhorse when they saw a woman and a little child trudging across the field from where the farmers were standing.   Each carried something, and they walked over to where Zeatt and Aurei stood, rather nervously, but purposely.

"Ma'am?"  The woman -- a young mother with gentle brown eyes spoke to Zeatt.

"Yes?"  Zeatt smiled gently.

"Um… we have some clothes we would like to give you.   Both of you.   They are not much, but if you are riding in the cold, you both shouldn't be wearing dresses."

Aurei squatted down next to the woman's very shy daughter and smiled warmly to the little girl, "Why thank you, sweetheart!   We were getting pretty cold in these dresses."

The little girl peered over the bundle of clothes, fascinated with the exotic appearance of the two Drow women.

"Are you a real Drow?" The little girl asked, her mother looking horrified at her child's question.

"Yes, honey, I am a Drow."  Aurei answered gently.  "My name is Aurei and I'm from Westmark.   This lady is my Aunt Zeatt and that Knight with the grey skin over there is Sir Eleazar."

"Are you mean Drow?" the girl asked, and her mother tried to hush her, embarrassed at the child's straight forward question.

Aurei shook her head, "No, sweetheart, we're not mean.   We all believe in Yesh and so do those Orcs over there."

"I'm sorry, Ma'am." The child's mother spoke to Aurei.

"No need to apologize."

"Um… are you… um… are you t-that barmaid in Westmark?"

"Yes, that's me."

The woman seemed to relax somewhat upon hearing that.

"My brother said he saw you once when he went through Westmark and we always thought he was making it up." 

"No, he was telling you the truth; I work in the Muddy Boot."

"Were you raised there?" the young Mother asked as she handed her bundle of clothes to Zeatt and gestured for her daughter to do the same to Aurei.

"Yes, my whole life.   It's a wonderful place to live.   If you and your family ever come through Westmark, be sure to stop in and see me.   I'll give all of you something on the house to repay you for keeping us from freezing to death!"

The woman smiled shyly and with a little wave, they turned and hurried back to the others.

"Well handled, child."  Zeatt whispered to her as they watched the woman and child go.

"I'm used to dealing with people's reactions."

Zeatt hurriedly unfolded the bundle with hands that noticeably trembled. 

"Are you okay?"  Aurei asked her aunt.

"I think so."  Zeatt sighed, "It's the withdrawal again.   When there is a lot of excitement, I don’t notice it, but now I'm suffering."

"I'm so sorry.   It's too bad you didn't grab your duplicating case when Fendoris surprised you with it."

Zeatt smiled, "My dear, I DID grab it.   I've got it snuggly hid away in the folds of my dress."

"You do?   I didn't see you take it!"

"My addiction demanded it, I'm afraid."

"Then why haven't you taken care of it?"

"You mean why haven't I given in to it, don't you?"

"It would be better then suffering.  I won't judge you, and I'll bet neither will the Queen."

Zeatt paused for a second, her eyes seeming to burn for a second with excitement as she considered it, but she looked down at her shaking hands and slowly shook her head.

"No, child, I'm not going to partake of the Dart'loxinchu… at least not right now.   You see, sometimes it is suffering that helps us think the clearest, and my mind has been under the cloud of smoke from Dart'loxinchu since I was younger than you are.   This suffering is good for me, I think."

"Are you sure?"  Aurei asked her, skeptical.

Zeatt just smiled and shrugged her shoulders and began loosening the ties of the wool shirt that the young mother had given to her. Without another comment to her niece, she slipped the garment on, over the top of the fancy dress, and it fit very well except for tightness in the chest area.   Aurei certainly understood that common problem and donned her own wool shirt, which fit her in the same fashion. 

"Not made for women, I'd say."  She commented to Eleazar and he passed by them with his saddle bags.

"At least you both will stay warm.   Slip the trousers on as well, under your skirt, and then I'd recommend taking the skirt off so you can ride easier."

"Not with you around."  Aurei teased and Eleazar nodded then walked away to prepare his mount.



© 2014 Eddie Davis

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