Dark Plan

Dark Plan

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

Sinister forces make plans for Westmark



Dark Plan


Not far away, a ghastly shape wearing black armor stood at the doorway of an airship and addressed four shadowy forms.

“You know what to do; go to Westmark, assist your master, but tread cautiously.   The golems should arrive in a few hours.   You understand the procedure; wait until they attack, then seek out the Elves, or the human King.  Do not waste time with the townspeople.   Do not engage them; let the golems do their work and you do yours.”

“My Lord, what if they take this vessel under tow?” One of the pale forms asked.

“I anticipate that they will bring it back to Westmark, for that is where the foolish King wants both of these airships.   Some of the Elves could participate in this mission, and not be in the town when you arrive.   If this happens, proceed with those who are there.   When we arrive, we’ll go ahead and take the town.   Either way, Westmark has little time left.  Your master will be near, but not too near to be seen; he is NOT to participate in your work.  We need him hidden and secure for the time being.   Remind him of this; he needs to wait until you have created minions before he acts.    Now go, and remember, taking the Elves and the King is your primary mission; do not fail or you will feel my wrath.”


The white skinned creatures bowed reverently to the shape and raced across the ruined deck, spread their arms wide and leapt off the side of the vessel.  A moment later, four very large bats fluttered in the cold night air, heading quickly westward.   The undead shape turned to a smaller, cowering form next to him, “We shall make ready for their surprise.   Come.”

With that command, both forms descended the stairs into the dark hold of the airship.



© 2014 Eddie Davis

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Added on November 24, 2013
Last Updated on May 28, 2014
Tags: Lich, Death Knight, Drow, Vampire, Undead, Knights, Paladins, Fantasy, Elves, Adventure, Magic

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Eddie Davis
Eddie Davis

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