Darkest Before Dawn

Darkest Before Dawn

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

Aurei's group faces the shock of the loss of the two Watchers, as well as some of their friends.



Darkest before Dawn


In the dimly lit great room of the guest tower, a weary group stood mourning their losses.   Sophia wept bitterly, comforted by her mother and Khord as she dealt with the shocking loss of her masters, Drake and Kinzer.  

Nearby others stood equally as horrified.  


Aurei cried softly, comforted by Eleazar's strong arms as she thought of Duke and Duchess Frampbrum.

"I can't believe they had to die like that."  She whispered to Eleazar, "I've known them most of my life, Laz.  They were dear friends of my parents and the ties between our Duchies were strong."

"They died nobly, sweetheart, as did Lady Kinzer and Archmage Drake."  

"They just can't be dead, Laz!   They are Watchers!   Lady Kinzer wrote the great history of the beginning of our world!  She witnessed it, Laz!   She can't be dead!"

Nearby, Zeatt looked up from where she comforted her overwrought daughter, "She may not be dead, Aurei."

"What?  But Torvus pulled her into Hell!"

"Yes, but remember, Lady Kinzer is not a human.   Her mother was a Succubi, a demon of the pit.   That may somehow sustain her in the place of darkness and fire."


"But what if it doesn't?"   Sophia said in the middle of her sobs, "How can Yesh allow that?!  She was so good, mother!   I know she was the daughter of a demoness, but she was good and kind!   She led the Watchers!   And Archmage Drake; he was so powerful, so skilled in magic! But he is gone, in the twinkling of an eye!"


The Drow girl fell back into fierce sobbing and Khord held her tightly, his look somber, "If the mighty falls, how can we ever hope to stand?"

Zeatt touched her adopted son's shoulder compassionately, "I cannot know how this conflict will end, my son, but I kow that it is more righteous to die in the cause of Yesh than it is to cower in fear of evil."

"How will we ever stop them?"   Alis asked from nearby, where she was protectively embraced by her husband.

"The night is always darkest before dawn, child."  Zeatt told her, "But even in darkness there is light and hope."

"I fail to see it, Matron Zeatt."  Alis replied, looking at her feet.

"Where there is life, there is hope, we must not be afraid."

"Matron Zeatt is right; we need not to let fear consume us, nor should we let those who died, die in vain.   Those demons that were brought against us have been defeated at a high cost, but they are defeated.   We shall fight on against those who summoned them."  King Haroldris looked around, "Do we have any form of magic that has not yet been tried against our foes?"

Those in the room shook their heads.


The King turned to Sophia, "Lady Sophia; when you brought Aueri and Eleazar here, you were carrying handfuls of items which unfortunately are now lost to us.   But where did you find these things?"

Sophia looked up, "Sir, they came from... Flux."

"Flux?"   The King quizzed, sensing she was telling something supposed to be kept secret.

Sophia sighed, "It's the place where the Watchers dwell.   None from this world can access it."

"Is it another world?"  Haroldris pressed her.

"It is another... place.   I don't know what will happen to it now that Archmage Drake is gone."

"Can you access it?"  Eioldth asked her.


"Is there something there that can help us?"   The King inquired, hopeful at the possibility.

"I don't know... maybe.   Archmage Drake has a museum full of rare artifacts... magic from all over this world and even some from other places that he obtained long ago."

"Can you... borrow any of these items?"   Haroldris diplomaticlly asked.  

"I don't know, sir.   Archmage Drake did give me the authority to 'do whatever I think is best'.  Right now, I think it is best to help anyway I can."

"Good, but we don't have much time, Sophia.  In fact we need to get moving right away.   Can you get us all there right away?"
"Not everyone here, I can't.   I can teleport maybe 15."

"That will be enough."  The King turned to his guards and the elite archers of Dullerm, "I want all of you to stay here, in this tower.   DO NOT leave it, bar yourselves inside and stay safe.   We will return here as soon as we can. If the enemy attacks, do what you can to defend yourselves and survive."   

Haroldris turned to the one surviving knight from the first battle, who stood quietly nearby, "Sir Beotur, I leave you in charge of defending this tower, but do not give your life in that endevour.  My primary concern is for you and these men to stay safe."


The Knight bowed, "Yes, Your Royal Highness."

"May the grace of Yesh the Merciful be upon you."  Zeatt blessed him, "And may the protection of the Holy One fall upon all these men and this building."

"So may it be."  Everyone said together.  

"Everyone going with me, join hands in a circle."  Sophia instructed them, and they complied, forming a circle around the girl.   Closing her eyes, she quickly chanted the spell and a moment later they vanished.


© 2014 Eddie Davis

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"...those who died, die in vain."
I feel like the comma there is unnecessary, though it may just be a matter of preference.

Posted 10 Years Ago

"...the ties between our Duchies was..." I believe "was" ought to be "were."
"Good, but we don't have much time, Sophia, in fact we need to get moving right away." This seems a little long to me, and sounds a bit odd with just a comma. Maybe if you used a semicolon or made it into two sentences...after "Sophia." ?
"My primary concern if for you..." I think you're wanting "is" instead of "if."

Posted 10 Years Ago

Eddie Davis

10 Years Ago

Thank you, the mistakes just keep coming, huh? I'm so indebted to you.

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