Out for Blood

Out for Blood

A Chapter by Eddie Davis

Aurei's group takes on the Masters of the Grave, in a desperate fight



Out for Blood


The Vampires realized their time was short; it would be daylight in less than two hours, and the ships containing the coffins that they had to return to by morning light were either destroyed or were in eminent danger of being destroyed.  

That would mean that they would have to quickly finish the battle here and find a secure, underground location to pass the daylight hours.   If they were killed in combat, they would have no coffin to return to and would float around as a ghostly mist until the sunlight destroyed them forever.  

So the only option open to them was complete success, and that meant slaying the King and those massed around him.  


Yet the Vampires were not fools and rather then attacking directly, the 22 Vampires decided to rely on their cunning.


While a handful of the lesser Vampires feigned an attack against the King’s party, the others summoned all the bats and rats that inhabited the area.  

At the same time the four remaining Vampire Lords gave telepathic calls to their living minions who were concealed amidst the zombies, animated skeletons, and their controllers that were prowling the streets of the city, terrorizing the residents of the royal capital.


The Lords gave their minions the same command; come at once, and bring with you any of the Anthrodracoi that you encounter.  


The bats arrived first, swarming over the King’s group and concealing the approach of the Vampires.  

“Stay close together!”   Haroldris told his people as a nearly hypnotic swarm of bats twirled and flew all around them.


When they attacked, only Thorm, wearing the Helm of All Seeing that Haroldris had given to him, was able to see his foe’s approach.   As the Vampire came in from behind him with fangs showing, the Dwarf spun suddenly and brought his axe down directly into the face of the Vampire.   Though it would have been a mortal wound to a living being, the Vampire just clawed at the Dwarf, his sharp nails cutting the Dwarf’s face.  

Siris was bitten on the forearm by her Vampire foe, and two of the Royal guards were brought to the ground with their throats torn open by Vampire fangs.  

Sir Davit’s flaming vorpal blade decapitated his Vampire foe, sending it off as a mist.   Zeatt’s Rod of Flailing crushed the skull of the Vampire attacking her, sending it incorporeal. 

Sir Beotur also managed to kill his Vampire foe, and both of Aurei’s swords found and ended the life of the Vampire attacking her.  

Eleazar’s sword caused his opponent to burst into flame as soon as it contacted him and the Vampire screamed only briefly before turning to vapor.

Rori used the Wand of Illumination to destroy her Vampire with a burst of light that disintegrated him.  Thorm’s axe chopped a second time at his opponent and this blow destroyed the undead blood drinker. 


Queen Eioldth sent an arrow of arcane energy into the Vampire coming against her, vaporizing him immediately.

Lute swung his great axe with a roar and split the creature from the top of his skull through to his chest cavity, killing him.  

King Haroldris’ slash was nearly as powerful as Lute’s against his foe and another Vampire went into a gaseous state.

Siris already had an arrow notched at her bow and took two steps backwards, then fired at her adversary at point blank range.   The Undead Slayer arrow went through him, killing him instantly.


The Vampires fought fiercely, killing two more royal guards, while Alis’ Vampire managed to bite her on the edge of her ear, though her Drow long sword cut him deeply and her second blow struck him down permanently. 


Aeric and Davit finished off the Vampire that had attacked and injured the half-elf.   Eleazar turned his attention to helping Pectros kill his undead opponent and soon the Vampire was no more. 

Haroldris, Lute, Thorm, Rori and Zeatt surrounded the remaining four Vampires, who were quickly dispatched with the royal guard’s help.


Then there was a lull.   The handful of remaining royal guards and the small number of Dullerm elite archers were keeping the zombies and animated skeletons at bay and above them the enchanted Firebird was systematically killing Wyverns one by one, while the Necromancer Guild airships burned, along with much of the city of King’s Reach.  


But the four remaining Vampire Lords were nowhere to be seen.  

Aurei and the others looked around cautiously for a few minutes, before Thorm suddenly exclaimed, “I see them!”


“Where?” Aurei asked, glancing in the direction the Dwarf was looking, but seeing nothing.  

“They’re in ghost form now.” He replied, “I can see them with this magic helm.   They be a-hoverin’ around some of ye, lookin’ as if they’re expecting help to arrive.”


“Probably summoning more of their minions.”   Aeric explained as he examined the bite wound on the ear of his new bride.

“Is there anyway to force them to become material again, so we can fight them?”   Aurei asked, jumping slightly when Sophia, Khord an Alvis suddenly teleported back to them.


“How goes it?”   Alvis asked, seeing them all standing around.

“The lesser Vampires are dead.”  Zeatt explained, “The Lords sent them against us to weaken us and give them time to plan something.   Thorm says they are in non-corporeal form now, hovering around, and waiting.


“They’ve summoned their minions, I’d imagine.”  Alvis verified Aeric’s suspicion.   “They know we have the upper hand, but they don’t have any place to flee to and want one last chance to kill us before dawn sends them to the nearest dark place.”

“Is there anyway to force them to become solid?”  Aurei repeated her unanswered question.


“I have something, it is called a spell of presence, and it makes non corporeal beings appear for about a minute before they resume their gaseous form.”  Sophia replied with a smile.   She reached into a small pouch on her belt and produced a tightly rolled up scroll.   As she unwound it, she spoke to Thorm, “Point out to everyone where they are right now, Master Dwarf, and have everyone take positions around them.   This spell will force them into physical form, but it won’t last for very long, so you need to hit them hard and fast.”

Thorm complied with her request and the group took up stations around four seemingly innocent ground mists that hovered over four separated parts of the battlefield.


As Sophia began reading the scroll aloud, Aurei could hear the sound of a multitude of feet running toward them.

“Minions are closing in.” She informed the others and they all pulled in closer to Sophia.   Now the guards and archers began to see what was rushing toward them, and they made ready to handle the onslaught.


All at once Sophia’s spell was complete and immediately four human forms appeared seemingly out of thin air with looks of surprise and horror on their faces.

The King’s group attacked savagely.   Davit, Aeric, Alvis and Zeatt attacked a bow-wielding Vampire Lord and Aeric’s sword stroke delivered a grievous wound, knocking him down and stunning him.     Davit‘s vorpal great sword decapitated the stunned Lord, sending him non-corporeal again.

Aurei, Eleazar, Pectros and Thorm were surrounding the second Vampire Lord when he materialized and though they all swung at the Vampire simultaneously; it was Eleazar’s Holy Great Sword that sheered the startled Vampire in half, and dispersed him into a ghostly mist.


Alis, Khord, Rori and Eioldth pounced upon the third Vampire, and both magic using ladies blasted the Vampire with spells as soon as he appeared.   Eioldth shot off another arrow of energy, but to her surprise, the spell seemed to be mostly deflected and slammed into her, knocking her off of her feet from the jolt of the blast.  


Rori used her Wand of Illumination and the burst of light knocked the Vampire down with a scream.   Khord’s twin Long swords spun like the wind and the Vampire disappeared into smoke with a slight popping sound.


The final Vampire Lord was attacked by the King, Lute and Siris, as well as Sir Beotur.  Beotur stuck first, wounding the Vampire in the leg seconds before the King thrust his great sword through the Vampire Lord, who sank to the ground with a gurgling gasp before he too faded into spirit.



“Your Majesty!”  Rori screamed, running over to the Queen, who was sprawled out on the rubble.   Aurei, Zeatt and Haroldris ran over to her, terrified at what they might find.  

“By Yesh, be healed!”  The King laid hands upon her at once as he knelt beside her.   Their healing touch seemed to completely restore her and she smiled broadly, “Thank you, love.   I am okay.”

“What happened?”  Rori asked her from nearby, “That spell you cast bounced back at you!”

“He probably had a spell turning device; either a ring or a broach.”

“Your baby…” Aurei touched the Queen’s belly, “Your Majesty, you’ve been poisoned and nearly killed today, I beg you… and Siris too… please stay out of harm’s way.”


Eioldth took Aurei’s hand, “Aurei, I appreciate your concern, but don’t you realize what just happened?   We just killed the last of the Masters of the Grave!  With the Vampire Lords dead, their minions will be freed from their control and will most likely not seek to fight us.   The Necromancer’s Guild has been defeated!”

Aurei was stunned and glanced at the King, who nodded, but held up a finger, “However, we still have their lowly zombie ground forces and their controllers to defeat.”


“We have more than just that, I’m afraid, Your Majesty.” Eleazar said from behind them.   They all turned and looked to where he was pointing.   

Nearby, the Royal guards and Dullerm archers continued to keep the zombies at bay, but rushing up the street in nearly military formation came the dreaded forms of nearly two score of Anthrodracoi.

“Oh no!”  Aurei exclaimed, “Don’t they know their masters are defeated?”
“I don’t think they’d listen if we told them.”  Eleazar replied, and quickly they all rushed forward to meet the attack.


© 2014 Eddie Davis

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First off, I apologize for taking so long in getting back to your book! I've been wanting to read more, but have been busy with mule stuff (which has been such a delight). It seems I will have a good deal more business as far as that's concerned, so I'm not entirely sure how that will effect my reading your books (obviously I am eager to continue...it may just be a little slower going than what I've been doing).
Now, apologies and explanations aside...

"That would mean for them that they would..." I think it may sound better if you take "for them" out.
"...with their throats tore open..." I'm not entirely sure, but maybe "tore" ought to be "torn?"
"...were no where to be seen." It ought to be "nowhere."
"...and dispersing him into..." It could be "...and dispersed..." or "...dispersing..."

Posted 10 Years Ago

Eddie Davis

10 Years Ago

Thank you, Elina, you are one of the kindest people I have met on Writer's Cafe.

10 Years Ago

Aw, shucks... Haha! Thank you.
Eddie Davis

10 Years Ago

You are welcome

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