A Chapter by Eddie Davis

Aurei and Eleazar's wedding day arrives





The spring day dawned gloriously bright and clear, with a cool breeze.   The whole town seemed to be up and about, and a festive mood filled the air.   Aurei awoke early and for a moment was confused where she was, for Eleazar wasn’t there, but then the realization that it was the morning of her wedding day came upon her.  

As soon as she emerged from the master bedroom of the Ducal keep she was engulfed by her bridal entourage.   She was whisked through a light breakfast, then through a bath in the bathhouse with Alis, Sophia and Zeatt supervising.  


Then she was rushed back upstairs where the seamstresses waited, along with Siris, Brandi and Krys, who more or less dressed her and then arranged her hair.  
“What about the dinner menu for the Muddy Boot?” She asked as the ladies worked on her as if she was a life-size doll. 


“Rori and Leah have that taken care of, and Queen Eioldth is supervising the decorations at the church.” Zeatt told her as they pinned the bridal garland in her hair, “Relax, child, everyone has everything under control.”


“You all are troubling yourself too much just for me.”  She told them.

“We’ve got to get you and Eleazar married,” Siris replied, patting her own belly, “So you can end up like me and have some little ones.”

Aurei blushed at the thought, but smiled anyway.




In the Knight’s Keep, a similar scene was transpiring.  Eleazar stood before a full length mirror, dressed all in purple with a large broach securing his cloak that bore his newly created Coat-of-Arms.  

“I feel like a royal page or herald.” He told his attendants, feeling somewhat like a dandy in the regal garb.

Thorm snorted from nearby, “Aye, ‘tis for the Duchess, lad.   We would have ye a-wearin’ plate armor like a proper knight, but those clothes are much quicker for the Duchess to take off of ye in private.”

The men all laughed and Eleazar smiled weakly, somewhat nervous at the image Thorm projected into his mind.

“We’ll let him wear his sword.”  Alvis commented with a wry grin, “He should be able to fend her off that way for a while at least; give him a fighting chance.”

Again they all laughed and patted the nervous groom on the back.




All too quickly it was time.   The church bell sounded and they let the people of Westmark and the nobles from the other duchies be seated.  

Eleazar stood with Sir Alvis, Khord, Thorm, Pectros, Lute and Aeric (his best man) at the front of the church, anxiously looking down the center aisle as the very last foot of seating space was filled.  

Never had he seen so many people packed so tightly in such a small place. 

Queen Eioldth was seated under a royal banner in a place of honor off to the left and was eagerly awaiting the ceremony to begin.  Haroldris had brought most of his royal musicians to provide music for the ceremony and they played flawlessly as they stood there in anticipation.  


Eleazar glanced back at Zeatt who stood on the top step of the dais, wearing the same white and red vestments of her office that she did during Aeric and Alis’ wedding.   He gave her an anxious look and she just winked at him then nodded toward the back door of the church.


The musicians tune suddenly changed to a processional tune that highlighted the orchestra’s harpist.   Through the doorway came the bridesmaids.  


First came Rori and Sophia, both looking very pretty in their purple dresses.   Brandi and Krys came in next, smiling and fetching as they slowly proceeded up the aisle. 


Then came Siris and the Matron of Honor, Alis, and both ladies were quite lovely as they took their places.  

Lastly came Luke and Leah, reprising their roles as bearers of the rings, and they took their places to each side of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.


The music changed, and all the spectators turned and stretched their necks to see.


Eleazar saw her and he forgot to breathe for several seconds.   She was led up the aisle by King Haroldris, wearing the regal gold and purple.  But though amazing to see the King in his splendor, few saw him, for all the eyes in the church were upon the bride.  


Gasps and exclamations of amazement filled the air as she was slowly escorted down the aisle.   She wore a dress of the purest white any of them had ever seen, which shined in the early afternoon sun as if it were almost made of light itself.   She looked almost supernatural, her dark skin contrasting the pure white.  It was a stunning affect and everyone stood in awe of her radiance.  


Never had Eleazar or any of the people seen Aurei Bugley look more beautiful.   Around her lovely neck she wore a necklace of small white flowers that matched both her bridal bouquet and her bridal garland that bound her long silvery white hair.  She smiled shyly from beneath the thin lace veil that covered her face, but her eyes glowed bright red with emotion as she was led forward.


“Wow” Eleazar whispered to Aeric as Aurei and Haroldris approached.   He went forth and the King took Aurei’s hand and placed it in the groom’s hand.   Her hand trembled and he squeezed it softly as they turned to face Zeatt, and Haroldris took his seat next to Eioldth.


Zeatt held in her hands the large book of the words of Yesh, and smiled down at them for a moment before looking out at the congregation.

“Yesh the Merciful gave this commandment to those who followed him.  ‘It is ordained that marriage is a sacrament before God, a Holy union of man to woman, blessed by God for the strengthening of both husband and wife.   Two strands intertwined increase in strength, so shall a man and woman be strengthened through marriage.’” 

“’It is within this union that the blessings of children are given.   I say to you that a family is a blessing from God, given to you and you shall perform this sacrament before me, in the witness of the faithful, and I shall bless this union.’”

“Before us today stands Aurei Bugley, Duchess of Westmark and Dullerm and Archduchess of the Lance, and Sir Eleazar, Earl of Coldburn and Duke of Dullerm, to join together before Yesh in accordance to his Holy Ordinance, in the union of marriage.”

“I know that all of you here today join me in rejoicing at this union, for truly they are beloved by all of us.  It is a blessing for me to join my lovely niece to this noble young knight.   I can honestly state that this world is a better place today thanks to these two dear ones.”


“Therefore I call upon all of you in attendance to bear witness to the vows about to be made before Yesh today.”


Zeatt nodded at Aurei and Eleazar and they turned to face each other.   Looking down at her through her veil, Eleazar reflected on how her beautiful face affected him so vastly different from the first time he saw her.   Then he’d been filled with rage from the demon that possessed him.  


Now something else possessed him, something much stronger and something he had no power or any desire, to resist.   It was love.  He repeated the words of his wedding vow to her, deeply meaning every word.

“Before Yesh the Merciful, I Eleazar, take you, Aurei, to be my wedded wife before God and in accordance to His Holy ordinance.   I pledge all my love, all my heart, all that I am, to you forever.   Where once alone I walked, now I walk beside you, to share our paths, to face all obstacles and to savor all vistas together.   In the presence of those assembled, I make this vow of love and faithfulness now to you.”    He nodded to Luke, who came forward with the ring, which he placed upon her finger while he spoke, “Aurei, by this symbol of union, be joined unto me, in Yesh’s name.”


Tears of joy were streaming down her face as the ring slipped on her finger and Eleazar batted away some of the same as she now began her vows to him.


“Before Yesh the Merciful, I Aurei, take you, Eleazar, to be my wedded husband before God and in accordance with His Holy ordinance.   I pledge to you all of my love and my heart, and all that I am, to you forever.   From the house of my father I have left, pure and unspoiled, and behold unto your house I enter to dwell with you.   Where my light shined single and dim, I join my flame with yours and it kindles a stronger fire that shines brighter.   This light shines in the darkness, may our fire kindle new flames. In the presence of those assembled, I make this vow of love and faithfulness now to you.”

Aurei took the ring held to her by Leah and with trembling fingers placed it on Eleazar’s finger.  “Eleazar, by this symbol of union, be joined unto me, in Yesh’s name.”


He grinned, tears sparkling in his red eyes, while matching tears fell from hers.   They turned back to Zeatt and even she seemed to be fighting back emotion.


“Eleazar and Aurei, before Yesh, you have pledged your love and union to each other.   I charge you before Yesh the Merciful; if this is the desire of your hearts, will you please indicate this by the affirmation, ‘It is our desire’.”

They looked at each other for only an instant, before turning back to the Matron Mother and saying loudly, “It is our desire.”

Zeatt lifted her hands over her head, “Therefore, by the power of the Most High, through the Holy Office of Priestess bestowed upon me by The Lord, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife, joined before Yesh the Merciful in the union of Holy matrimony.   May the blessing of Yesh be upon you forever and may your household multiply.   Thanks be to God!”

Those assembled roared out an answer, “Thanks be to God!”


Zeatt nodded to Eleazar and he lifted Aurei’s veil, leaned in and kissed her.   The church thundered with approval.



© 2014 Eddie Davis

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I feel like cheering, but I know my family will look at me funny if I do.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Eddie Davis

10 Years Ago

LOL I'm glad you enjoyed reading it.
"...from the first time he first saw her." You have an extra "first," here.

I must heart simply melted! Such a beautiful and long-awaited moment written so well.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Eddie Davis

10 Years Ago

Thanks, Elina.

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