Chapter 1 : The News

Chapter 1 : The News

A Chapter by Frankie Nguyen

“It’s hard to raise a child when you’re still a child.” -Anonymous


Sitting here in this cold bathroom waiting, simply waiting had to be one of the scariest moments of my life. Only a few more seconds and I would know. I would know whether my life was going to forever change or if it would stay the same. I’d done this more than once, but I still can’t believe it.  How I wished my life would stay the same. Stay simple; stay just like it was now. A few seconds later and there it was the dreaded word. With a huge sigh I read the word aloud to myself hoping it would sink in properly. “Pregnant.” I breathed with a sigh unlike any other. How could it be that one night of pure bliss and love would result in me Ophelia Akira Young, pregnant. How? It was one night. I was always the one to say it’ll never happen to me. I was way off base. It happened and it happened to me. Now what do I do. I’m seventeen years old and I had my whole life ahead of me. I’m going to college with a cheerleading scholarship. I’m going to be a doctor. I have everything going for me and now I’m pregnant? Now how am I supposed to follow my dreams and get a good career? In this economy I have to find a good job. I can’t get a good job if I’m working part time to take care of a child and my school and I definitely can’t cheer while pregnant. My only hope is my parents will help and that my boyfriend, Logan, would stay with me. With another heavy sigh I threw the test in the trash, flushing the toilet. I took a look at myself in the mirror before washing my hands and heading out into the darkness of my room. The sun would be up soon; it was after all around six in the morning. There was no point in trying to catch the last precious minutes of sleep. Going back to my bathroom I took a soothing warm shower. How relaxing it was to feel the warm water running down my body washing the dirt of night away and down the drain. Mere minutes later I was in my room changing into, not my best, clothes I could grab; a simple white shirt over a black tank top with gray sweatpants and plain white slip-on’s. Putting my hair in a messy ponytail with minimal makeup I was off downstairs to tell my parents of the news. My footsteps echoed through the house that would soon be bustling with the sounds of even more feet going from here to there. Once in the kitchen I fixed myself a nice cold bowl of cereal waiting for my parents to awaken from there almost corpse like sleep. Soon their steps echoed throughout the house; the slow, tired steps of working adults heading to showers and closets. The sound of a shower starting and stopping and the open and close of a closet soon entered my ears; my cue to empty my bowl and put it in the sink. Getting up I set my bowl in the sink running water in it, filling it completely. The sound of steps coming down the stairs startled me. They never finished so fast in the morning. This must mean they were having a good day, which was a great thing since most days were filled with arguments and cars heading out. “Good morning Ophelia” was the next thing I heard. The great sound of my mother’s voice, the cheerfulness in her voice as she greeted me. Even on the worst days her voice still chimed with an energetic loving way. “Morning mom.” I greeted her back. “I need to talk to you and dad before I leave for school.” my mother nodded to me as she and my father sat at the table. “I’m not going to sugar coat this since I don’t sugar coat much of anything.” I said first preparing them for the not so pleasant news of my pregnancy. “I’m pregnant.” I said flatly choking up a bit but making sure to keep my composure. My parents looked at me without expression. They didn’t look at all surprised or angry. My mother was the first to speak. “How far along are you.” she asked me. I answered her with a simple “six months” my father just nodding then going to the kitchen. “Will Logan be staying with you?” my mother asked me getting up as well and starting her cup of coffee. “I’m not sure mom I’ll be telling him today at school.” I answered her going to get my backpack. “So I better get going.” I told her heading to my car grabbing my keys on the way out. Telling them was easy enough so telling Logan should be much easier. Logan was a more accepting guy than most and since my parents took it so well he should take it well. I hopped in my car throwing my bag in the passenger seat before heading off to school.


“Logan get up!” my mother yelled for about the sixth time. “I’m up I’m up.” I whined rolling over and checking the time. I had a whole hour before I had to leave I’d be fine. I sighed knowing she wouldn’t stop until she knew for a fact I was up. Getting up I moved into my bathroom taking a shower. A few minutes later I hopped out drying off and looking in the mirror. At least I didn’t look like a wreck. I chuckled at myself in the mirror laying my towel on the counter and going back to my room to change. I changed into some comfortable clothes hoping my mom wouldn’t make me get all dressed up. The dressy clothes were horrible and very uncomfortable. I turned on my radio; it still had my Antic Café CD in it. I sat down smiling and started doing my hair. I pretty much loved Antic Café and got most of my hair ideas from one of them. It took me a whole thirty minutes to do my hair turning my radio back off I was out my door and down the stairs to eat my breakfast. My mom greeted me with a kiss my father greeting me with a simple nod. That was all I usually got from him. A nod. I never let it bother me at least he knew he had a son. I sat down at the table and ate my breakfast as fast as I could without being too obvious. After I was done I ran back up the stairs to brush my teeth and I was back out the door. This time I went out the front door. I got in my car and headed to school. I was super excited to see Ophelia. I hadn’t seen her all weekend, which rarely happened. With the school in site a smile came across my face and I pulled into the parking lot.


 All in all school was a ten-minute drive away from my house. Once there I parked in the nearest spot to the building grabbing my bag and getting out locking the doors. I walked into the building going through the metal detectors and heading to my locker. I threw my bag in my locker grabbing the only books I needed for my first class. The only books I needed were for my history class. A hand soon covered my eyes and a light whisper filled my ears. “Good-morning beautiful.” the soft voice of my dear Logan greeting me filled my ears. I turned to look at him greeting him with a small kiss. His eyes looked down on me sparkling brightly. His eyes looked as if a million stars lived in his eyes. “My dear Logan I have to tell you some news.” I said to him looking into his eyes watching the smile slowly fade from his face. “Yes.” was all he replied standing straight looking at me with worry. “I’m pregnant.” I told him waiting his face change to disbelief. “How?” he asked me. I knew he knew how it happened he was just in shock. The news would have to settle with him. “My parents already know and they’re fine.” I told him. He relaxed a bit and nodded. “Okay then.” he said to me back to his cool relaxed self. Soon it was time for us to head to our different classes. Kissing him quickly I turned to head to my class, he to his. I sat in the back left desk as the tardy bell rang. Now he knew, my parents knew, the last ones to tell would be his parents. I was not sure how they would take it for they were stricter than mine were. The teacher soon turned taking role before starting the lesson. We were studying the Middle East; today all note taking. How could I possibly take notes with so much buzzing through my head? It wasn’t exactly possible. Then again I must do something to keep my mind off my current situation. So before I knew it I was taking notes on the hardships of the Middle East. Sometime later the bell rang signaling us to go to our second class of the day. With that I was out of the room and to my locker then off to my math class in less then two minutes. Math was my least favorite subject of all time. I did fine in it, but I hated all the numbers. We were now half way through our math book, which was a great site. It meant we were now half way through the year. The half way mark was always a great site. After the bell rang I headed to my science class skipping my locker considering the fact that I didn’t need anything for the class. We were doing a lab today so no supplies were needed. Going to sit in my assigned seat I grabbed some goggles and an apron so I wouldn’t get any chemicals on my clothes. Not that it would have mattered these were my lazy clothes after all. Soon my best friend came in sitting next to me; us now lab partners. Amy Kurex and me had met in the first grade and had been inseparable ever since. With a smile she greeted me with a hug and I greeted her with the news. She smiled from ear to ear “Oh Ophelia how great is that.” she said happily. All I could do was simply smile at her. She could always make even the worst news great. That’s what I had always loved about her. The bell rang signaling us to be quiet and do the lab for the day. Amy and I always finishing first began gossiping about the news clicks, couples, boys, and more. Having no silent spots without our conversation and an A on that day’s lab. The bell rang and we both headed to our lockers meeting back up in our English class; English being Amy’s worst subject and one of my best. I as always finished my assignment first. Amy sat on the other side of the room than me so unfortunately I had no one to talk to so instead I got out a book I had been reading. It was an informational book on wolves. I waited reading her book quietly. Once I reached the halfway point in her book the bell rang. It saddened me that the bell just had to ring when the book started getting book. Then again I did have lunch next so it wasn’t so bad. I headed to my locker throwing my stuff in it and meeting up with Amy and Logan for our lunch. Amy smiled at Logan punching him lightly at how he was going to be a dad. He just smiled and nodded to her wrapping his arms around me. Amy smiled at us. “Well at least your going to stay most guys would probably bolt.” she said with a smile. I smiled along with her. It was great that Logan was going to stay. I don’t know how I’d raise this child on my own. It would be so much hard work with us together let alone with me on my own. There would be no way I would be a single parent. We all ate our lunches; mine consisting of an apple and a salad. I always ate small lunches but then again a big dinner. So I always made up for it with my dinners. We all sat and chatted about life, me being pregnant, and other things. Lunch was over before we knew it, always ending it before it should. With a sigh we all departed heading to our separate classes. I was soon in my band class, my favorite class. Drums were what I knew I was a natural at it. The sound of them as I hit them one after another to create a song to create music. It was a great feeling. For me it was better than flying. Before I knew it I was on my way to culinary class. I loved culinary class. I learned to cook some of the best desserts with the weirdest names I’d ever seen. Best of all I got to keep the recipes so I could make them again and again until I was sick of them. With a smile the bell rang and we all began making wedding cakes. When classes done so was my cake. A three tier white cake with hand crafted chocolate flowers and sequins. As the bell rang I happily ran to her cheer class, the last class of the day, before I could fall on my bed and happily rest my aching body. I ran to the locker rooms quickly putting on my clothes and running to the field. I smiled happily as we all began practicing our cheers and learning new routines. Everything fell into place as we learned move after move and landed each one of them. As we all went back to the locker room to change I glanced at my belly turning to the side a bit. Soon my flat stomach would be bigger with a small life living inside of my. I put on my clothes and headed out. Logan greeted me outside the school doors. With a smiled I turned giving him a quick kiss. He smiled at me and headed to his car. He had work after school so he always left as soon as we said goodbye. I on the other hand went home to finish my homework before heading to my part-time job at the near-by Starbucks. As I reached work I parked in the back clocking in before moving to the cashier. “How may I help you today.” I said to the customer. This would be a long day at work. From now to about eight, then home for dinner, and to bed. I headed home at eight-thirty and made it home just in time for dinner. My mom had already made my plate, with double portions if I may add. She said it was for the baby but seriously I just found out today I was pregnant and she’s already telling me to eat right and eat more so the baby will get it’s nutrition. The woman was crazy I swear but own well what can a girl do. It’s not like I picked my family. I finished my plate; even the double portioned part and headed up to bed changing before crashing to the soft mattress. I pulled the sheets up to my chin the soft satin like sheets falling down on me. My room was cold my bed warm and cozy just how I liked it. Before I knew it I was asleep dreaming of the next day and the days to come.


I couldn’t believe my day. As I drove to work I couldn’t stop thinking of those two words that she had said to me. “I’m pregnant.” They echoed in my head over and over again. How could that possibly have happened? Yeah I know how babies happened but we had been so careful. “Guess we weren’t careful enough.” I muttered to myself. I hit my steering wheel almost veering into the other lane. I wasn’t mad at her I was just worried. I didn’t know how we were going to take care of a baby. Another thing that worried me was what my mom would say. She was so what’s the word? Oh yeah, protective and well, crazy. She didn’t want me to have kids early and she really didn’t want me to be with Ophelia. She didn’t like Ophelia and I really don’t know why. I love her to death. Then again my mom wanted me to marry Ms. Einstein. Ophelia wasn’t Einstein but she was my girl and that’s all that mattered. As I neared my work I let out a sigh. It wasn’t a great job but I guess it was fun. I got to put neat designs on cars. I pulled into my parking spot killing my car and hopping out. I went through the back clocking in a few minutes before my actual work time. I went over to my supervisor and he pointed me over to a black Nissan 350z. I smiled this would be fun.

© 2011 Frankie Nguyen

Author's Note

Frankie Nguyen
Should I keep it just her talking or is it fine with both of them?

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Do you know who Rick Riordan is? He's the genius behind the PERCY JACKSON & THE OLYMPIANS. He also has a book out called THE RED PYRAMID. This book series deals with the Egyptian gods and its about a brother and sister who are trying to save their father. Both are telling the story but its through their own perspective.

So my answer to your question is: No. You don't have to change it to one person.

Posted 13 Years Ago

Its good with both of them:) Its a little confusing in some parts though. Like when you said, "As the bell rang, I happily ran to HER class. I thought it was the same girl? Anyways other than that it was really great!:)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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