Chapter 2 : Tough Love

Chapter 2 : Tough Love

A Chapter by Frankie Nguyen

“Parents who are afraid to put their foot down usually have children who step on their toes.” - Chinese Proverb


I woke up around six o’clock. First to the sound of my alarm clock, second to my mother playing Kid Cudi Day and Night throughout the house. My mom strangely enough listened to more twenty first century music than I did. It was odd seeing a 32-year-old woman who looked 18 rocking out to hip-hop and things of that sort. I stretched, wiping the sleep from my eyes and getting up to take a quick shower. It was Friday, finally. Hoping in the shower I washed my hair getting the grease and grime from that nights sleep. Stepping out I dried my hair quickly throwing it into a messing bun, stray hairs sticking up haphazardly throughout it. I sighed as the steam left the mirror making me visible to my eyes. Skipping my makeup I went to my room throwing some sweat pants on and a plain light blue shirt that was about two sizes to big. It was short sleeved so I would probably be taking a hoodie too. Today would be my lazy day. Throwing on my closest shoes, which happened to me my Nikes, I made my way downstairs. I greeted my mom with a tired hello. She turned giving me the perky wake up grin and all but screamed good-morning to me. I had to chuckle. I got a bowl of cereal like I always did sitting down in the chair munching on my cereal. My father looked up at me asking if I thought cereal was good for the baby. I looked up with a look that said it all. It probably said something along the lines of oh please I’m what six months along. I really doubted the baby cared right about now. Now when my baby was finally here, yes I would feed her much better. Finishing my cereal I put my bowl in the sink and headed out.


I rolled over to the sound of my mother beating on my door. “Get up now boy!” she screamed. “Fine just go away!” I yelled. I heard her take in a breath at my comment then heard her walk off. I chuckled. She took everything offensively and it was incredible pathetic. I hopped up getting the shower taking another quick shower. I dried off brushing my teeth. I let my hair air dry and walked out to my room putting on some sweat pants and a white t-shirt. I looked in the mirror. “Nah” I said to myself. “Not even going to do my hair today.” I chuckled and walked downstairs grabbing a piece of toast and headed to the door. “Aren’t you going to sit down and eat with your family!” my mother yelled after me. “No I’m going to go pick up Ophelia!” I yelled back shutting the door before she could answer. I didn’t even want to hear her comment it would be mean and hateful anyway. So there was honestly no point in listening to it. I hopped in my car and headed to Ophelia’s house. I was at her house in less than five minutes. A new record I thought killing the car and waiting.


To my surprise Logan was sitting in my driveway waiting for me. With a smile I ran to his car hopping in giving him a kiss. He pulled me in closer to him for a mini make out session in the car. I laughed pulling away. “We’re going to be late if we don’t get going.” I said setting my backpack in the floorboard. He chuckled. “Oh fine.” he said backing out of my driveway and heading in the direction of school. We got there just in time to go through the metal detector and head to our lockers. The bell rang just as I shut my locker and we departed and headed to our separate classes. His on the east side of the school, mine on the west. I ran to my first hour stepping in just as the tardy bell rang. With a relieved sigh I sat down in my seat in the back getting out my notes to start another long and boring day at school. As school ended and I head out of the building all but dragging my feet from a hard and physically demanding cheer practice Amy jumped in front of me a bag of giggles like always. “O-O-Ophelia!” she said continuing to jump back and forth. I couldn’t help it she was just to funny I let out a small laugh. “Hey Amy.” I said hugging her so she would stop jumping. “You have to take a chill pill sometime.” I said letting her go. She laughed at me. “Yeah right.” We started talking about plans for the weekend as we headed to the parking lot. Logan soon ran up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. “Hey beautiful.” he said kissing the side of my head. “Why thank you.” Amy replied to him jokingly. It was great having your best friend and your boyfriend get along. “So what are you guys doing later today?” Amy asked us, Logan’s car now in site. “We’re going to break the news to my parents.” Logan said a little worried. I smiled grimly. “Yeah we’re both a bit worried, scared, on edge you know what I mean?” T said to Amy. Amy nodded. “Hell yeah girl I know what you mean I would have already dug my grave my now.” she laughed trying to lighten the mood a bit. It didn’t work. She did try so hard to make moods more happy when things were going wrong but I couldn’t bare to tell her she failed every time. Although I’m sure she knew. Logan grabbed my hand. “We should get going Ophelia,” he said smiling at me. “Before you wind up being late for work. You know my parents are going to be flipping out.” I turned to Amy hugging her tightly. “If I die tonight Amy you can have all of my belongings.” I told her. She laughed lightly, “I will throw myself dramatically onto your casket I promise Ophelia my dear.” she said dramatically hugging me tightly. I laughed hoping to make Amy feel better as well as Logan and myself. I turned to walk with Logan to his car. We hopped in the car heading to his house. We pulled in his driveway and just started up at his house, neither of us wanting to move, neither of us wanting to face his parents. His parents were tough on him. They had already planned out his whole life for him. He was suppose to finish high school with all straight A’s, go to college straight out of high school. He was told to go to Harvard or Yale or something like that, community college was not an option for him. They had absolutely hated it when he had found Logan. When they had become best friends and especially when they got together. I on the other hand was going to community college after graduating high school with probably A’s and B’s and having a cheer scholarship to help me if I decided to go to a bigger collage. I wasn’t a genius and I wasn’t the perfect girl like his parents wanted him to be with. They wanted him to find a girl from the same college as he was attending. They wanted a girl that had a bright future with big money and a good family, in other words rich parents. They always put on a great face when talking with my parents and I but I wasn’t stupid I knew that they were secretly judging us. They were always secretly pointing out imperfections and nit picking the things wrong with our family. Logan had told me before how his parents had told him to leave me. To move on or they would disown him but they never did and he stayed with me through it all. I looked at him smiling. He looked so nervous like he used to when we were little. When he was nervous he would always stare without blinking. You would have to literally shake your hand in front of his face to make him snap out of it. I ran my hand in front of his face seeing him blink then look at me. “Should we go in?” he asked. I knew he didn’t want to go. This would only make our relationship harder. I looked at him with a sigh, “Yes Logan we have to go in. We can’t live out here in your driveway forever.” I smiled at him hoping he’d feel better. “We could try,” he said jokingly. I chuckled. “And what have the baby in the car. I think not.” I laughed opening my door and stepping out. At the rate we were going I was going to be late for work no matter what we did. He got out of the car grabbing my hand as we walked up to the front door. He sighed as we reached the door and walked in. “Mom! Dad!” he yelled. “We need to talk to you!” I heard footsteps and then his mom appeared in the doorway to the living room. She was a rather tall slender woman. About five foot seven and pale as a ghost. She was dressed to the nines in a red dress that hit her mid thigh with a pair of blood red pumps her long blonde hair wrapped up in a bun. “We’re in here darling,” she said smiling that smile that let me know she was not pleased to see me but very pleased to see her son. Logan squeezed signaling me to relax. We walked into the living room seeing his father sitting in his Lazy Boy recliner. He too was dressed to the nines. He was wearing a black tuxedo his hair nicely brushed down and off to the side. He was reading the paper with a pipe in his mouth. He looked up from the paper setting his pipe down. “Yes son what do you need to tell us.” he said setting the paper on his legs. Logan walked us to the couch both of us sitting down to where we were facing them both. “Well mom, dad, you know how much I love Ophelia.” he said to them. “Well she is pregnant.” he sighed, as their eyes grew wide. “Now before you go frea�"“ he started, but unfortunately his mother beat him to the punch. “Logan Kade Fleming!” she screamed rising from her previous seated position. “How could you do this to your family!” she screamed turning her eyes to me. “It was you!” she screamed pointing her finger at me. “You did this! You seduced my poor son into your sick twisted ways! You got yourself pregnant so you could keep him in your grasp! Well you thought wrong! He will not be staying with you!” she screamed at me. I knew she was moments from slapping me to death. “Shut up!” Logan screamed rising to look down at his mother. Her five foot seven had nothing on his six foot one. She looked straight at him. “What did you say,” she threatened. “I do believe I said shut up mother,” he said glaring at her. “You do not ever talk to Ophelia like that again. She has put up with you and dads crap for five years and frankly mother I’m sick of it! I’m sick of you treating her like she’s nothing but a bug under your red Louis Vuitton pump!” he screamed at her looking down at her. He had never done this before. He’d never blown up like this especially with his mother, but then again she’d never exactly said such things to me. I couldn’t help but smile a bit looking over at his father. His father’s face had remained unchanged. Which in all honest worried me. His father slowly rose from his seat. “Logan sit down you as well honey,” he said as Logan sat down next to me as his mother sat back in her chair. “Okay.” his father said in a steady voice. “How far along.” he asked me. “I’m about six months along sir.” I told him touching my stomach. “Okay, will you be staying in school.” he asked. “Yes and I still plan on going to college.” I told him as he went to sit back in his chair. “Don’t get me wrong I am not at all happy about this, but there isn’t a thing we can do to change what has happened.” he looked to Logan. “What do you plan on doing,” he asked his son. “Well dad what do you think. I love her and I’m not leaving her.” he glanced to his mother then back to his father. “We plan on having this baby. Working hard to get through high school and then to college. We do not plan on losing our baby, but giving it the best life we can possibly give it,” he said smiling at me. His father “Spoken like a true man.” he smiled at his son. His mother was still glaring at me. “Will you stop giving her that look mother it’s really starting to piss me off,” he said looking over at her. His mother got up leaving the room. “I will not take this from mere children.” she said before leaving. Logan stood up as well grabbing my hand and pulling me up. “We’ll be leaving now so mother can blow off some steam. My guess the therapist or the massage palace.” he walked to the front door. His father telling us good-bye before we walked out the door and back to his car.


As we walked out the door I couldn’t help but thinking about how rude my mother is. She did this all the time but this was the worst freak out she’d had. Of course I’d never had to say that Ophelia was pregnant either. I still didn’t think she had to act so hostile about it. S**t happens and it just happened to happen to Ophelia and me. Although I would not call our child a “mistake” per say. Yes we didn’t plan on having kids right now but hey we’d do our best. Our child was a surprise not a mistake and I would much have had Ophelia tell me she was pregnant than something like she was leaving me. The child was more of a relief.  I was actually becoming a little excited with every passing minute. I walked up back to the car opening the doors and hopping in. When Ophelia sat down I looked at her and I couldn’t help it I had to kiss her. It was the only way I knew how to say sorry without actually saying the words I’m sorry.


 As soon as I sat down he kissed me. “I’m sorry for how my mother reacted.” he said still holding me. “Babe it’s okay.” I said smiling at him. “I’m used to the hate now.” I chuckled hoping he’d calm down. The fact she hated me no longer bothered me. Logan looked at me with a smile. “Well I should probably get you to work,” he started the car backing up and heading to Starbucks. He pulled in a few minutes later dropping me off and walking me in. He gave me a quick kiss as I headed to the back to clock in. I smiled and watched him leave putting my hand on my stomach. This was going to work. I knew it would. He had stood up to his mother, for me. I leaned against the wall unable to remove the smile on my face. A few of my coworkers smiled at seeing me so happy. My boss just chuckled. “He’s a great guy for you,” she said. “And I know he’ll be a great father just by how he acts towards you.” she smiled walking back to the front. I smiled watching her leave grabbing an apron and putting it on. I tied my hair back in a ponytail putting my hat on. I took a deep breath and let it back out, going to the front. “Welcome to Starbucks how may I help you.” I said to my first customer of the day. With a smile on my face and a bounce in my step I went through work like it was nothing. I looked to my boss her nodding as I went to the back clocking out and heading out the front door. Stepping outside to the cool afternoon air I smiled to myself taking a deep breath. I put my hand on my stomach again my baby would have a good life. My baby would never have to worry about not being loved because I would always say I love you. I felt warm arms wrap around me touching my stomach. “Our baby” I heard Logan whisper in my ear. I smiled turning around to kiss him. “Yes, our baby.” I replied putting emphasis on our. “Well Ms. Ophelia Akira Young, mother to be may I take you on a coffee date.” he said with a smile. I chuckled. “Why yes you may.” I replied letting him lead me to the car opening my door for me. I hopped in the car Logan closing the door behind me. I buckled my seat belt when he shut his door. Logan turned on the radio One Wish by Ray J was playing. I started to lip sing to it. I’ve known this song forever. It was a really great song. Logan started to back up and head to the coffee shop nearest to our houses. We were there within minutes getting out and heading inside. I really don’t know why we didn’t stay at Starbucks but I did know he liked the non name brand coffee. He went up to the counter ordering his favorite and coming to sit at a booth with me. He sat across from me grabbing my hands. “So babe we need to talk about our future now.” he smiled at me. “I know what seems major boring but you know it must be done.” I smiled at him. “Yeah I know.” I shrugged. “But then again you know that I’m only going to be going to community college and then I don’t even know.” He nodded. “Yeah I know but I mean career wise. You would be great in a musical position. You could probably even be in a band. Or an artist shoot maybe a doctor,” he said with a big grin on his face. I looked at him. “Well you know I’ve been actually asked to join this band called The Lost Ones and I’ve been considering it. Later I might think about being a doctor but most likely a secretary of some sort.” He nodded. “Well I was thinking about being a lawyer but I’m still not sure, but you know I’m going to like Yale, Harvard, or Princeton something like that.” I rolled my eyes. “Of course Mr. Smartie.” I chuckled. Logan was an absolute genius. He looked at me again. “What should we do once the babies here, job wise,” He asked. “Well I guess I could keep my job because I have a pretty good position and your jobs not to shabby either.” I chuckled as he smiled. “True. I guess I’m just really nervous right now,” he said. His hands were shaking a bit. “Don’t worry so am I,” I told him. It was completely true. How could I not be nervous I had a small life inside of me. It was nerve racking. He smiled at me and I smiled at him. “We’re going to be a family,” he said excitedly. I looked over at the nearest clock. “Look at the time babe. You better be getting me home.” I said smiling. “Okay” he said making a gloomy face. I chuckled getting up. He finished his coffee and threw it in the trash as we headed out to his car. We hopped in the car and he started driving me home. “At least it’s the week end.” I said smiling. He smiled keeping his eyes on the road. “Yeah that’s a good thing. You go to the doctor this weekend as well.” I smiled. “I sure do. I’m pretty excited aren’t you?” I asked him. He nodded. “I sure am,” he paused to turn down my street. “To see our baby. It’s going to be an amazing experience,” he said smiling. “Well we’re here.” He said looking up at my house. I smile opening my door and he met me up at the front of his car. He grabbed my hand walking me to the door. I opened the door yelling I’m home and my mom coming down the stairs to meet us. “Logan” she said happily hugging him. “How did your mom take it?” she asked. “Like she always does over big and dramatic things.” He said calming looking at my mom. “Well we’re fine about it. We’re not happy but hey we’re going to be grandparents and we’ll do all we can to help you guys out,” she said with a smile. “Thanks Mrs. Young.” Logan said with a smile. “Now Logan you know you can call me Sarah,” my mom said with a chuckle. Logan laughed. “Yeah my bad Sarah,” he smiled looking at our clock near the door. “Well I better be going,” he said. “Before my mother flips out.” I smiled and Logan gave me a quick kiss. “I’ll see you tomorrow sometime,” he said turning on his heels and heading to his car. I waved at him until he was completely out of my site. My mom smiled at me and headed back up the stairs. Her and my dad must have already been in bed. I went to the fridge grabbing a sandwich that my mom must have made for me knowing I would be home late. She knew me well. I ate my sandwich quickly running upstairs to brush my teeth. I went to my room putting on my pajamas and falling into my bed. It happily engulfed me in a wave of cool white sheets. I happily curled up in my sheets feeling them warm to my body temperature. Before I could think of the things that had happened that day I was asleep, off in the land of dreams where anything could happen. 


After I had dropped Ophelia off at her house I went back home. I pulled in and walked in expecting to be attacked by questions from my frantic mother. To my surprise all of the lights were off and my mother was asleep. My father on the other hand was in the living room watching television. I sat down on the couch not to far from his recliner thinking of what Ophelia and me had talked about. I knew she could go to Yale or Harvard if she only tried but then again she was a simple girl. An expensive college like Yale or Harvard wasn’t her style. She was into the simple things, which I loved. I smiled at the thought. I was so excited for her doctor’s appointment. I would help her set an appointment for the upcoming weekend. It would be the best time for it. That would make her at somewhere like, I don’t even know. I can’t believe she hid it this long. I honestly don’t know how. My father looked at me and smiled. I loved that about him. Every once in a great while he would stay up and become a whole other person, a carefree, laid back dad. “Excited?” he asked me looking back to the television; he was watching a football game. “Yeah.” I answer back smiling and stretching out on the couch. He chuckled. “Thought you might be,” he flipped the channel to some rerun. “When is she going to the doctor?” he asked. “I’m going to help her make an appointment for this coming weekend.” I told him looking up at the clock. “Well I’m going to head up to bed.” I said getting up. “Night Logan,” he said his eyes still on the television. I walked out looking back at him. This would be the last time in a while that he’d actually be my dad. I smiled and walked up the stairs to my room. I changed and collapsed on my bed. I was asleep in minutes.

© 2011 Frankie Nguyen

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