Chapter 8: Graduation

Chapter 8: Graduation

A Chapter by Frankie Nguyen

“The lessons of the past provide the path to the future.” Author Unknown

    I couldn’t believe it. It was already graduation day. I was happy that I had lost all of my baby fat and was back to my tiny self. I stared at myself in my robe and over to my adorable children sleeping soundly in their cribs. I still remember the day Logan and I brought them home. I could remember it like it was yesterday. Even though it had been only four months ago. They were still so small; Eliza being the smallest. She got that from me and Emery took after his father in the height department. Even though they’d only been in my life for a short time I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like without them. Logan’s mother would probably still hate me and my life would probably have stayed roughly the same. I walked over to my desk that had all my makeup and hair products on it. I sat down in the old wooden chair. I’d noticed that most of the furniture in Logan’s house was actually pretty old, but very nice looking. Logan was downstairs eating and I just stayed up here in our room to think. So much had happened my senior year. What I thought was going to be a horrible and dull year turned out to be the most frantic, scary, wonderful, beautiful, and simply perfect year on my life. I got back up slipping my robe off and laying it neatly on the soft king sized bed that was by the cribs. I was still in my pajamas and figured I should change into some better clothes. I’d taken my shower already, but I had just felt like staying in my pajamas. I went to the walk in closet grabbing a tank top and some shorts. I’d put my after party clothes in Logan’s car and either change in the car or in the bathroom when we got to where we were going. I slipped on my tank top before pulling my shorts on. I heard a whistle and a smile crept across my face. “I see you missed my skinny body too.” I turned to see Logan leaning on the doorframe. He smiled crossing the room without a word and pulling me in for a kiss. His hand laid lightly on my cheek as my fingers tangled themselves in his soft brown hair. He had gotten highlights recently and they fitted him quite well. He had changed also since we had the kids. He seemed for relaxed, more free, as if he was finally his own person instead of working so hard to please his mother. He pulled away looking at me with those beautiful eyes that sparkled like the stars at midnight. “I love you either way. You’re beautiful no matter the shape of your body the color of your hair or the clothes you were. No matter what you’re always beautiful to me.” he chuckled then made a face like was thinking hard. “Well except when you’re angry or on your period.” he chuckled and I couldn’t help but punch him in the shoulder. “Whatever.” I said putting my robe back in its protective cover. “You know I’m joking.” he said going to the closet to grab his robe out of the closet.
    I grabbed my robe from the closet laying it next to Ophelia’s on the couch. We were graduating today and before to long I would be leaving to Yale School of Medicine. I didn’t know how I could just up and leave my family here. I didn’t know how I could leave Ophelia here with the kids and my parents. I didn’t want to leave, but I knew that if I wanted us to have a great future I needed to. I would be gone for a long time, but I would be very sure to come back and visit as often as I could. I was going to miss them so much. I looked at Ophelia. She was standing by the cribs looking down at our twins. I knew she was thinking about it too. We were both going to be going to college. She would be going to the nearby community college, which would make it easier for her to see the kids. I was glad my mother had finally gotten to like her. It would make everything so much easier when I’m gone. I smiled looking up at the clock. The time was growing near now and it would probably be best to get the kids all dressed. I walked over to Ophelia kissing her lightly on the cheek. “It’ll be okay” I whispered lightly into her ear picking up Emery. He sighed heavily before opening it big brown eyes. He was so cute. He looked just like his mother. He had her small cute smile and her eyes. He even had her eyes. Ophelia picked up Eliza, although unlike her brother she stayed asleep. She chuckled. “She’s like you when she sleeps.” she stuck her tongue out at me. “The one who will not wake.” I chuckled shaking my head and laying Emery down on the bed. She laid Eliza next to him and going to pick out there clothes. She picked a light pink dress for Eliza and tan pants with a button up shirt for Emery. She dressed Eliza in no time putting a white flower headband on her head. In the time it took her to get Eliza completely ready I had just got Emery dressed. Needless to say I was horrible at dressing the kids. I was so slow. Of course I just said I didn’t want to hurt them, which I didn’t. After I finally finished dressing Emery Ophelia and I put our robes on. She looked so beautiful in her golden robe. Golden robes were for the people with GPA’s of 3.5 and above. She’d worked hard to keep her 4.0 GPA and she deserved to wear that gold color, we both did. She grabbed her cap laying it perfectly on the top of her head. Her hair was straight and laying over her shoulders, shining brightly. I smiled without realizing it as my mom yelled up to us that it was time to go. Ophelia strapped Eliza in her carrier and started to carry her downstairs. I did the same and walked down the stairs to the front door. Ophelia was there waiting for me my parents standing with her. My mom ushered me over to Ophelia and snapped a few pictures of just us then us with the kids. I couldn’t remember the last time my mom had been so happy. It made me happy to see her that happy. We picked up the kids and went out to the car placing them in the base. We had them placed where there was a spot in the middle of them for someone to sit. In other words a place for Ophelia to sit. I sat in the very back right behind her. Before I knew it we were on our way, to walk across that stage, and start our college lives.
    We soon reached the auditorium and there were blue and golden robes everywhere. I looked over at each of my babies. They were both awake now and smiling. Their smiles calmed my nerves a bit as Logan hopped out grabbing Emery. I hopped out the opposite way and grabbed Eliza. I was surprised at the fact I could carry the carrier as well as I could. We started to walk to the auditorium his parents followed behind us. We were soon surrounded by a few of our friends wanting to see the baby. Nobody but Amy had seen the twins since they were born. They were all smiling telling us how cute they were. Of course we already knew that, no one had to convince us of that. His parents soon walked up behind us, telling us that is was time for us to get ready. They grabbed the kids and began to walk to their designated seats in the front. Our friends were so happy and began to talk about where they were going and what they planned to do. It was an amazing feeling to just be here. I’d known these people for most of my life, some longer than others and now we were graduating. We were all grown-up now. We were adults. It wasn’t until I pulled my hand up to pull my hair to one side that they saw the ring. It had caught the sun light and sparkled brightly. The guys began to smile and pat Logan on the shoulder as the girls squealed and hugged me. You’d think they’d never seen an engaged couple before. I just smiled and told them how he had asked me. They all aww’d with happiness as the teachers came out and ushered us into the auditorium. We all sat down like we had practiced twice already. Even though I wasn’t married to Logan yet they had placed me next to him. I didn’t know why they wanted to sit me by him, but I wasn’t complaining. I looked over to where all the parents were seated and saw that Mayra was holding Emery in her lap and my mother was holding Eliza. I hadn’t seen my parents arrive, but there they were, sitting right next to Logan’s parents.
    Before to long the ceremony began. I smiled looking over to Ophelia as a slide show began and a song started to play. It had pictures of our great times as seniors. We all laughed and some cried. A picture of me and Ophelia flashed across the screen. I had my hand placed on her stomach. This picture had been taken not to long after she left school to have the twins. Everyone aww’d and I smiled. More pictures flashed across the screen and started to turn into pictures from our previous years. So many memories in this slide show. It was amazing how much each of us had grown. I smiled as the slide show ended and grabbed Ophelia’s hand. The valedictorian, Thomas Green, walked up on the stage to begin his speech. “Welcome parents, faculty, family, students to the Class of 2009 senior graduation. We’ve grown a lot since we were the nervous awkward freshmen that we were. We are now the intelligent and proud adults you see before you. We worked hard, we stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to pass exams to strive to be the greatest. Some who had unexpected surprises still wear gold today.” I saw Thomas smile and glance at me and Ophelia. “Greatness. I don’t believe that greatness is something just happens to you. Whether your parents were Ivy league, your brother a star quarter back, or your sister a famous actress. I believe greatness is achieved. Through hard work and dedication. I believe anyone can achieve greatness and that is what we have done. We have achieved greatness. We have made it. We will be great. We will change this world for the best. We have made it this far and now we can do anything. We are unstoppable. Carpe diem” he smiled grabbing his papers and returning to his seat. I smiled knowing that we were about to get our diplomas. The superintendent went up to the microphone. “Thank you Thomas Green for that wonderful speech. Parents you should be proud. These are some great kids here. Let’s get started. Chantell Adams...” he began to call the names of the graduates. The screams and shouts started as one by one they crossed stage. As Ophelia and I got in line it became more nerve racking for me. After a few minutes Ophelia and I were next. “Logan Flemings...” he said and I let go of Ophelia’s hand and walked across the stage. As I started to leave he caught my arm nodding his head towards Ophelia. I looked at her as the spot light hit her; she was so beautiful. “Ms. Soon to be Ophelia Flemings...” he said. I chuckled as Ophelia made her way across the stage taking her diploma. She placed her hand on my tassel and I placed mine on hers and we moved them to the left side. I smiled pulling her close. “And right down here on the first row are their beautiful twins Emery and Eliza.” I smiled to Ophelia as everyone began to cheer and we exited the stage together. We took a couple more pictures before returning to our seats. We had done it. We had done it.

© 2011 Frankie Nguyen

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YAY!!! haha i love this book.. im so ready to read more... haha Carpe Diem(6th hour english) AMAZING!!! :D

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