Chapter 5 and a half: Baby Shower

Chapter 5 and a half: Baby Shower

A Chapter by Frankie Nguyen

“A baby is a blank check made payable to the human race.” -Barbara Christine Seifert


The next day Logan woke me up early. He gave me a light kiss handing my pajamas. I chuckled slipping my clothes back on. He was already dressed. He hopped back into bed with me and wrapped his arms around me. “Didn’t want my parents to walk in and see us with no clothes on.” I heard him whisper in my ear. I had to agree. I heard footsteps and we both started to fake sleep. A few minutes later his mother walked in. “Logan it’s time to get u"Ophelia?” I tried my best not to laugh as we rolled over. “Oh hey mom.” Logan smiled. “Yeah Ophelia spent the night her parents were out of it last night.” His mother nodded. “Well I wanted it to be a surprise, but looks like there’s no surprising Ophelia.” I looked and saw her smile. It looked like it pained her to smile. “There is a baby shower downstairs waiting for Ophelia. Which means Logan has to leave.” Mayra, his mother, said. Logan sighed getting up. “Fine.” I looked at him and frowned. I did not like the idea of being stuck here in this house with his mother and people I didn’t know. It didn’t sound fun. “How long is this going to last?” he asked his mother. He read my mind. I wanted to know how long I’d be in hell. “Oh only about two hours.” Mayra said with a smile. “Fine,” he said putting on his shoes. He walked back over to me giving me a kiss. I gave him a pleading look mouthing ‘don’t leave me’. “Sorry babe,” he whispered in my ear. He walked out leaving me in his room with his mother standing in the doorway. After I heard the front door shut his mother looked at me. “Now don’t be rude darling get down the stairs to the party.” I sighed getting up and walking downstairs. Once I got downstairs I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was so much stuff. Presents lining the living room and stacked up on one another. There were so many people that I didn’t even know. They all turned to me smiling and all started talking at once. Mayra came down the stairs and rushed them away from me. They all started talking and I went and sat on the couch. I didn’t know why I was even here. Sure I had the kids in my stomach but I didn’t know any of these people. I thought a baby shower was about being around people you knew. My guess was that Mayra had a different idea of a baby shower. After about an hour of doing absolutely nothing Mayra turned to me telling me to open my gifts. I started to open my presents as they all continued to talk. All in all I got baby clothes, coupons, a humidifier, toys, blankets, towels, a crib big enough for twins, two baby carriers, and a twin stroller. Soon Logan came walking back through the door. “You’re not suppose to be here!” some of the ladies yelled. “Not to be rude my home, my girlfriend, my kids, to bad,” he said walking over to me and giving me a kiss. He sat next to me and I laid my head on his shoulder. He looked at all our gifts and smile. “We need to get you moved in babe,” he smiled and I smiled nodding. “After the babies are born we will definitely do that.” I said kissing him lightly. I couldn’t wait to move in. “Well then let’s get this stuff up in the babies nursery. I smiled at him and nodded grabbing the bags of clothes. He carried the crib up to the room. The nursery and his room were connected so it would make tending to them easier. We made several trips back downstairs to get stuff. On our last trip downstairs they were still downstairs talking about the twins. It was awfully annoying, but I managed to ignore them. We went back upstairs and started to work on the nursery. About two and a half hours later we were done. It looked great. I smiled, as did Logan. We went back down stairs as everyone was leaving. “Finally.” I said with a smile. Peace and quiet. Only three months to go and they’d be here. I really couldn’t wait.

© 2011 Frankie Nguyen

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Added on January 19, 2011
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