Chapter 3 : Doctor, Doctor

Chapter 3 : Doctor, Doctor

A Chapter by Frankie Nguyen

“Doctor, doctor, I'm hurting all over, from my head, down to my toes.” -Amy Can Flyy “Doctor Doctor”


I woke up the next morning the sun shining brightly through my window. It hit my face it’s warm heat comforting. I groaned rolling over and checking the time. I was exactly on time, which surprised me considering I was rarely on time. I sat up in my bed feeling a wave of nausea come over me. I sprinted to the bathroom vomiting whatever happened to be in my stomach from the day before. After a few minutes I finally got up flushing the toilet and immediately rinsing my mouth out. Nasty. Already morning sickness has started full blast. As soon as I was satisfied that my mouth was minty fresh I rushed back to my room to change into something nice but comfortable. I would eventually have to go and buy maternity clothes, which didn’t seem fun. With a sigh I looked in the mirror. That would be as good as it was getting for today. Walking to the kitchen my mother once again was singing around the house to her rap music. This time it was Drop the World by Lil Wayne. I rolled my eyes pouring myself a glass of orange juice before grabbing my bag and sneaking out of the house without her running and hugging me. I didn’t need her coming up and rubbing my stomach. I walked to my car hopping in and started to drive off. I was starting to get scared. How could I possibly bring a child into this world? How could I?


“Logan Fleming it is time for school. Your breakfast is on the table when you’re ready.” I heard my mother say. “Okay mom.” I replied hearing the tap of her pumps on the floor as she walked away. I shook my head getting up to take a quick shower. I really didn’t like the fact that my mother had made such a big deal about Ophelia being pregnant. Yeah it was a big deal, but she didn’t need to blow up the way she did. It was completely uncalled for. I still haven’t forgiven her for it honestly. Getting out of the shower I towel dried and then blew dry my hair before going out to my closet throwing on whatever my hands hit. Thankfully what I happened to touch looked great together. With a smile I walked out to the kitchen to eat. I reached the kitchen looking around. I was once again alone at the table to eat. I knew my mother was around though I could feel her snake like presence. “So how about that baby?” I heard my mother ask from behind me. I ignored her question sitting down to eat my breakfast, which consisted of bacon, eggs, and two waffles. As soon as I finished eating I put my plate in the sink walking by her and to the bathroom. I would not answer he baby related questions. Brushing my teeth I could help but think about what the baby would look like. I hoped it’d look just like Ophelia since she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in my entire life. With a smile I grabbed my keys and walked out the front door and to my car. I took a deep breath in; the air was cool and calming sort of relaxing. With that I hopped in my car and began to drive to school.



Reaching the school I parked in my regular spot and waited for my dear Logan to arrive. He soon arrived parking next to me like he always did. I hopped out of my car grabbing my bag and locking the doors behind me. He got out greeting me with a kiss. I smiled kissing him back. “Ooooo kissy kissy” my very best friend Amy said walking over to us. I smiled hugged her. “So when are you going to the doctor Ophelia?” she asked me. I shrugged looking to Logan. Logan smiled. “Today after school” he said rubbing my stomach. I could tell he was excited it was written all over his face. We all talked for maybe around five minutes before we had to go inside and begin school. We said our goodbyes and parted ways to start our boring days at school. Many lessons and tests later school was over. I met Amy out in the front. She greeted me with a tight hug and smiled at me. “Are you nervous?” she asked me. “Yeah I just don’t know what it’s going to be. It’s pretty nerve racking,” I said putting my hand on my growing stomach. Logan soon reached us smiling. “Ready to go” he asked me kissing my cheek. I nodded saying goodbye to Amy. “Better call me first thing after you know,” she said with a smile. I nodded and headed to my car. I began to drive home Logan following me. I reached my house in no time getting out and dropping my bag inside. My mother and father were nowhere in site so I left. I hopped in the passenger side door of Logan’s car and we started the drive to the doctors’ office. We talked about names and our baby what we thought it’d look like among other things. In no time we reached the doctors office. We walked inside hand in hand. He checked me in going to sit by me. “It shouldn’t be to long,” he said with a smile. I watched as he grabbed a nearby baby magazine and started to flip through it. Everything that was needed to care for a child was listed in the magazine. It was a lot I knew that, but we could do it I knew that too. Soon a nurse came and called me to the back. Logan grabbed my hand as we walked back to our room. I knew he could tell I was nervous. He gave me a reassuring kiss as the doctor came in. Logan did most of the talking considering I was too nervous to speak. The doctor smiled at me pulling my shirt up to reveal my stomach. He put the gel on my stomach and began the ultrasound. In seconds he was pointing telling us each little thing. Logan and I were smiling happily to each other we looked to the screen as shock crept across our faces. “Is that” I stuttered. “No way” I heard Logan say. The doctor laughed. “Yes that is twins,” the doctor said. I couldn’t tear my eyes from the screen as he began to print pictures of the ultrasound. “What are they” I asked in a soft voice. He smiled looking at the screen pointing to the little bodies. “That right there is a girl and this one over here is a boy,” he said with a smile. I couldn’t believe it twins. We were going to have twins. I didn’t know what to do but stare. Words wouldn’t come to my lips. I looked to Logan who was also staring at the screen in a sort of awe. I smiled at him as he looked down to me. “Twins,” he said with a smile and kissing me lightly. The doctor chuckled and began to ask us about names as he took the gel off my stomach. I looked to Logan. “We haven’t really thought about it.” I heard him say. The doctor chuckled, “Well you should start thinking because, before you know it it’ll be over and you’ll have two bundles of joy crying for you.” The doctor left a few minutes later to go get a few papers for us. As the door closed I looked to Logan. “I can’t believe it. We need to think of names like no joke.” I said with a smile. “You need to call Amy,” he said with a chuckle. I nodded taking my phone from my pocket. I dialed her number that I knew by heart and waited for her to pick up. It only took one and a half rings to answer. “Spill,” she said. I could tell her was excited it was clear in her voice. “I’m having twins Amy,” I told her in a calm tone. She screamed at the top of her lungs and I had to pull the phone from my ear. I started to laugh, as did Logan. As the screamed quieted I put the phone back to my ear. “What are they what are they!” she said happily. “It’s a boy and a girl,” I told her hearing her begin to squeal again. “Have you thought of names yet?” she asked me. I shook my head even though I knew she couldn’t see me. “Not yet,” I told her. “But, we’re thinking about it now.” I smiled up to Logan who gave me another kiss. She squealed once more telling me that she couldn’t wait to see me again and that she’d call me later. We said our goodbyes and I put my phone back in my pocket. Soon the doctor returned with a few papers. The doctor was a tall slender man who was about twenty-eight. His name was Samuel Winters and he was a very kind man. He handed me a paper that had a list of good things too eat while pregnant and a list of do’s and don’ts. I started to read the list as the doctor started to talk to Logan about recent recalled baby items, what the best brands were, and where to find the cheapest stuff. A few minutes later they were able to leave. They were so excited about the news. The doctor had said before she left that she needed to gain a lot more weight if she wanted healthy children. She knew she had to. She was showing but not greatly. She hid it with oversized hoodies and shirts, but now there was no hiding it. She was proud and proud soon to be mother. Logan then started to pay for the appointment.



I couldn’t believe it. I was going to be a father of two beautiful twins. A boy and a girl and they still had no names. The doctor had told him of a local baby store. He said it was the best in town so that’s where he planned on going. He had also said that Ophelia needed to gain as much weight as possible. He knew that too. He didn’t know how much Ophelia ate when he wasn’t around. He looked to Ophelia seeing her actually showing and not trying to hide it was great. He went up to the counter when it was finally his turn paying for her appointment, smiling to the receptionist. “Twins,” he said to her with a smile. She smiled back at him congratulating him. He smiled turning around and grabbing Ophelia’s hand and walking her out to the car.




I smiled at Logan as we got in the car and he smiled back. “Where to?” I asked him. I didn’t know where we would be going. We could go to his house, my house, Amy’s house, or the store. We had a lot of options to pick from. He smiled at me. “I think we should go to the store and I would love if you would move in with me. Now before you go freaking out, I know it’s hard to deal with my parents, but I want you to be with me. It would be great. Me, you and the baby just a happy little family. It’d be great. He smiled at me and I knew I couldn’t say no. I smiled at him kissing him lightly. “I would be happy to move in with you,” I said leaning back in the car seat. “Well to the store.” I said with a chuckle as he began to drive to the best baby store in town. We reached the store in around fifteen minutes. We parked in the “expecting mothers” parking spot. He got out helping me out of the car. “Time to shop,” she said as the walked into the store. We spent around two hours in the store. We put two cribs, a double stroller, two baby carriers, toys and more on layaway. We had three more months and we could get them then. We walked back to the car hopping in and started to his house. We were going to tell his parents first then mine. It would be better to get the difficult parents done first.

© 2011 Frankie Nguyen

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Oh my god! Twins! shes ssssooooo lucky! Great chapter write moree:)

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