Character's List

Character's List

A Chapter by Frankie Nguyen

Could contain spoilers if you haven't read through chapter 3

Main Roles

Ophelia Akira Young is a seventeen year old high school senior. She has brown eyes and is roughly about five foot three. She’s about one hundred twenty pounds normally, she has high cheekbones, and long brown hair that hit’s her just above the buttocks. She’s lean and has medium full lips with a cute little nose to go with it all. She’s not rich and has never been rich. She plans to go to college but can only go with her cheer leading scholarship. She would love to become a doctor, but would have to work hard to get there. She has to go to community college until she can get the money to go somewhere else. She’s a musician who plays drums and the guitar. She works part time at Starbucks and has been saving up her money for sometime now. She is a happy go lucky person who mostly looks to the good part of things. She has been with her boyfriend Logan for five years now and could never stop loving him, but on top of all of this that makes her Ophelia she’s six months pregnant. Though no one has even noticed. She takes pregnancy test after pregnancy test hoping for a different outcome even though she’s showing. She wears giant hoodies and people have knocked it off to her just gaining weight. Now they’ll finally know she’s pregnant.

Logan Kade Fleming is a seventeen year old high school senior. He has brown eyes with clean-cut hair. He’s about six foot one and weighs roughly one hundred eighty pounds. He’s semi muscular with a soft baby face. His face is almost perfectly proportioned with his body. He keeps his mind on his mind on finishing school and going to college, along with his part time job as a detail artist for cars. He was born into money and will always live in money. He plans to go to Yale School of Medicine. He isn’t much for instruments, although he can plan the guitar. He was a straight A student who knows what he wants in life. He’s completely in love with his girlfriend Ophelia and would go to the ends of the earth for her. His parents however don’t approve of her. They want him to date a girl that would go to the same college, a girl that has a bright future ahead of her and with rich parents. He could care less what they think. All he knows is he’s in love with this girl. Now how will he take it once he finds out she’s pregnant?


Amy Kurex is a seventeen year old high school senior. She’s bubbly and fun and also Ophelia and Logan’s closest friend. She is easy to talk to and can keep any secret. She lives alone with her older brother Sebby who is twenty-one in a two-bedroom apartment just down the road from the school. Amy’s parents left her and Sebby when Sebby was nineteen and Amy was fifteen. They don’t let it bother them. Amy is super smart and plans to go to Harvard Law and become a lawyer.

Sarah and Mark Young, who are thirty-four, were high school sweethearts and very in love. They were crazy kids all about drugs, sex, and rock and roll. They were always somewhere on the school property smoking and do what they did best. They soon entered the twenty-first century and had a daughter Ophelia. Sarah Young went from rock and roll love to R&B/Rap lover. Mark Young stayed roughly the same minus the drugs. Even though they are still madly in love they still have their problems. They even act like teenagers still sometimes. Sarah Young was about five foot five and one hundred forty pounds. She had long jet-black hair that hit her mid back. She was lean with deep brown eyes medium full lips and semi-pointed nose. Mark Young was around six-foot even medium build with a nose that went with his face. He has a chiseled face and brown hair that went over his ears. He would occasionally dye his hair black. He had medium full lips and was around one hundred and ninety-six pounds.

Mayra and Tom Fleming, who are now fifty, were college friends. As they went through college they got closer as the months went on. They had casual coffee dates and strolls in parks. They were very high on ethics and never once slept together until they were married. They both had great careers. Tom Fleming was a surgeon and Mayra Fleming was an Anesthesiologist. They had three kids together, but only one still lives with them. Their oldest child is Brennan David Fleming, twenty-six, who is a psychiatrist. Their middle child is Clarissa Anne Fleming, twenty-four, who is an orthodontist. Their youngest is seventeen-year-old Logan Kade Fleming. Mayra Fleming is five foot six, about one hundred and thirty pounds, and stuck on expensive high-end things. She doesn’t like anyone that can’t match her. She has a bleach blonde bob and a pointed nose, she has had plenty of work done of which include: b**b job, nose job, cheek work, and a few lifts and tucks. Tom Fleming is six foot six with clean-cut brown hair, and a full face. He spends most of his time on the couch reading the paper. He’s a quiet man who keeps to him self for the most part.

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Author's Note

Frankie Nguyen
if you'd like to help with details just ask (:

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