What's Wrong?

What's Wrong?

A Chapter by *Evelen*

I moved around and could feel a soft cushion from underneath me. I slowly opened my eyes to a bright open room that had white walls and gold trimming. It was completely empty besides the cloud like bed I was on.

          I slowly sat up confused with the lack of memory. I felt like I was missing something.

          “Evelen?” I heard the same voice from the time before.

          I turned my head to find a tall porcelain skinned male with long light blonde hair that flowed around him and past his waist. His light purple eyes locked on me , and his lips turned into a smile showing his fangs. I looked behind him and there toward white massive wings.

          He quickly walked up to the side of my bed. “How was your sleep Evelen?” he whispered as he leaned his face close to mine and pressed his lips to my forehead.

          I was Evelen? Who was he? “Who are you?” I asked in puzzlement. He seemed so familiar yet nothing came to mind.

          “I’m Malrik.” He answered as he bowed towards me.

          “And who am I?” I whispered as I leaned closer towards him in curiosity.

          He slowly stood straight back up with a smile. “You’re my Evelen, an Arnel who is one of the finest.” He answered while gently holding my hand in between his.

          I looked at the hands that wrapped softly around mine in confusion. “Why don’t I remember anything?” I whispered as my eyes remained glued to our hands.

          “You were in a mission and a demon tried to kill you. Luckily it only resulted in a concussion.” He answered with relief filling his features. He kissed my hand softly. “I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost you.” He admitted. His light purple eyes stared into mine in awe. “My beautiful Evelen.” He whispered as his lips brushed against my forehead.

          I looked up at him in confusion. “Something feels wrong…” I barely whispered. I stared into his eyes trying to find an answer to my question. Why did I feel so sad- as if I had lost something important?

© 2011 *Evelen*

Author's Note

Thank you for reading.

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Added on December 27, 2010
Last Updated on January 6, 2011



In my own little world

Well I just turned 17! Yays so I thought to update I suppose. My writing usually in some way reflects on what I'm going through or went through. Even if fiction it has something in it that I have lear.. more..

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