Riklam's Mission

Riklam's Mission

A Chapter by *Evelen*

“MMM HMMM…” the old man cleared his throat and all heads turned in his direction. His eyes opened slightly and he stared at me. “Evelen we have a mission for you.” He began to assign me.    

“No-no-no.” Malrik interrupted. “You can’t give her a mission right now. She just a woke.” He disagreed with his decision. His head turned to me, and his eyes ran a crossed my features in worry.

          The old man’s eyes flickered over to Malrik in disgust. “You have say in this matter.” He hissed. His eyes turned to slits. “You should be happy with what I allowed you to have.” His words reminded Malrik sharply. His eyes snapped back at me, and Malrik stood quietly by my side.

          I stared up at the man confused. Who was he? Kire leaned close to me. “That’s Riklam. He’s the head arnel.” He informed me in a soft whisper that I could barely hear.

          “Hemm.” The old man gruffled. “Your mission is to stop a demon from killing Isabella. Isabella is one of our new angels and she doesn’t know the dangers yet.” He explained to me. “Malrik and Kire will help you.” He also assigned them. Kire nodded with a little smile, and Malriks’ hand was placed back on my shoulder. I looked up at his purple eyes. they were glued to me and I could feel his fierce stare pierce me. He wanted to protect me. I could feel it.  

© 2011 *Evelen*

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Hope you like:)

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Added on January 5, 2011
Last Updated on January 5, 2011



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