Class of 1996

Class of 1996

A Chapter by Jennifer

Diploma is just of piece of paper.


    In Ghost World, the main characters rip off their cap and gown and stomp on it and flip their school the bird. I admired that movie because I shared the same sentiment. After attending Borah High School, I realized that I wasted my time.

     Sometimes I wish I was aware of other schools in Boise. Borah High School treated me with disrespect. Borah High School treated my brother with disrespect.

     After rehearsing graduation, I wept because I wish I would have dropped out when I had the chance. All my time and effort at Emmett High School went down the drain at Borah High School. I hated that school. I wished bad things on Borah High.

     If bad things happened, that was what the school wanted. I did not want them to win by giving them what they wanted. I wished death on them because they did nothing, but wish death on me. They got away with manipulating me into saying what they wanted to say. I ended up with a hospital bill that could have been prevented.

     I think it was a year after I graduated, the shootings at Columbine occured. I was never aware of school shootings other than the ones located near gangs. That was what I believed anyway. Sadly, when Columbine happened, I was not surprised.

     I offended someone who was a teacher in Boise. What little she knew the hardship I endured. Every time a school shooting happened, the negative thought rolled in. "What did they do to cause this?" Who committs such a horrific act and not feel concern about the guilty feeling afterword? Why is such violence happening?

     I do not believe that anything justfies any, and I mean any, type of violence on school grounds. This is the future in our hands. The school is supposedly a safe haven. Why are we permitting bullying? Why are we permitting teachers to treat students horribly? Why are we medicating students? Nobody is going to school to learn.

     I barely remember school or everyone I went to school with because they were using me as a science project. I feel hate toward school because I was mistreated. I did not learn anything except for bad behaviour. I do not get along with anyone nor do I understand how to interact with people.

     After the shootings at Sandy Hook, people are still looking for answers? The first shooting in America occured in the 70's. Many shootings happened since then. There is so much to say about that.

     First of all, I doubt it has anything to do with disability. Perhaps he did have a mental condition that was not being addressed accordingly. Wouldn't that make me dangerous? I'm not dangerous and I was labelled with a mental condition. All I can say is, hogwash.

    Secondly, people are blaming it on the fact that God is not allowed in school. That shows how educated we are. This country fought to add religion in school and then fought to remove it. Why is that? Freedom of religion? Not everyone has the same faith. Again, I call fallacy. The articles about including religion in school I read were printed in the 1930's. First American school shooting: 1970's. Think about it.

     Thirdly, people are blaming media. We have a long history of violence in the country and world. Instead of creating a smoke screen, we need to be educating others. Educate others about violence in school. History repeats itself because of ignorance.

     What has been shocking me is the footage of the shootings. It makes me wonder how these tragedies could have been prevented. They could have been. There is footage of the shooters being bullied. You cannot convince me that they were not. That should tell you something right there.

     Another depressing event is suicide. People are posting videos online of fights, beatings, and exposing other students. Students continue to bully others and yet nothing is done. Since it is way worse, children are committing suicide. Why? It's not the end of the world because it is broadcasted to the world. If someone is assualting you, press charges on them for battery.

     What is wrong with society? People struggle to make sure you do not have an abortion, but do not have the time to help the new generation grow? The example we have set is hatred. We are teaching children that it is okay to harm others.

© 2013 Jennifer

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I hail from the small village of Emmett, Idaho. I currently live in Boise. I have been writing stories since the first grade and have randomly published stories in the Emmett Newspaper, some collectio.. more..

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