Arm Your Teachers Well

Arm Your Teachers Well

A Chapter by Jennifer

The reason not to give a teacher a gun.


     Ever since the shooting at the elementary school, the government has been pushing for gun laws. There are a few things I would like to mention as far as guns go.
     It is a fact that more people die in America from gun shot wounds than any other country. Banning guns will not end this. I know for a fact that people in one way or another possess a gun. Adam Lanza stole the guns from his mother. My step brother stole guns from other people. Another person who lived in my father’s home stole weapons. This individual murdered another man in the 80�™s and was miraculously out of prison. It does not matter how many mandates exist. It will not stop people from stealing weapons.
     The most ridiculous idea I have heard by far was to arm teachers with weapons. Why? Why in God’s name would you even give a teacher a gun? It is bad enough they try to play doctor simply because they have a degree. I cannot trust a teacher with a ten foot pole. A good teacher is rare, but the bad teachers…people, the bad teachers are transferred to another school.
     There are teachers who exist who have sex with their students. If we permit pedophiles to work where your child goes to learn, why should we give them a gun? If a teacher cannot use common sense to not have sex with a student, this would be an indicator that a teacher would not use common sense with a gun in his or her hands.
If this doesn’t cause concern, people should consider the fact that schools have not reprimanded those who turn out to be sexual predators. “The GAO found that in many cases, school officials allow teachers to resign rather than face disciplinary action, and often provide positive references sexual predators who work at their school” (Cloherty, 2010). Sexual predators strike again and they generally get a job where there are children such as a school. Many sexual predators are dangerous and could rape and kill the students.
     The other problem is that most teachers do not have self control and treat his or her students how they please. My teacher Mrs. Slagle was verbally and physically abusive. The principle stated verbatim that a teacher can treat their students like they do their own children. This means if there is child abuse, the teacher can abuse your child and get away with it.
     A man placed a recording device on his son who has autism. His son had been acting out and he wanted to know why. Much to his horror, the teacher was making derogatory statements. This is not the only incident of teachers abusing students. This was happening when I was going to school. In fact, teachers at Butte View Elementary encouraged bullying.
     If you look up teachers abusing autistic children, the results are staggering. Most reports mention teachers physically and mentally abusing these students. “Others aren’t so sure. They say special-education programs in many communities may lack the support and expertise needed to benefit children with disabilities” (Walsh & Dunn, 2012). Why should there be training to treat students like human beings?
     Teachers shouldn’t be teaching negative behavior. They have been known to do it. I had a history teacher at Borah that was teaching students to be racist. He was laughing at an African American who was being beat up during a riot. Not to mention, the teachers at Borah do not stop students from making derogatory remarks about people from other towns. I cannot tell you how many times I heard students talking about bestiality in Nampa and inbreeding in Emmett.
     Because of the evidence and personal experience of teachers who abuse students, I do not want teachers to have guns. Until teachers can behave in a positive manner, I believe that they are not mature enough to possess a gun. Giving a gun to a teacher is like giving a gun to a person with a violent criminal record. Obviously, banning guns is not the answer. Making poor decisions is definitely not the answer, either.





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© 2013 Jennifer

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