Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Amy Baker

Part 1: Katie

Ever since Zach ‘came back from the dead’, I haven’t spent a minute away from him. Zach also hasn’t wanted to leave my side since he came back. We both know that Matilta, Luke, and Jake are still out there and they still want Zach dead. We also know that we can’t let them control our lives forever. This is precisely the reason that I told Zach about a month after he came back that we should move back home and away from my mother. He wasn’t too thrilled with the idea though.


“Why don’t we just stay here. We’ve been pretty safe and haven’t had to deal with any vampire business while we’ve been here.”


The truth is my mom and I don’t get along so well and even though she may seem nice she is completely annoying. Plus, since Zach came back, she hasn’t let it go. She has been trying to figure out how in the world he could escape the building so fast and no one know about it. “Zach, haven’t we learned that it’s not safe anywhere we go besides with each other?” I understood why he didn’t want to go back home but there is nowhere that is safe unless it’s with each other.


He nodded. He knew I was right but he wouldn’t say it out loud. Even though he’s a hot vampire, he can still be an irritating man sometimes.


We finally got to my house and something didn’t feel right. All the cars were in the drive way, but the door was busted open like someone tried to break in. I kept looking around and I didn’t see any other evidence of a break in. I walked into the house and there were no signs of a struggle or anything. Everything seemed to be in perfect condition like it always was. “Dad! Kathy! James! Nick!” There was no answer. I was totally expecting James or Nick to come down and start tormenting me considering they haven’t done so in a month.  But no one came down.


“Katie, what’s wrong?” Zach came in with my suitcase and could tell, like always, that I was confused and starting to worry.


“All the cars are in the drive way but the door was busted open and no one is answering when I call them.”


Zach didn’t say anything. He just kept looking upstairs. I knew that vampires had better hearing than humans. I didn’t really get to see it in action though. He started to walk upstairs. I started to follow him. He stopped me. “Katie, if there is someone up there, they will hear you. They won’t be able to hear me. I will be right back down I promise.” I sighed. He kissed my forehead and then started to head upstairs without me. I knew he was right but I didn’t want to leave his side. Not since the last time when I thought that he died in a building explosion.


I waited down in the living room and I couldn’t keep thinking that they had heard him come upstairs. I mean if they are vampires, they can hear from rooms away so maybe they heard us come in. It felt like an eternity until he came back downstairs. He seemed in a hurry, like whatever was upstairs had him worried. “Katie, you have to go. It’s Luke, Matilta, and someone else I don’t recognize. They have your family tied up in your room and they are waiting for you.”


“What? No! I’m not just going to leave and not have you come with me. Not after what happened last time.” Again. I was probably over reacting, but can you blame me? Last time I left an area without him, I thought that he had died in and explosion. I’m not going to let that happen to me again.


“Katie, I understand but I’m going to stay down here until Trent and Taylor come. I’m not going to face them on my own like last time. I promise.” He kissed my forehead. “I really need to you go to my place. You’ll be safer there.” I nodded and started to head out.


Now technically I don’t have my license but I do have my permit so I figured that was good enough. I took Zach’s car and drove it to his house. As I drove to Zach’s house, I kept flashing back to the day that the building exploded and I thought Zach was in it. I don’t ever want to have that feeling again. Before I knew it, I pulled up to Zach’s house and Taylor and Trent were coming out and heading to my house. “Katie, I was given strict orders to make sure you went directly inside the house without fighting us.” Trent said.


“Trent, what if they already found out he was there? What if they have him already?”


“Katie, he’s been texting me every like 2 minutes so I know that they haven’t found him. Don’t worry we won’t let anything else happen to our little brother.” With that, they got in the red mustang and drove off. They were probably speeding down the road but I’d rather them break street laws then get there too late and Zach be in trouble.


I was waiting with Sammy and Tyler in the living room. Zach’s parents were out working or something. This was agonizing torture. Every minute seemed like an hour and every hour seemed like a day. It took about five hours but then the front door slammed open. Trent and Taylor came through the door with Zach slung over Trent’s shoulder. I jumped up and got out of the way. Zach had blood stains all over the stomach of his t-shirt. He was also unconscious. Trent laid him down on the couch.


“Taylor go get the blood out of the fridge and warm it up.” Trent said.


“What the hell happened?!?” I asked. Everything what just going on so fast that I couldn’t fully process the fact that Zach was hurt.


“We fought off Luke and Matilta with no problem but there was a vampire there that none of us knew and she broke off a leg of your bed and jammed it into Zach. Thank God it didn’t hit the heart but he’s lost lots of blood.” Trent explained.


Taylor came back into the living room with a cup filled with thick, red liquid and handed it to Trent. Obviously, it was blood. Just then Zach’s parents came through the door. They stood there in shock trying to take in everything that they were seeing in the living room. “What on Earth is going on here?!?” Zach’s dad asked.


Taylor was the one to explain. “Luke and Matilta were at Katie’s house and kidnaped her family. There was another vampire though that we don’t know and she took a part of Katie’s bed and drove it into Zach.”


“Please don’t tell me that your bed is made up of wood, Katie.” Zach’s mom said with her hand on her forehead.


“Unfortunately it is.” I said back. Almost too afraid to say anything.


“Trent, please tell me nothing went into Zach’s heart.” Zach’s dad went on to say. I could see the worried look on both of their faces.


“Fortunately no. Nothing went into his heart. He just has lost a lot of blood and you know him.” I wondered what that meant but I didn’t think that now was the time to ask what it meant.


Zach’s dad sighed. “Okay. Is Katie’s family okay?”


“Yes. I compelled them so they don’t know anything happened.” A vampire can compel humans to think anything that they tell them to think. Zach doesn’t like using it because he feels that it’s taking away a human’s free will. Trent only uses it when he needs to. I think that it’s kinda cool that they can control humans to do what they want.


“Okay. Please get Zach back to consciousness so I can ground him.” His dad said.


“Sure thing Dad.” Trent grinned a little bit. But I could see it in his eyes that he was worried. When Trent was worried, we all should be worried.


Zach’s mom turned and looked at me. “You probably will want to leave. Until Zach gets his strength up, he has a terrible blood lust problem. I know that he would never consciously hurt you but when he’s on one of his blood lust problems he doesn’t think consciously.”




“Katie, we will let you know when he’s ready to see you.” Trent assured me. I nodded. I know they were just trying to protect Zach and me but I still wanted to stay until he woke up. But I knew that I had to leave. So I did. 

© 2017 Amy Baker

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Amy Baker
Amy Baker

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