Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Amy Baker

Zach has been texting me when he’s awake. He’s says he’s getting better but it still sucks not being able to see him. He keeps telling me that it’s for my own protection because he doesn’t think that he would be able to control himself right now around me, but at this point I don’t care about my own protection. I want to go see and know for myself that he’s okay.


Taylor has been next to me at school to make sure that I stay safe. That was one of Zach’s request while he gets better. It is actually helping Taylor and I bond more. At first Taylor really didn’t like me, but I think now, we understand each other. The reason Zach wanted Taylor to make sure that I stay safe is because of the new vampire. Even though Zach thinks that this vampire is only after him. He doesn’t want to be too sure.


After school I went home and had all intentions of just going to my room and laying in my bed. But someone was waiting for me at the door. “Zach!” I ran up to him and gave him a hug.


“Hey Beautiful!” He winced when I went to hug him though.


“Did I hurt you?”


“No don’t worry. I’m just a little sore still. But you’re fine don’t worry.” I could tell that he missed me just as much as I missed him. We walked up to my room and laid on the bed.


He came over to me. “How was school?”


I laughed. “You’re really going to ask me about my school day right now?” I pulled him in and started kissing him. He laid down on the bed with me and we just continued to kiss.


He pulled away from me for just a minute. “Katie, we can’t.”


I gave him a confused look. “Why?” If he was here, wasn’t he better?


He just looked at me and shook his head. “Promise me. If I start to hurt you, you will make me stop.”


“I thought you were better though?”


“I am, but there are these feelings I get that I just need to feed. It takes a while for bloodlust to decrease. Last time it took me two decades.”


“Wait last time? This happened before.”


He sighed. “Yes. It happens any time I get seriously injured like I was the other day. It’s because of something that happened a while back.”


“And you’re not going to tell me what that something is are you?”


“There’s no need for you to be involved. You’re already involved too much.”


“Zach, I love you. That makes me involved with whatever is going on with you. Good or bad. Remember I volunteered for this.”


He smiled and kissed me. “We have to go.”


“Go where?”


“My parents want to sit down and try to figure out who this girl who attacked me was. I told them that you would want to come. They weren’t happy with it at first but I convinced them to let you come.” I nodded. We needed to know who the new threat was and why she was here. Was she here to hurt Zach? Or was she here to find me and kill me?


We got to Zach’s house and his family was already sitting around the coffee table waiting for us. They had a cup of blood waiting for Zach. I think they were all wondering how he would do with being alone with me for so long.


Trent gave Zach the blood and he chugged it down. I didn’t even realize that he was starving. Thinking he would have probably just ate before he came to see me and he wasn’t gone for that long. “You okay bro?” Trent asked.


Zach nodded. “Now, let’s figure out who this b***h is that tried to kill me.” Trent laughed. I enjoyed seeing them together. It was fun to know that siblings that weren’t even biological could be so close.


We sat down and Zach’s dad started to talk first. “Trent, Taylor, Zach did you recognize this girl at all in any way?”


They all shook their head. “She wasn’t anyone that I recognized.” Trent said. “She was already attacking when Taylor and I got there.”


“Zach, I know you may not remember a lot-“


“I remember everything Dad.” Zach interrupted. “She didn’t look familiar, but I definitely remember hearing her name or at least her last name before. Jenna Marcus.” Zach looked at his dad trying to figure out if he was thinking the same thing. There was a moment of silence. I think that Zach’s dad was shocked to hear that was the name of the girl who attacked Zach.


“Wait did you say Marcus?” Zach’s dad asked. He looked really concerned when Zach mentioned that name.


“Yea I was hoping you would tell me that she isn’t the daughter of who I think you’re about to say.” I wasn’t the only one confused. Zach’s mother and all of Zach’s siblings were just as confused as I was.


“Can we shed some light on the subject for those of us who don’t know what the hell you guys are talking about?” Taylor asked.


“Jenna Marcus is not just another vampire. She’s an original vampire. Her father is part of the Patron.” Everyone got dead silent. It was like they were told that they had a week to live and there was nothing they could do about it. I on the other hand had no clue what the Patron is.


“So you’re telling us that the daughter of a member of the Patron and an original vampire is here and we have no idea why?” Trent asked.


Zach’s dad sighed. “That, unfortunately, is exactly what I’m saying.”


This is where I asked “What’s an original vampire and what is the Patron?”


“An original vampire is the oldest vampire family in the world. They have powers that vampires don’t normally have. The Patron are the rulers of all vampires. They create the laws that vampires must live by.” Zach explained. He didn’t really look at me. He seemed more worried now than he did before he found out that Jenna was a daughter of a Patron member.


“Then wouldn’t the Patron be the good guys?”


“When it comes to Zach and anyone close to him, they’re not.” Trent added.


Zach could tell the confused look on my face and tried to explain. “Remember when I told you about that something that caused my bloodlust?” I nodded. “Well, that something was a time in my life that I don’t like to relive. I lost control and massacred hundreds of people. To punish me, the Patron chained me up and starved me for 10 years. When that happens, it’s really hard for a vampire to come back from that much starvation. It’s why I need to feed more than everyone else and why, when I’m seriously injured, the bloodlust comes back. And also there’s just someone in the Patron that I don’t get along with.”


“So what does she want?” Zach could tell that hearing his story with the Patron didn’t make me feel any better about the fact that I have to keep going to school without him.


“That’s what we have to find out.”   


© 2017 Amy Baker

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This is good. You have been able to draw us into the realm, where Zach has to worry about an original vampire who is alive and here. The vampire should not be alive. She wants Zach for some reason, '

Zach learns of her being here. Pursuing him. The Patrol was the vampire race who created the laws by which the vampires must live. The vampire seeks to control the other vampires.

Zach has a blood lust that must be satisified so he does not pose a threat to others in the community. Thanks to the attack by the Marcus. He is worried about his lust for blood. It could consume him and harm everyone he knows.

Could I ask of you to check out my story. It is "We have to find a Dragon's egg C!

Posted 8 Months Ago

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