Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Amy Baker

Since we don’t know what Jenna wants, we made a new rule that myself and Zach are not a loud to be alone until we find out what she wants. Therefore, Zach is being watched by Trent and I’m being protected by Taylor. She already has the same classes as me in school so it was easy to choose her to watch me at school while Zach is still recovering from his bloodlust.


On this boring day at school we had an assembly. It wasn’t one that was originally in the schedule but they still had it. Taylor met up with me and we sat down in the front of the auditorium. There was a girl on the stage that I didn’t know and she saw me and smiled. This smile wasn’t the “hi how are you” smile. It had an evil meaning behind it. Taylor froze and grabbed my arm when she saw the girl on stage. “Taylor, what’s wrong?”


She just looked at me and mouthed “Jenna.” I took a deep breath. This is the girl that almost killed Zach. I wasn’t going to show her that I was afraid of her. We don’t know what she wants and I’m not going to be the week one between the two of us. I pulled my phone out and I texted Taylor.




She got it and nodded. We sat down in the front row and acted like there was nothing wrong. I don’t know if she knew that we knew her or not. I wasn’t going to give it away though.


The principle came out on stage and everyone got silent. “Good morning everyone! Today I would like to introduce someone who has spent her life making people aware that not everything is as it seems. Jenna Marcus has traveled the world and studied the history of vampires around the globe. Today she is here to tell us more about these creatures.”


I was confused and what Jenna’s plan was here to talk to my school about vampires.  “Thank you. I am here to talk to you today about the preconceived notion that vampires are all bad. Today we think that vampires are these mythical creatures that don’t really exist. Well, I’m here to tell to that it’s a lie. They do exist. In fact, one of your classmates has been close with a vampire and his family this entire school year so would Katie Smith please come up to join me.”


I looked at Taylor. She shrugged. No one knew what she was planning on doing. Not only with me but with vampires in general. I then got a text.




It was Zach. I don’t know if I like the idea of him trying to fight her again. I sighed and stood up. I can’t be afraid of her. I walked up to the stage to meet her. Everyone in the school was whispering wondering what was going on. I walked up to her on the stage and she smiled and hugged me. The temperature of her skin was so cold that it made me flinch. “Everyone, please give a hand for Katie!”


No one clapped. I knew they wouldn’t. No one in this school likes me except for Sarah, Zach, and his siblings. “Okay, so Katie, how are you?” I only shrugged. I knew that if I would talk, my voice would shake and show how scared I actually am. “Okay well then. I brought you up here for you to talk about your experience with vampires.”


Just then I thought of something. I could beat her. I laughed. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Vampires don’t exist!”


“Then tell that to your boyfriend, Zach.”


I fake laughed even harder. “You think MY boyfriend is a vampire. I’m just curious Jenna how would you know if Zach WAS a vampire?”


She looked at me like I just made the wrong move. I know I was gambling with my life here but Zach’s whole family is around the perimeter. If she makes just one tiny move to hurt me. She isn’t going to be able to finish the move. Then she tried to look at me and compel me. “Tell everyone that your boyfriend is a vampire.”


“I’m not going to tell everyone that vampires exist when they don’t. That’s just the definition of insanity.” Everyone in the audience started to laugh. This is more than getting everyone to laugh though. This is to show her that she can’t break me. That she can’t break Zach and his family. I leaned in to whisper to Jenna. “Seriously? You didn’t think that I would be wearing vervain. You know better than that. What are you trying to accomplish here Jenna? No one believes you and even if I backed up your crazy theory, no one would believe me.”


“I will expose your boyfriend and his family and then they will have to leave town without you. Then, you will be all by yourself as the vulnerable human that you are.”


“Is that what you want? Me alone and vulnerable? Then you have it. I’m right in front of you vulnerable.”


“No you’re not. Your boyfriend’s family is all around me. Or do you want me to try and kill your boyfriend again. I hear he’s not the strongest right now.”


“Don’t you dare hurt him. You may be some original vampire with special powers but if you hurt him, I will drive a steak so deep in your heart that you won’t even feel it kill you.”


“Good luck with that!” Then out of nowhere she vanished. “Damnit!” I said. The bell rang to dismiss everyone and they went off to class.


Zach came up to me to make sure I was alright. “Are you okay?”


“No I’m not okay. I had one chance to find out what she wants and why she’s here and I blew it.”


“Katie, you didn’t blow it. You stopped her from not only exposing vampires as a whole but from exposing me and my family. I have never been more proud to call you may girlfriend.” He hugged me. Why did I feel like nothing was accomplished though? “Did she say anything about what she could have wanted?” Zach asked.


“She said something about getting you and your family out of town so I would be left here alone and vulnerable.”


“She want’s you alone and away from my family but why?”


“Why do any vampires that we run into want me alone away from your family?” He laughed. The sad thing was though that I was serious.



© 2017 Amy Baker

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