Chapter Three- Kai

Chapter Three- Kai

A Chapter by Brittanie Bardwell

Book Series: The Chosen of Hina Book Title: Hina's Tears Chapter: Three

Chapter Three
On Monday morning, Angel gave herself one last look in the mirror and smiled. Her school uniform was a black jacket with a white button-up shirt with a gray skirt that went right above her knees, a gray bow around the collar of her shirt, white socks, and, finally, flat black shoes.  She pulled her hair up into a beret and checked her watch. 
All right, despite what happened yesterday, I will go to school and do my best! 
She had considered telling her mom about what happened, but a part of her was afraid it would cause a big commotion and more trouble. She tried a few times to bring it up, but her mother seemed so happy to be back in Anicon that Angel couldn’t bring herself to ruin her happiness. 
She ran downstairs, grabbed her bag, shouted goodbye, and ran out the door. Her heart beat faster as she got closer to the station. The sky was cloudy with rays of sunlight coming through bringing in the chilly wind. 
 Angel got to the station, caught her breath, and looked at the many students that stood to wait for the train. Her eyes glanced at each of them slowly. 
I wonder if I will meet that boy again. I would like to thank him properly. 
She got through the gate and managed to get in the front as the train arrived. However, when the doors opened, and the people behind her pushed forward suddenly, she lost her balance, tripped, and began to fall backward. She closed her eyes and braced for impact. Her fall was cut short by a pair of arms wrapping around her. 
“I am so s…” she started as she turned and saw who had caught her. Immediately, her face went scarlet as the pair of dark eyes watched her. The boy was taller than her with messy black hair, a male version of her school uniform, and a smirk that accompanied a raised eyebrow. He had an aura of confidence as he looked down at her.  
“You're about to miss the train.” He stated with one hand pointing at the train. 
 “Oh no,” Angel turned and ran onto the train as the boy walked on casually. Angel glanced at him and felt her cheeks get warm. The boy reached up to grab a ring as the train began moving. “Um, thank you for catching me.” 
“You’re not from here.” It wasn’t a question, and Angel wasn’t sure how to reply to it. 
“I-I just moved here.” She whispered, and although all the students were talking in groups around them, the boy still laughed and leaned closer to her. 
“Welcome to Anicon. I’m Kai.” He smiled. 
He’s handsome, too! I hope I see him more.  
"Do you have a name or are you going to stand there gawking at me?" 
“I’m Angel.” She replied looking away from him. “Gawking?" “Yeah,” He imitated, laughed, and straightened up. “Well, there’s the school.” 
Angel looked out the window and saw the school coming into view. As the train slowed down to a stop and the doors opened, Angel followed Kai off of it and looked up at the stairs. A sudden flashback of the previous day’s incident came into her head. She took a gulp and shifted her bag on her shoulder. Her heart raced, her palms got sweaty, and she had to swallow the large lump that had formed in her throat.  
I can do this. 
“Coming?” Kai asked walking past her and starting up the stairs. Angel nodded and caught up to him. On the way, Kai pointed at the different buildings. 
“That’s the medical building. Over there are the classrooms, and the large building in front of us is the main building. Behind it are the auditorium, the school sports field, and the greenhouse.” They walked through the open gate and headed towards the main building. “Along with all the buildings, there are many different groups. Over there are the jocks and preps.” Angel followed his hand and saw the three boys from the day before. She gripped her bag tighter and looked away. “Those are the art students, the geeks, the musicians, and so on.” He said and glanced at her. 
“What group are you in?” Angel asked looking at him. 
“I’m not. I figured why should I be in a group to be something I’m not.” He shrugged as they walked into the main building. Angel gasped and stared at the architect around her. The walls were marble with artworks posted on the walls. A statue of a winged being was in the center of the main lobby. Angel blinked and looked at Kai. 
“I can’t believe how beautiful this place is. It doesn’t even feel like a school.” 
“It certainly is different than any other school. That’s why so many people pay to come here.” He laughed and pointed to a glass office. “That’s the central office. They will be able to guide you to what classes you are taking and where to go.”
“Oh, thanks.” Angel smiled and walked to the office. 
He isn’t bad. Maybe, we can even become friends. 
She entered the office and walked up to the front desk. A blond haired woman glanced up at her and smiled. “Can I help you?” 
“I-I’m new here. Angel Hawke.” 
“Oh right, Mr. Tohma has been expecting you. Come with me, please.” The woman stood up and walked over to a door in the back of the office. Angel followed, and the woman knocked. After a moment, the door opened, and a man stood there with a smile. 
Angel’s hands began to tremble as she looked into the eyes of Mr. Tohma. His eyes were like slits as they watched her, and it made her feel like she wanted to run. 
“Good morning Ms. Hawke. I’m Mr. Tohma. Please come inside.” He moved aside so she could walk past him into his office. After she had entered, he gestured at the seat and shut the door. 
She sat down and waited for him to take his seat behind the large oak desk. Her clenched her hands into tight fists to stop the trembling. 
“So Ms. Hawke, how do you like my school?” 
“It’s quite beautiful.” Angel gulped. 
Why does he make me so nervous? I have a sudden urge to run. “Good, Anicon Academy is the best school in the nation. We are happy to have you here with us. Now, I’m sure you want to get to your first class so let’s get started.” He opened a drawer and pulled out a folder. “Here is your class schedule and map of the school. Your mother already filled out all of the paperwork, so you are ready to go. My assistant, Ryo, will take you to your first class.” Mr. Tohma handed her two pieces of paper and looked past her. 
Angel turned and blinked as Ryo stepped out of the shadows without a word.
It’s the boy from before!
Ryo didn’t look at her but at Mr. Tohma.
“I’m done here. Ms. Hawke, Ryo will guide you to class 2-A.” “Thank you.” Angel stood up as Ryo opened the door. He started walking out as Angel caught up to him. “So, your name is Ryo? I’m Angel.” 
Ryo glanced at her for a moment before looking forward again. They walked down a corridor into the conjoining building. 
He’s mysterious, but mom always says not to judge people before I know them. 
“I wanted to thank you for yesterday properly. Is there a way I could make it up?” Angel asked as they stopped in front of a door. 
Ryo looked at her again and said three simple words. “Don’t trust anyone.” His voice was soft as he opened the classroom door. Angel blinked at him as her smile faded. 
“Ryo, what brings you here?” A man asked. 
Angel slowly walked in and looked around. 
“Oh, it’s a new student. Thanks, Ryo. I have it from here.” The man smiled at Angel. “I’m Mr. Rohan. Welcome to homeroom.” He was a slender man with brown hair pulled back into a low ponytail. His smile, eyes, and gesture were friendly. Angel sighed and smiled back slowly. 
When she looked back, Ryo had already left. She looked at the class and realized that everyone was staring at her. As her face grew warm, she saw, with relief, Kai sitting in the back corner watching her with a smile. 
  "Well, how about you tell us about yourself then we will continue with class.” Mr. Rohan stated as Angel walked to the front of the class. 
“M-my name is Angel Hawke. I just moved to Anicon a week ago, and I have never been to a real school before.” Her throat felt dry as Mr. Rohan walked to a shelf and grabbed a book.
“Here, you can use this until I order a new book. There’s a seat behind Kai that’s empty. Now, shall we return to class?” He handed her the book and went back to teaching as Angel walked through the desks and took her seat. 
 “Well, this worked out well,” Kai whispered. 
Angel nodded as she placed her bag on the floor and opened the book. The class continued until the bell rang for the next period. With a sigh, Angel pulled out her schedule and read her next class: Math 2, Mrs. Karolyn. 
“Oh, we’re in the next class together as well.” Angel jumped and glanced over her shoulder where Kai was leaning over her with a smile. Her face heated up as she stood up, shoved her book and schedule in her bag, and met him. 
“Do you always lean over people?” She asked. He laughed and patted her head. 
“No, I don’t normally.” He stepped past her and walked to the door with his bag over his shoulder. “Coming?” 
“Yeah,” She caught up to him and followed his pace to their next class. 
He’s very strange. I can’t decide if I like him or not. 
“Yo, Kai,” A voice called from behind them. Angel and Kai looked over their shoulder, and Angel froze in mid step. It was the leader of the gang from before. 
“Yo, Cameron,” Kai replied as he stopped and faced them. Cameron caught up with them and smirked when he saw Angel. “Showing the new girl around?” 
“Something like that, what’s up?” “Not much, the boys and I were going to head to the arcade after school. Want to come?” He asked while running his hand through his hair. His eyes never left Angel. 
“Not really.” Kai shrugged. 
So he’s with those guys. I knew he was too good to be true. 
She looked away and began walking away silently. 
“Angel, wait up!” Kai caught up to her. “Why didn’t you wait for me?” 
“I don’t want to be late for class.” She mumbled. 
“Do you even know where the class is?” He asked with a smirk. “I’m sure I can find it.” She bit her lip and looked up and down the different hallways. 
“You’re hopeless.” He laughed as he grabbed her hand and directed her down a hallway. 
“Kai, let go.” 
“Why?” She tried to pull her hand free. 
He stopped at the door and released her hand. “That’s the classroom.” He tilted his head and smiled as she looked at the door. “See, you would have never found it.” 
Angel frowned and went into the classroom. After introducing herself again, she found a seat on the other side of the room from Kai. Stupid Kai, I bet all the girls are after him, too. I am not that type of girl. 
With her cheeks puffed out, she got her new Math book and sat down. Math wasn’t her best subject as she silently thanked the distraction.

© 2017 Brittanie Bardwell

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Back for another chapter! It's great to meet some new characters and to get to see more of the school, which I'm guessing will be a major setting for the story. I also get the feeling you're inspired by anime. This chapter is very shoujo to me, and I love it. When Kai catches her as she boards the train, I picture slowmotion and sparkles.

“Beret” – you’ve used this word frequently. Do you mean the hat? Or “barrette” like the clip? Or am I just not familiar with this hairstyle?

I like that she’s nervous about returning to the school after it was the site of a traumatic experience. But later I learn she’s never even been to a real school before. In addition to the nervousness after the attack, amp up the all-around new-ness and any other emotion you can think of for someone walking into such an unfamiliar situation. Also, should she report to anyone that the three boys attacked her? She even has Ryo as a witness.

“They are completely opposite.” Both boys are tall, dark-haired, and grin/smirk when they meet her. Can you think of some other ways to describe them? What makes them so different that she can tell so quickly?

Maybe choose a different description than Angel’s heart racing at the sight of Mr. Tohma? A racing heart more often signals attraction, but I think you’re going for apprehension. As a result, I was a bit confused reading his introduction.

Does Ryo know where he’s taking her or does he need to reference the papers Mr. Tohma handed her? What are the papers? Is there anything for her to fill out, or anything else that needs to get accomplished in the meeting with Mr. Tohma?

“You’re being stubborn and not listening to me.” For some reason, Kai saying this to her really makes him sound like a creeper. If that's what you're going for, you're spot on.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 4 Years Ago

Brittanie Bardwell

4 Years Ago

OH my gosh, I can't believe that I wrote that wrong and it's so plain now! Barrette! Thank you so mu.. read more
Brittanie Bardwell

4 Years Ago

Fixed it, I think. If you get a chance, please let me know what you think.

Thank you.. read more

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