Chapter Nine- The Spring Festival

Chapter Nine- The Spring Festival

A Chapter by Brittanie Bardwell

Chapter Nine in the "Hina's Tears" series

Chapter Nine 
The Spring Festival

Angel went into the locker room and walked over to her locker to change out of the kimono.  As she opened up her locker, she saw the picture of her with Kai, Ryo, and Anna in front of the arcade. 
She smiled and changed into her school uniform.  As she left the locker room, she noticed everyone had already gone outside.  She stood there alone for a moment when a sound behind her caused her to turn around. 
Monica was standing there in her school uniform with her arms across her chest. Angel turned away and started walking away when Monica moved, grabbed her arm, and slammed her into the wall.  For a moment, Angel thought she saw Monica’s eyes flash red.
“Please, leave me alone!”  Angel shouted as she tried to break free. 
“Leave you alone?  I can’t do that.”  Monica laughed as she squeezed harder on Angel’s arm.  Angel cried out in pain and tried to pull away.  “This really is your fault.  If you had not come to this school, everything would have been fine.”
“What are you talking about?”  Angel asked as tears began to fill her eyes. 
“First you take away my part, and then you take away him!”  she screamed as her other hand grabbed Angel’s hair.  “Did you think I could just let that go?” 
“I didn’t think I was going to get the part!  I wasn’t trying too!”  Angel replied as the tears flowed down her cheeks. 
Take away him?  Does she mean Kai? 
“Kai was mine!”  Monica pulled Angel to the floor and released her. 
“If you like him, than you should just tell him.”  Angel replied in a quiet manner.  “He may not even realize your feelings.”
“What?”  Monica shouted as she raised a foot and kicked Angel in the side.  “How would you know my feelings?”
“I don’t, and he may not either.  If you really care about someone than just tell them!  It’s always better to have loved than to have never felt love in the first place!” 
Monica paused for a moment before a sneer went across her face.  She raised her hand to land another hit when someone else’s hand caught her wrist.  Monica stopped and looked over her shoulder as Angel slowly opened her eyes to see Kai standing there with one hand around Monica’s wrist. 
“Kai…” Monica began. 
“I never want to see you again.”  Kai stated in a quiet dangerous voice.  “If you ever hurt Angel again…” he didn’t finish as Angel whimpered and closed her eyes. 
Monica backed away, turned, and ran.  Kai went down on one knee and touched Angel’s face. 
“Are you okay?”  he asked softly.  Angel reopened her eyes and looked up at him.  The moment her eyes met his, tears came out harder.  She reached forward and wrapped her arms around his stomach.  “It’s okay. I’m really sorry that happened to you.” 
After ten minutes, Angel’s cries became sniffles as she slowly lifted her head and looked up at Kai.  “She really likes you.”
Kai blinked, raised an eyebrow, and shook his head.  “I could never like someone like her.  Besides, I already like someone.”  Angel blinked up at him and finally smiled.
“I’m glad.  You should tell her that you like her because she may not know.”  She stated as Kai laughed and helped Angel stand up. 
“Don’t worry, I’ll tell her someday.”
She winced as she stood up.  Raising her shirt to see the bruising, she sighed.  “Don’t worry. It doesn’t hurt too much.”  She dropped her shirt and started walking with a slight limp outside.  Kai followed and patted her head. 
I hope that whoever Kai likes, she will return his feelings.  I think he would be happy then. I wonder who he likes though.
They walked outside and saw Ryo and Anna waiting for them. 
“What took you so long?”  Anna asked coming to them.  Angel shrugged and looked at Kai as Ryo came over. 
Immediately, he frowned and looked her over.  When he was about to open his mouth, Angel shook her head and whispered,  “I fell backstage and hurt myself.  Don’t worry.” 
  He tilted his head and sighed. 
“Now that all the performances are done, let’s go check out the rest of the festival!”  Anna declared.  “Also, Angel you were amazing on stage!”
“Really?”  she felt her cheeks get warm as she smiled.  “Thank you.”
A loud cheer interrupted their conversation as they looked over to an arena set up for the martial arts competition.  As they walked over, the knock out bell rang, and a boy landed in front of them. 
“Another knock out!” cried the announcer as Angel squeezed in front to see the two people standing on the stage.  The first person was a boy with red spiky hair and dark maroon eyes.  He wore a red tunic with white gi pants.  He was standing with his arm in the air in victory.  Next to him was a girl with long blue hair tied in a braid.  Her blue eyes looked over the crowd with a smile.  She wore a sky blue Chinese dress that went to her mid thigh. 
“Another victory for Bryan and Skyler from class 1-C!”  Both bowed and looked around. “Is there anyone who is willing to challenge them?”
“Come on Angel, let’s go get some food and play the games before the bonfire and fireworks.”  Anna said pulling Angel along with Kai and Ryo following.  They wandered through the crowd of people and found a booth selling meat buns.  They bought four and found a spot near the fire pit where the bonfire would be set.
“Great job on stage, Angel!”  Mick called as he passed her with a group of girls. 
“Thanks, you too!”  Angel replied with a smile.     
“Now, Angel is the talk of the school.”  Anna laughed as she bit into her meat bun. 
“I didn’t mean to be though.”  Angel replied with a whisper.  “I just tried my best.”
“That’s what makes you so great.  You don’t put yourself first.”  Kai patted her head and smiled.  Ryo nodded and bit into the meat bun.
“Attention, the bonfire is about to begin.”  An announcement came over the intercoms as the other students began to gather around the fire pit. 
“You know what the best part about bonfires is?”  Anna asked while looking at Angel. 
“What?”  Angel asked after swallowing the last of her meat bun.
“The romance that fills the air.”  She laughed and finished her meat bun. 
Ryo raised an eyebrow and looked over at her.  “Romance?”
“Sure, this is the time of year when couples are made.  Look over there.  Do you see the boy with his arms behind his back?  He's about to ask that blond girl out.”  They looked over and saw the boy.  He said something to the girl and blushed.  The girl nodded and smiled.  He pulled her into a hug and laughed.
“High school romance, huh?”  Kai muttered.
“What?  Do you think it won’t happen to you?”  Anna playfully asked.  “I raise a bet that Kai will get at least ten confessions before the night is over.” 
Angel laughed and agreed.  “I take that bet!” 
Though I hope that the girl Kai actually likes is one of them. 
Ryo rolled his eyes as the bon fire was lit.  More and more confessions were made throughout the afternoon into the night.  Just as Anna had predicted, six girls came up to Kai and asked for alone time.  He left with them for a short period, returned quietly, and sat down. 
Angel looked over at Ryo and smiled.  He was staring at her with half opened eyes and a small smile.  She blinked and felt her cheeks get warm. 
I wonder if Ryo likes someone as well. 
A few guys came to talk to Anna, but she just shooed them away casually.  Angel asked why she didn’t go and talk to them, and she just shrugged.
“I like someone so until they get the nerves to ask me, I will wait.”   Anna shrugged. 
“What if they don’t know you like them?”  Angel asked as Ryo and Kai looked over at them.  “Sometimes you have to let them know how you feel.” 
“I suppose that’s a good point.  Alright, tonight I will let them know how I feel.”  Anna laughed as the setting sun fell behind the horizon of the ocean. Lights turned on as the bonfire roared.  “Do you like someone, Angel?”
Angel blinked and thought about it for a moment. 
Do I like someone?  I only know two guys: Kai and Ryo.  There’s no way they would like me.  I’m anxious around them because I have never had friends before. 
“No, I don’t suppose I do.”  Angel smiled. 
As the night settled in and the announcement for the fireworks came over the intercoms, Kai stood up and brushed off his pants. 
“I’ll be right back.”  He walked away with a smile towards the booths. 
I hope he is finally going to tell the girl he likes how he feels. 
Angel smiled to herself as the first firework went off. 
“Oh wow, they’re beautiful!”  she exclaimed as Anna laughed and Ryo shook his head.  A few more went off when Anna stood up as well. 
“I’ll be right back. Got to go to the lady’s room.”  She laughed and walked away. 
“Ryo, is there someone you like?”  Angel asked suddenly.  Ryo, who was lying on the grass, sat straight up and looked at her.  “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”  She felt her cheeks grow red as she looked down at the ground. 
“Do you want to walk around?”  Ryo asked as he stood up.  Angel nodded slowly and looked up at him.  Her lips parted when she saw his hand held out for her to take.  As he helped her stand, he released her hand and started walking.  She followed at his side.  Finally, he stopped and looked at her. “This is where we first met.” 
Angel blinked and realized they were at the top of the stairs that led to the train station. 
I wish the first memory I had here was a good one.
“Let’s make this a good memory.”  He said and smiled.  Angel felt his arms wrap around her and pull her into an embrace.  His hair brushed her forehead as her heart raced. 
Does this mean that he likes me?  Is he doing this because I looked lonely? Perhaps it’s just a hug.  It’s just one friend hugging another because we’re alone.  That has to be it. 
Slowly, she reached up and wrapped her arms around him as well. 
I feel nervous but safe at the same time.  Just for this moment, I’ll pretend he really does like me.  I never noticed until right now how alone I’ve been feeling. 
The fireworks lit up the area around them as other students walked around together.  Ryo didn’t speak another word as he held her close.  Angel’s gripped tightened a bit as her eyes filled up. 
Why am I crying?  I feel happy! 
She tried to hold back the tears but couldn’t.  Ryo pulled away from her just enough to look at her face.  His dark eyes stared down at her in the same half open stare he gave before.  He reached up and gently wiped the tears away. 
“Sorry, it’s not that I’m sad. I’m really happy, but the tears won’t go away.”  She sniffled and looked away from him. 
“Don’t look away.”  He whispered as he raised her head. 
“Thank you for being a friend and caring about me.  Before now, I hadn’t realized how lonely I’ve been.  You noticed and made me feel so much better.  Thank you.”  She said between sniffles.  
Ryo blinked for a moment than laughed.  “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”  He released her and turned towards the bonfire.  “Let’s head back.” 
Angel nodded and followed him. As they walked through the booths, she heard a sound of someone, a girl, exclaiming at someone. Angel looked over and froze in mid step. Anna was standing in front of Kai while grabbing his shirt. 
Ryo pulled Angel into the shadow as they watched. 
I feel bad for watching, but I can’t look away.
“I know I’m not the one you want to be with, but please give me a chance to prove I can be!” Tears fell freely down her cheeks as Kai reached up and put a hand on her shoulder. 
“I’m not the kind of person you want to have feelings for. I can’t promise to return your feelings.” He stated as she shook her head.
“I never asked you too, and I want to be the judge on if you are the right guy or not.” She sniffled as Kai wiped her tears away. 
“I could just walk away one day.” He whispered as he leaned forward. She blinked and swallowed. 
“I won’t give up on you.” She replied in a much softer tone while standing up on her toes.
“I can’t always make you happy.” He leaned closer until he was inches from her face. 
“I just want to make you happy.” She whispered. Her eyes closed as the last tear drops fell down her face. Angel felt her own tears returning. Her heart pounded in her ears. Then Kai leaned forward and his lips met Anna’s.
Angel reached up, grabbed her chest, and fell down to a knee. 
“Angel?” Ryo whispered next to her as he grabbed her shoulders. His eyebrows pushed forward while his dark eye searched her. “What’s wrong?”
“Why?” she cried as the tears rushed down. 
“Why!” she exclaimed as a sudden pink light erupted around her followed by an explosion. She closed her eyes and screamed while covering her face with her arms. Many other students could be heard shouting as a pair of arms grabbed her and pulled her away from the mess. Angel couldn’t speak or move her body. She looked up at Ryo just as he picked her up and ran away from the scene. The pink light was gone.
“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.” He said as he ran around the school grounds and to the opposite side of the school. More shouts could be heard in the distance as the teachers came running over. Angel stared at Ryo the entire time with her mouth slightly opened. With one shaky hand, she reached up and grabbed his shirt. He glanced down at her and smiled. 
What just happened? What am I being protected from? I can’t find my voice to ask. 
Then her eyes caught the multiple cuts and dirt across his face. That moment, she felt her voice and emotions rush up as she reached up and touched his face. 
“Ryo…” she started to say when he stopped running and slowly placed her down on the ground. 
“Don’t worry about me. I’ll heal fast.” He replied before she could finish. “One of the small kerosene tanks that powers the intercom and lights for the booth must have exploded. Are you hurt anywhere?” he asked touching her face, shoulders, arms, and legs. 
“I don’t think so.” Then her eyes shot wide as she looked around. “What about Kai and Anna? Are they alright? We have to go back!” she started to get up when Ryo gently pushed her back down.
“They’re fine. No one was hurt by the explosion because it was small.” He stated while brushing a stray hair from her face. 
“That’s good.” She sighed and looked around. “Why did we run?”
“I didn’t want you to get in trouble for something you didn’t do.” He said firmly as he looked around. “It should be safe now. Let’s head to the station and go home.” The shouting had faded as they got up and started walking back. The night air seemed eerie quiet from the festival that was happening moments before. 
“Thank you for protecting me.” Angel whispered as she looked over at him. He gave a small smile and shrugged. 
“You protect those you care about.” He stated and looked forward. Angel blinked and paused for a moment before catching back up to him. 
Care about?
They walked in silence to the station where other students were gathering to leave. They climbed onto the train and took seats as commotion about the explosion rippled through the students in low whispers. 
“What caused the explosion?”
“Do you think a student did it?”
“Was anyone hurt?”
“I don’t know. I wasn’t near it.” 
Angel closed her eyes and tried to remember the last thing she saw before the explosion. 
I was standing in the shadows by an empty booth. Kai and Anna were talking ahead. Anna confessed her feelings for him. Kai kissed… 
She felt a warm hand squeeze her own. She opened her eyes and saw Ryo watching her while holding her hand. She gave him a small smile before reclosing her eyes.
I felt pain in my chest then saw a flash of pink light. Could that have been from the kerosene? 
“Ryo, will you walk me home?” she asked as the train came to a stop. Ryo nodded and helped her get off the train. A few other students got off and went their own way home. 
As they arrived at her house, a figure was standing out front. Ryo took a step in front before the figure moved into the street light. Kai stood with his hands inside his jacket and eyes looking from Ryo to Angel. 

© 2016 Brittanie Bardwell

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