(RE) Chapter 4: The Tough Act Of Being Civil

(RE) Chapter 4: The Tough Act Of Being Civil

A Chapter by P.J. Amey

                 Chapter 4:

The Tough Act of Being Civil.

    The aroma of freshly cooked eggs wafted up into Polan’s nose, bringing forth a hungry smile to her face. Breakfast was finished and ready to serve. However, she didn’t have anything to plate out the food. Conveniently enough, Biff had just entered the kitchen, surely he would know where the plates are located. Right as she was about to ask, she noticed him opening a nearby cabinet and pulling out a stack of plates. He threw them next to her on the countertop which was to his left and said nothing while heading into the living room.


    “...Thanks!” She shouted from inside the kitchen.

    Meath slowly paced into the living room, both hands out in condescending surprise and asked,    

    “Oh! I thought you said being civil might kill you? You seem pretty alive yet.”

Biff began to light the fireplace that was against the back most wall of the room. He disregarded her comment completely and continued toiling away at his flint. After about a minute he successfully light a small fire and stood back up. Meath looked at him awaiting some comment or rude remark but he stayed silent. Then he looked solely to Deki and said,

“Alright, shes done cooking. Let’s eat so we can get going.”

“Now he’s gonna ignore me… I get it.” Meath threw in.

The four all met up at a cheap wooden table in the middle of the kitchen. Deki took to his seat eagerly waiting for food to arrive. Meath and Biff on the other hand, Sat down directly across from each other with a slow and awkward glare. Polan passed out individually portioned plates to everyone at the table. She then took a plate of food she made for herself off the counter and sat down as well.

In utter silence, the four began to race through their food in an uncomfortable effort to escape the table. All except Meath, who took the time to unfold a napkin and place it upon her lap before cutting up her food. As she finally took her first bite, Meath looked over to Polan and asked,
    “Polan how old are you? Usually kids around your age are bad at cooking but these eggs are delicious.”

    Polan cocked her head back in slight insult and asked,

    “How old do I look?”

    “Ya look twelve.” Biff threw in.

    Meath looked over to Biff with an annoyed expression spouting,

“She doesn't look twelve, don't be a moron, She looks about fourteen or fifteen.”

    “You’re both wrong.” Polan began to explain,

    “I'm actually seventeen, turning eighteen in about five months... Now everyone else has to say their ages, starting with Deki and going counter clockwise.”

    Deki, Biff and Meath all looked at eachother then back at Polan. Deki Began with,
    “I’m thirty two.”

    “I’m Twenty four.” said Biff.


    “I’m fifty one.” said Meath.


    Polan nearly choked on the eggs upon hearing Meath’s answer. She then cleared her throat, looked over to Meath and excused herself,

    “I’m sorry, that was rude. You just don't look fifty one, you look more Biff’s age.”

    “Yeah, I know...” Meath replied anxiously.

    Biff turned his head over to Meath. He recognized that same face from last night during their conversation. Biff then turned to Polan and harshly explained,
    “That’s what the curse does to you. It keeps you at the age you're at. Let's not bring it up cause you're in the same boat as her.”


“Biff, she didn't know, stop being so mean. Polan, don't worry about it.” Meath said in a stern voice.

    Biff looked down at his food. He sighed then continued eating away. Meath rolled her eyes at him then saw Polan smiling at her. Deki then asked,
    “Biff, are you good to go?”

    Biff immediately turned to Deki with desperate intent on being away from Meath and Poaln.  He stood up and reached behind him to the nearby countertop. Biff plucked a piece of paper off and slapped it on the kitchen table. He quickly explained,

“Yeah. I am. Meath, Polan, make a list of the s**t you’ll be needing for at least the next few days. New Haven is essentially a peaceful black market of sorts. So anything you could need just write it down.”

    Meath looked over at the paper Biff had laid on the table. She thought to herself a little bit, then turned to Polan. After another few seconds of thought, Meath looked back to Biff and asked,
    “Shouldn't Polan and I just go? We’re a hell of alot faster than you two.”

    “Uh, I think we're fine. If we leave now we’ll be back in about six hours or so.” He reassured.


    Deki pulled at Biff’s shoulder and told him,

    “Men are much easier to shop for, they can buy whatever they need and grab our necessaries as well.”

    Biff whispered back,

    “Sure, whatever. Although, I wanted to prolong the amount of time I didn't have to see them.”

    He then threw a wrinkled envelope from his pocket onto the table and said,

    “Five thousand Albethian Marks should get more than enough for all of us. Just don't spend it all on stupid s**t we don't need... Please.”  

    Meath and Polan just sort of looked at each other, unsure of what to do next. Meath slowly reached out her arm and grabbed the envelope and said,
    “...How much stuff should we get? We don't know how long it could take for us to finally kill Narr. it could be weeks.”

    Biff caught glimpse of Polan’s face as Meath asked that question. She looked rather concerned. Biff reiterated,

    “Just spend whatever gets us what we want for... I don't know, ten days or so. I’m not too concerned with how much it is. Living is top priority.”

    “Good. Let me shower and get ready, then Polan and I will be off.” She said.

Meath, annoyingly to Biff, continued to eat her breakfast at her comfortable pace. Everyone else in the kitchen began discarding their dishes into the sink and getting ready for the day. However Meath still sat at the table continuing to eat her eggs by herself.

    “Are you going?” Biff asked.


    “Can I finish my breakfast please?” She grumbled while munching on eggs.

    Polan began to giggle and Biff shook his head. He then began walking away from the kitchen saying,

    “Thanks Polan... for making breakfast. Do you guys know the way to New Haven from here?”

    “Yes, I know most of the area.” Hollered Meath.


“Thank god you know something.” spewed Biff as he briskly walked towards his room.


His door flew shut, then Meath shook her head and stating,
    “He’s the crabbiest person I've ever met in my life. I swear.”

Biff yelled from inside his room,
    “F**k off!”

Meath started to speedily mash the remaining pieces of egg onto her fork and in one bite finished the rest of her breakfast. She then took her napkin, patted down her mouth and said,
    “I’ll shower when were back then. Let’s go Polan, before he gets more pissy.”

Meath looked over at Deki, who seemed embarrassed about Biff’s behavior. She smiled at him and said,

“Don’t worry Deki, he isn’t you. You're still more of a gentleman then he could ever be.”


    Meath got up from the table, placed her fork, knife and plate into the sink and headed for the door.


“Biff we’re leaving!” Shouted Polan.

    Instead of yelling anything back, Biff stood in his room and flagged a middle finger in the direction of Polan and Meath. He then heard them walk out the front, closing the door behind. Deki knocked the bedroom door, however Biff stared out his window deep in thought, watching Meath and Polan head off towards New Haven. He angrily mumbled to himself,

    “I don't know what you’re trying to pull but acting as if you’re entitled to everything isn’t the way to go. You best cut the s**t when you get back here later.”

© 2016 P.J. Amey

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