(RE) Chapter 6: The tough act of being civil II

(RE) Chapter 6: The tough act of being civil II

A Chapter by P.J. Amey

Not many changes compared to chapter 5. Mainly dialogue.


Chapter 6:

The Tough Act of Being Civil II



“Oh, that was fast.” said Biff as Meath and Polan started up the deck.

“This is why I told you to let them go instead. That and maybe this will prove their worth in a sense.” Deki shouted, entering the bathroom for a shower.

In about a fourth the time it would have taken, Polan and Meath came back lugging huge sacks of sundries. Clothes, food and whatever else could have been used in the coming days were packed in to the brim. Biff began to head for the door to let them in when the door kicked open and smacked off Biff’s nose. From the other side of the door Meath yelled, “Oh my god! I'm so sorry!”

She dropped her bags just inside the door and scurried over to see if Biff was alright. Meath extended her hand and picked Biff up off of the floor. He rubbed his nose while mumbling, “Thanks, that f*****g hurt. I think my nose is bleeding.”

His remark made her crack a smile and he too smiled in reaction to her concern. With her right hand, Meath pushed Biff’s head back and abruptly looked up his nose to see if it was really bleeding.  Biff began to ask,

“Uh, what are-?”

    “I'm looking to see if I broke it or not.”

    “I doesn’t feel broken, I just got that feeling you get when you think your nose is bleeding...You know what I mean.” Biff said scrunching his nose.

“Surprisingly... I think I do...”

    He reached down, grabbed the bags Meath was carrying and headed to the kitchen. Polan followed slowly afterwards with another two bags full of supplies. Meath was given a moment to think to herself, standing there alone in the doorway.

The unsuspected sound of the front door shutting immediately made Biff turn his attention. He placed the haunch of pig leg he was holding on the table and mumbled,

    “God damnit, hold on.”

He rushed out the front door to pursue Meath. Outside she was standing over the front railing, hunched over and not immediate to speak. When she heard Biff take a step forward she quickly looked over her shoulder.. Biff stayed close to the front door and said,
    “Hey. okay, I know I didn't say thank you yet for going out today. I’m sorry...”

Meath continued to lean on the railing now with head down. After an awkward moment she said,
    “It’s not about that Biff. But thanks for finally saying thank you… I guess.”


    “What’s wrong?...” He asked shooting straight to the point.

Biff  looked at her expecting an answer but dead air filled his ears instead. He crept up to her slowly and was soon within inches of her.

“You do know why I need your help right?” She said halting his advance.  

“You didn’t go into much detail. You never really do. So…”

“...I’m trying to die Biff. That’s the short end of it. When we kill Narr the curse is lifted. Everything goes back to normal. That being said, this body I’m inhabiting will lose my influence. I can only assume this person has been dead since I arrived and even if someone is trapped inside, I can’t do s**t about it now.”

“Why are you thinking about all of that now?” Biff said while lowering his hand on her shoulder.

She ripped his hand away and spun around. Now face to face with him, Meath slapped him across the face. She looked fearsomely into his eyes and yelled,
    “It’s all I can f*****g think about!”


Inside the cabin, Deki had finished his shower and had walked into the kitchen fresh in a new set of clothes. Polan smiled to him and asked,

“How's the fit?”

“It’s splendid, you did a very good job Polan.” Deki said with excitement.

Polan smiled back at Deki and noticed the yelling coming from outside. Deki too turned around and asked,

“Is she finally putting him in his place?”

Polan smirked a childish grin and replied,

“Oh yeah, I think that's exactly what's going on.”

Back outside, Biff rubbed his cheek where she had struck him. He didn't initially speak, but as he continued to rub his face he said,

    “Look what the hell I'm dealing with now. In about three months time I have Deki, you and Polan all residing in my home and I'm expected to be cool about it. Trusting people who have the capability to sneak into my bed at night.”

    Meath kept angrily staring him down, never once flinching. then said,

    “Maybe you should trust those who don’t sneak into your room and kill you, rather than those who want company at night.... Why the f**k do I speak openly with you in the first place?!”

    She then whipped the front door open and rushed inside the cabin. Biff still stood next to the door and chuckled to himself.

    “This is gonna be fun...”

    When Meath stormed back inside Deki and Polan were in the middle of putting all of the supplies away. The fridge now had food in it, the cabinets were filled to the brim and the entire cabin felt more like a home. Meath however took little notice and asked,

    “Where are some of the clothes we got? I'm going for a shower.”

Polan quietly walked from the kitchen to the living room and grabbed a stack of fresh folded clothes from a pile on the couch and gave them to Meath. Polan smiled at her and said,

“The first thing I did when I came here was shower. It’ll help, I promise.”

Meath cracked a quick smile before heading the front door open. She briskly walked down the hall and into the bathroom at the same time Biff finally came back inside. He asked,
    “Where’d she go?”

    “She went to take a shower, she looked real mad too.  I probably wouldn't go rushing in to apologize.” Polan alerted.

    “Well. I guess I won't be hearing from her for the rest of the night. Kind of expected that.” Sighed Biff.


    He then walked over to the kitchen and opened the fridge for a drink. upon doing so he exclaimed, “Wow! That’s how much stuff you guys got?”

    “There's even more in the cabinets.” Said Deki.

Biff looked over to Polan and with a nod of approval he said with sincerity,
    “Thank you very much Polan, that was pretty awesome of you.”

Polan smiled back, saying, “Sure no problem.”

For a moment, Biff fixated his sights on the bathroom door and felt a slight inkling of sympathy and regret.

    From inside the bathroom Meath stood in the shower waiting to turn on the water. suddenly she punched the inside of the shower wall directly in front of her. the force of her punch cause her to crack a tile in the shower.

“What a way to live until the end. I don’t know what I was thinking seeking this guy out but my dreams are pissing me off.” Meath thought to herself.

The shower creaked on and the water began to soak her hair. Meath looked to her left, noticing the soap and shampoos. Instead of proceeding with that, she stood there and thought to herself some more,

“I shouldn't have snuck into his room last night. That's what got him all worked up and uncomfortable. I thought he would be a bit more mature and understanding about it. Whatever, I know not to do that again.”

    Back in the living room Biff sat upon his throne of a couch deep in thought, while Deki and Polan carried on with putting their new clothes away. The sounds of drawers opening and closing rang through the living room and Biff snapped out of his little zone. He stood up and looked to his left. On the couch sat two more piles of clothes, presumably for Biff and Meath. He then looked down the hallway at the shower door. He sighed, then picked up both piles and slowly walked over to Meath's room. Biff walked inside and got to work putting away her clothes in the dresser in the corner of the room. As he laid a stack of t-shirts in the bottom most drawer Meath walked in.


    “... What are you doing?” She asked.


    “Putting the clothes you picked up away. I thought I'd be done by the time you got back in.”

    “...Well isn't that sweet of you.” She said in an sarcastic manner.

He slammed the drawer shut and stood up. Just before walking out of her room he added,

    “I guess so...”

Meath stood there in her room wrapped in a towel confused.

The night had progressed to around nine P.M. and Biff was making himself a  bedtime snack. He made a sandwich with ham, cheese and oddly enough ketchup.  His concoction smelled rancid to Deki who was sitting in the living room. Just before Biff entered, Deki stood up in a hasty sort of way.  

“What..?” Biff asked of him.

“It’s not you, it's the ketchup. I can't seem to take the smell of tomatoes or tomato by products.”

Biff paused for a moment looking at Deki with a look of disbelief, then he stated,

“You... are so… quirky.”

“We all have issues I suppose.” Deki said before retreating to his room for what would be the rest of the night.

Biff sat down on the couch and bit into the sandwich. As he chewed, he thought over something Meath said to him.

“Why the f**k do I speak openly with you in the first place?!”

Biff slapped the plate on the table and sprawled out on the couch. He looked up at the ceiling. The dark atmosphere in the living room attributed to his negative thinking as he wondered to himself,

“What the f**k am I supposed to do? I’m not taking chances.”

A moment of silence passed, wind could be heard rubbing against the side of the the cabin. An angry feeling hit the room and Biff slammed his fist on the table in front of the couch. In his head Biff continued with,

“Does she just expect me to be an open book like she plays herself off to be? You’re sure asking a lot with that statement.”

© 2016 P.J. Amey

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