(RE) Chapter 12: The Mildly Annoying Act of Being More Civil.

(RE) Chapter 12: The Mildly Annoying Act of Being More Civil.

A Chapter by P.J. Amey

Long title, short chapter.


Chapter 12:

The Mildly Annoying Act of Being More Civil.

    It was another rainy morning in the cabin that seemed more like a rotting carcass.  The steady drizzle pattered away at the floor just under the hole in the roof. The couch was soaked all the way through as were most of the things in the living room. Biff was slow to begin to crack his eyes open, he knew Meath laid underneath his arm tucked away and safe. In a way it disgusted him to willing be this close to her. He was careful not to disturb her if for any other reason to not deal with her just yet.

    Yet, the more Biff thought and blankly gazed at the back of Meath’s head the more he seemed to come to terms with the situation. She was nearly destroyed and probably felt the chill of death for the first time since being cursed.

    Then a realization came to Biff. At first he fret his brow at the idea but the more he thought the more he understood. That was the first time Biff felt like he did in the square three years ago. He wasn’t about to watch someone close to him get executed in from of him. He would die first even if it was for Meath this time.

    Then Biff felt his arm move closer to Meath. Her head slid forward on the pillow and she rested her lips on his knuckle. Biff waited and watched to see if she was just moving or if she was awake. Then Meath asked softly,

    “Do I make you uncomfortable sleeping here?”

    “No.” Biff replied hesitantly.

    There was another slight pause before Meath asked,

    “Biff… What’s your favorite color?”

    “Uh… Deep purple… Why?”

    “I was just curious. Not every question needs to be an important one.”


    “What about you…?” He asked only because she did.

    Meath turned her head to look over her shoulder at Biff and wondered,

    “... What? My favorite color?


    With a smile Biff reinstated,

    “...Yeah, what's your favorite color?”


Meath smiled and answered,

“Red. That should have been obvious.”

    “Honestly if you would have said black I would have expected that more.”

    Meath chuckled and asked,

    “Why, because I'm so depressing?”

    “No your hair actually.”

    Meath turned back around and laid on her side and reminded Biff,

    “The hair wasn’t my choice. It gets like a birds nest sometimes but she did do a good job at keeping it long and healthy.”

    “...Sorry I keep forgetting that.” He said solemnly.

Meath didn’t talk for a second or two then she let go of his arm and rolled over to face him.  At first Meath didn’t make eye contact instead she reached her arm over and gently laid her hand on his cheek.  A smiled forced itself on her face and soon after she whispered,

“It’s fine Biff.”

Meath abruptly rolled back over and sat up on the side of the bed. She picked the red ribbon off the floor and began to tie up her hair. Biff then rolled onto his back and stared up at the ceiling in a glazed over fashion.

“You’re not so bad...” She started as Biff’s ears perked with attention.  

He turned his head to look over to her and noticed her sitting still at the edge of the bed.

“...When you’re not concerned with being closed off.” She added.

His eyes narrowed for a second as she added more to her statement,

“When this is all said and done I’ll be gone. So, please don’t shy away from giving me the real Biff before I die. We saved each other's lives and I think we deserve to know each other to some extent.”

Biff sighed deeply.

“Don’t sigh like it’s a f*****g chore to be up front with someone. You lasted three years like this, I’m sure being nice to someone should be easy compared to that.” She blurted out in frustration.

He looked away and slowly peeled off the bed covers to sit up. The two sat back to back on either sides of the bed, quiet and frustrated with each other. Biff hadn’t the words to speak to her nor Meath for him. The two sat in silence for a short few seconds before Biff stood up and walked around the back of the bed to Meath. Once in front of her he looked her in the eyes and confidently said,

“Alright. Whatever you want. As long as everything gets done.”

© 2016 P.J. Amey

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