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(RE) Chapter 10: When It Rains...

(RE) Chapter 10: When It Rains...

A Chapter by P.J. Amey

First new chapter in a long time. Hope you enjoy, should be exciting to anyone still following along!


Chapter 10:

When It Rains...

Meath had gotten up and left for the kitchen leaving Biff still laying on his bed. In her absence, he stared at the ceiling wondering why Meath asked him about Miani.

“Why her eye color?... ” He asked himself softly.

He realized something just then, Biff seemed okay telling her things he’s bottled up for some time now. It was almost as if Meath unwillingly ripped him from the rut that has plagued him since that fateful day in Torrenton. However, Biff decided there that Meath couldn't get the better of him like that. If he were to let her in he would just have to relive the same damn thing. He stood up and walked into the hallway, closing the bedroom door.

As he began to walk down the hall, Biff heard the rain outside begin to pick up. Everyone seemed preoccupied with setting up dinner, so he sat on the couch. He continued to peek into the kitchen a few times to see if help was needed but the others seemed fine and dandy. About three minutes of Biff twiddling his thumbs passed before he got up again and walked into the kitchen.

“You guys need anything done?” He asked.

“Nope, should be done in about five minutes though.” Polan replied.

On top the small wood burning oven she cooked up some chicken and in another separate pot, boiled some rice. After Meath finished setting up the table and Deki laid out some drinks. Then everyone who wasn’t Polan headed into the living room. Biff fell back onto the couch and hoisted his feet up onto the table, asking,

“When’s it gonna stop f*****g raining?”

Meath didn’t say much but shrugged back in his general direction, all the while looking out the window. Deki on the other hand, said,

“Judging by how the sky was looking most of the day... I would figure about a day or two.”

A few dull moments passed waiting for everything to get finished in the kitchen. After a minute or two Polan could be heard yelling in a gleeful manner,


The others began to walk back into the kitchen when Meath noticed from the corner of her eye. Suddenly She dashed forward into Biff crashing into the wall ahead. Deki leaped backwards and Meath frantically yelled,

“Get the f**k down!”

Not a half second later something large and something traveling breakneck speeds, ripped right through the middle of the cabin. The impact created a gaping crevasse that ran from the window straight through the back of the cabin. Rain began flooding in and pieces of wood fell from the roof. Everyone seemed to be alright just shaken up. Biff turned over and looked to Meath exclaiming,

“What the f**k was that?!”

“..I don't know, are you alright?” Meath asked.

Then from out in the pouring rain they heard the yell of a girl,


Polan recognized the voice immediately. It was Aence, her once thought to be dead older sister. However, she didn’t have to nearly destroy the cabin if she came back under friendly pretenses. There was something about the way she yelled her name that seemed malicious. Maybe Biff has been rubbing off on her in the short few days she's been here but something seemed wrong with the way Aence yelled her name. With a room full of silent people, the tension could suffocate Polan at that moment.  

Biff looked to Polan as if she’d been planning for this to happen all along and asked,

“What the f**k is this about?!”

    Polan screamed back,

“That’s my sister! I wasn’t sure if everyone was dead but I heard everyone scream and a lot of blood was in my house, okay?! I just left!”

Deki immediately defended,

“Biff yeah right, she’s seventeen and I’m the first one to come into contact with her she’s been here since there’s no way that could have happened! Not everyone had your thinking at that age. Lay-off!”

Meath added,

“...Now is not the f*****g time for this s**t! Biff, everyone, knock it off! Is everyone okay... At least?!”

Deki, Polan and Biff together replied,


Biff lastly yelled,

“Alright, Polan go see what she wants. If anything starts up we’ll cover you. Do not f**k me over now Polan.”

Polan yelled scared and angry all at once,

“Me?! Why the f**k am I going out there?!”

“That’s your f*****g sister! Get out there!” Biff yelled back.

Polan began to creep out of the kitchen and hopped into the trench created by whatever tore the cabin into two. There, she could see her sister in full clarity being soaked in the rain awaiting her presence. The walk was filled with an noticeable awkwardness. The mud from the raw ground soaked into her socks and stained them brown with murk.

Inside the cabin Meath laid on the floor watching Polan closely. She looked to Deki and Biff before feeling intolerant towards their hesitancy,

“Really? You guys are gonna wait this one out? I’m going with her.”

Polan was subtle as she approached  her sister, careful to examine the surroundings for any traps or surprises. Aence was still, however a smile grew as Polan drew near, a one hundred percent genuine smile. However it quickly left her, when mentally reexamining the situation with Sirus’s previous input.  

As Polan inched closer and closer she could see the mangled details of what happened to her sister since their separation,

“Aence, what happened to you? Your arm and your eye…. Their..”

“...Missing… Like my little sister. Nezo said you ended up choosing these people instead of following him.” Aence stated.

“I didn’t know what to think!  Some creepy dude comes up and calls me a nickname you made up. I didn’t CHOOSE anything, I just did what felt right…”

Behind Aence stood three men. One being sirus, the other Vahn and an older looking gentleman armed with a pair of farming sickles. This man walked forward past Aence and began to speak to Polan when at that moment, Meath came to Polan’s side. The older man smirked in an unamused fashion then asked Polan,

“Are you saying that when you killed Nezo, you didn’t choose then and there? Do you mean to tell me that permanently destroying half your sister's arm wasn’t choosing…”

From behind Meath, Polan and the others. From inside the cabin came the fiery crackle of Biff’s bow being fired. The arrow whizzed past Aence, nearly striking her in the head when it stopped just short of Sirus. In the nick of time, Vahn had raised his axe and deflected the arrow causing it to burst into white light.   

Aence froze and for the first time in what seemed like a while, she felt afraid to die for some reason. She continued to do nothing as the three men grouped up and began to slowly walk towards Polan and Meath. Finally Biff leaped from the broken cabin and out into the rain with Deki following just behind.

“Polan didn’t do that. I did. As the girl said, she had no idea what to do and personally I wouldn't either. Why is this about choosing anyway, are you saying that you're against me?” Biff yelled over to Sirus.

Sirus smiled so big and so wide. Biff had gusto and he liked that about him. He would also enjoy slowly draining all of that gusto and turning it into despair.  Motioning the others to stand down, Sirus, alone, walked up to the four.

“ I don’t make allies of those who aren't cursed, especially those using Narrs enchanted weapons. I need a commitment one that shows how personally invested you are. A commitment only proven through cruse. I assume you want nothing to do with that… right?” Sirus inquired.

Biff’s vision focused in on the man and he could feel an overwhelming ominous force before him. Without hesitation he began to steadily raise and draw back his bow. Through one open eye, Biff lined a shot directly between the eyes of Sirus. Suddenly and violently, the older looking man dashed forward from behind Sirus and directly towards Meath. With his element of surprise and sickle, he cleaved right through Meath’s left leg, sending her helpless to the ground.

Meath belted out a scream that unlocked something primal and something dark within Biff. As the information shocked his senses life seemed to play out in slow motion. Was this it Biff wondered to himself all the while Sirus began to dart directly at him. Luckily for Biff Deki was right over his shoulder and sent a left hook directly into Sirus’s cheek. The force didn’t send Sirus flying but it did shake him up and free up a second for Biff to react.

Meanwhile Polan screamed and ran towards Meath without regard for her safety. With each step she got closer Polan noticed Vahn getting closer as well.

“Get the f**k away from her!” Polan screamed at him.

Meath clenched her upper leg in pain. The shock of the blow left her in a state of disorientation and she looked up to the man that caused the damage. He was standing over her ready to begin removing more of her body. The man raised up his sickle with both hands. He prepared to drive it into Meath chest and assumingly tear her open, when in perfect timing three bright and shining arrow lodged themselves in his head. Light rushed out of his mouth and eye holes in a way that caused him to twitch and contort under the immense forces.

Meath couldn't take her eyes off the man as she witnessed the grisly sight of his face being torn apart by cracks of light. Sirus took a few steps back and looked to Vahn who had also stopped to rethink the situation. They Both nodded to each other and began to walk backwards towards Aence.

“Alright, fine. That’s all I’m willing to risk, hats off to ya! But I will be more willing to blow all my punches in Alberth in due time. When I do, I'll be sure to get all four of you right out of this world.” Sirus briefly overviewed as he made his intent to flee clear.  

Polan stared desperately at her sister as she knelt down next to Meath, only Aence didn’t look back. She turned her attention elsewhere until her, Sirus and Vahn sped out into the forest.

Biff rushed over to Meath, whose leg was slowly but surely coming back by the second. She kept laying out in the mud soaking in the rain and soon began to cry. Her crying accompanied the pouring rain like a symphony of sadness and Biff, he was simply relieved to hear her still. Biff knelt down on the opposite side of Meath that Polan was kneeling on. Biff and Polan exchanged a look of mutual thanks to each other and for the first time, Biff no longer thought of her as a bratty little deceiver or someone capable of being such a thing. Meath had her hands covering her face as rain pelted down on top of her. Biff slowly gripped her by the shoulders and before he could lift her up, Meath grabbed onto Biff’s soaking shirt and pulled herself up. She then threw her arms around him and continued to shake and cry as all four of them wondered where to go from here.  

© 2016 P.J. Amey

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Added on July 3, 2016
Last Updated on July 29, 2016


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A Chapter by P.J. Amey