.:Chapter Three:. 11:34

.:Chapter Three:. 11:34

A Chapter by EmotionalPanties

I'm only a girl..

I woke up the next morning, staring at my clock. The muffled noise of the alarm was going off as i just stared at it. The blinking lights flashed before me. 11:34. How convenient, considering what is says upside down. I rolled over in disgust, and fell asleep once more.
"Who's there?" I whispered out into the forest. I looked down, and i was in a beautiful, red dress that flowed to my feet, in a perfect length. I was barefoot, and it looked like i had been running for quite some time. The forest floor was mossy and cold, like it was death valley. Except, filled with green and vegetation.
There it is again. What's going on? I mean, yeah, this is a dream, but wouldn't I know about this already? Then there is was.. a form of a cat. It was laying in a tree, looking down at me, swinging it's tail happily. I stared up at it, and frowned.
"Leave me alone. I don't want anything to do with you." I hissed at my mom.
"Don't worry, darling. It's only a dream." She said, then jumped out of the tree, and sat at my feet. I tried kicking her, but I couldn't move from my spot. It was even hard to breathe with her in front of me. When i began to panic, the cat took her true form. She stood in front of me, with her eyes a bright blue, and that red ring around it. Her tall figure slowly taking it's place, with her lengthy arms and legs, and her broad shoulders towering over me. I suddenly felt scared.
"Mom, leave me alone." i said, trying to hide the fear in my voice. Apparently it didn't work.
"I will once you agree to take Jake for both of our sakes. Even if it means hiding all of this from that Michelle. You deserve a better mom than her, although she really isn't your mother.. But i know your thoughts." She smiled triumphantly, looking at me into my eyes. It was hard to look away, because i knew exactly what she was doing.
"Stop using compulsion on me, Christine." I said, using her real name. Her face twisted as I said that, but slowly pulling a smile on her hellish face. She looked like a true queen, beautiful, flawless, her eyes spoke the most of her, he curvy body, even the muscles like she was working out. I was quite impressed, half of me wishing i had all of her genes, and the other half wishing i had gotten up to eat breakfast. But she kept using that compulsion on me, trying to get me to accept the fact i need to stay in contact with her.
"I really miss you, Jessica.. please write back to me.. Jake loves his job, he loves being my servant. He loves everything about me, even my looks, and my love. You need to love me like a real daughter would love her mother, with care, and respect." Her voice was nearly in the back-round now as she went on and on about how a daughter should be nice to her mother, but I interrupted her.
"I don't want anything to do with you, Hell, or Jake. I hate you."

I woke up, sitting up in my bed, sweating. The look on Michelle's face was worried, and I'm guessing she was watching my dream. I looked up at her and sighed, knowing that my mom wasn't going to lie. She will keep bothering me until I wrote her back. She is turning my life into a true living Hell.
"Jessica, I'll go ahead and make you breakfast." Michelle said, tapping my shoulder. She sent happiness into me, it felt amazing. I smiled as butterflies fluttered in my stomach, and got up to wash my face off. When i walked down the hall into the bathroom, i turned on the lights and looked at my face. My sweat wasn't sweat at all. It was blood. My face was covered in total blood, and I almost began to cry until I heard the front door open, and Andrew holler into the house.
I quickly washed off my face and dried it off as I ran down the stairs and into Andrew's arms. He tightened his hug and kissed the top of my head. When we finally let go of each other, he looked at me and wiped my brow. When he pulled his thumb away to examine it, it was the blood i had pouring out of my pores when i was asleep.
"Fighting Demons again, Jessie?" He said, grabbing a tissue to wash his thumb off.
"I'll explain later, okay? It's quite a long story." I replied, taking hold of his hand, looking up into his eyes. He looked back with worrying in his eyes, but then his smile wiped all that away. His smile brightened up my whole day. He had gotten his lip injured earlier in his life, so all he could do was smile a little crooked smile. I smiled back, with a little feel of heat rushing to my cheeks. His laugh scared all my fears away, then he turned to Michelle.
"What're you making, Michelle? Smells amazing." And he was right. Whatever she was making made my mouth water with hunger.
"It's a soup for Jess. She needs to eat this." She slowly stirred the pot, then poured the soup into a bowl and set it down at my spot on the table. I looked at it and it looked awfully a lot like potato soup, but Drew spoke up before i could.
"It looks like potato soup," He chuckled "I bet it's delicious." I looked down at it, guessing what it was for. After my dream with my mother, I will have to eat this stuff every day until i want my mother intruding on my dreams again. 
"It's a remedy." I looked at Michelle as she nodded her head. I sighed and scooped a spoonful up and took my first bite of it. The taste was delicious. It had this nice smooth texture, with the taste of cheese and bacon. she always makes the best remedies ever. Once, she made one to clear my thoughts of my own father, and boy did it work. I was almost convinced i didn't have one.
Breaking the silence, Drew spoke. "What's this remedy for?" I sent a glance to Michelle as she began to spoke, but i started speaking instead.
"I dreamt of my mother last night, and this keeps Demons out of my dreams." I said, taking another bite of my soup. Drew looked from me to Michelle as she turned and also made a soup for him.
"I think she'd try to get into your head too, so just to be safe, eat this." She handed him a bowl, and he took it and ate a spoonful of it. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, and i just began to laugh hysterically.
"What's so funny?" Drew said, failing to hold back a laugh himself.
"I have quite a dirty mind." I muttered, taking another bite of my soup.
I haven't seen, dreamt, or heard of my mom since that night.

© 2012 EmotionalPanties

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