.:Chapter Seven:. Ignorance.

.:Chapter Seven:. Ignorance.

A Chapter by EmotionalPanties

Mike, Heather and I are out eating breakfast, just waiting for something to happen today. Ever since we entered this city, nothing murderous has happened, like the people killing know we're here or something. We were in a booth in IHOP, just drinking away at coffee and eating our pancakes. Heather and Mike were always too cutesy when they ate, it was kind of disgusting.
"So," I spoke up, wanting their attention. "Do you think anything's going to go on today? I mean, it's been a clean zone ever since we got here." I looked down at my plate, and the sausage suddenly looked delicious. I took a bite out of it, and let the aroma swim around me.
"Nothing clearly happened when we arrived, or well, nothing public." Mike said, with a mouthful of eggs. I scoffed, and looked away, regretting his breakfast spewing all over the place. But he did have a point, since every thing we've heard of was on the news, they could be easily hiding it. 
"We need to find other Angels or Demon Hunters around here." Heather muttered, taking a sip of her coffee. I looked around the room, and everyone looked human, besides the people in the smoking section. All they did was stare down at their food, probably wishing they couldn't be here. Mike met my gaze, and Heather kicked both of our legs, sending a shock-wave of pain up my spine.
"Ow!" Mike and I said in unison. I looked at Heather and all she did was keep a smug expression, and kept her fork busy by stabbing little bites of food with it, getting nowhere. I gestured towards that table with the people there, and then went back to my food.
"I know. I've been watching them the whole time we were here. They haven't touched their food once. What a waste.." She took a big gulp, finishing her coffee and she stretched, with her hands up in the air like a gymnist. I rolled my eyes and kept an ear open, trying to hear what they would say, but all that came out was silence. I sighed, and called our waitress over to our table.
"Are we done?" She asked, taking out the check. I nodded, and watched where her hands went and ended up, but all she did was pick up our plates and bowls and cups, and handed me my check.
"Thank you." I said, setting down the money and looking at Heather and Mike. I set the tip down, and got up out of my seat, and walked pass the two people, with my pals behind me. We exited the place and got into my car, and all we did was sit there.
"They seem familiar. I just can't get my tongue on who they were.." Mike said, staring at his lap. I turned in my seat to look at him.
"You mean, they came to visit your mom once?" I said, leaning my elbow of the steering wheel of the car. He was deep into thought, by the looks of his face, and just seemed to ignore me. So by letting his think, i turned back into my seat, and started the low purr of the engine, and pulled out of IHOP's parking lot. 
"Mike?" Heather was studying the back of his head as he was staring in his lap, playing with his thumbs. Heather repeated his name a few times, then she back handed the back of his head, and he looked up out the windshield and turned around to look at Heather.
"What do you want?" He muttered, looking at Heather with dark eyes. For the first time, I was scare for someone. I tried to keep my eyes on the road, but i didn't want a cat fight to break out while I was driving. 
"What's going on with you? Who were those two men? I know you know who they are." She also seemed afraid, and Mike just looked at her with sad eyes, looking like himself again. I sighed in relief, and kept driving, keeping my eyes on the road.
"I've only met them once. They use to work with my mom." He said, agreeing they knew his mom. "I never met them personally, but my mom said they were Traitors. She wasn't specific, because i wasn't all that interested. But they could be Traitors to Hell or Traitors to Heaven. Hopefully they were Angels, because we don't want to deal with Demons."
"Angels would be cheery, and talkative. And not in disguise, because they're beautiful creatures, and i know they hate hiding themselves like that." I spoke up finally, stopping at a red light.
"Jess is right." Heather said, as i heard her shift around. "Mike, your mom is so hyperactive, and totally weird. She never just sits there and doesn't talk. She's the most talkative person i know."
"You two are right." Mike muttered. "We just left two Demons at IHOP. How great it that?"
"All i know," I said, "They're going to be following us soon. They got up and left when we left the parking lot." I turned onto an alley way, and parked my car, looking at the door next to me. The club next to my car has been hidden for almost 70 years. My dad talked about it alot, and only Demons could enter it.. I looked at Mike and saw his eyes roll to the back of his head as he began to breathe heavily. 
"Drive away from here. I have my phone, and i'll call you when i need you. I need to go into this place to get information." I said at Heather, as she nodded. Poor Mike was already doubled over, as the Demonic energy was flowing all around his head. I got up and out of the car, and made sure Heather climbed over my leather seats alright, and when she did, she looked up at me.
"Be careful." She muttered, and pulled out. I watched her drive away, and i slowly opened the door, as the blasting sound of music hit my ears. 

© 2012 EmotionalPanties

Author's Note

Sorry about not posting a lot. I'm busy<3

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