.:Chapter Four:. Another Day, Another Dollar.

.:Chapter Four:. Another Day, Another Dollar.

A Chapter by EmotionalPanties

A few days later, i was sitting up in my room, doing homework. Michelle walked in and over looked my shoulder, and studied what i was writing. I learned this stuff a long time ago, so it wasn't that hard. She gave a tap to my shoulder and pointed down at a problem, and all i did was groan. I had worked on that problem for about five minutes, and now i have to redo it.
"Look at that formula again, then you'll get it. You got it all right besides that negative in the formula." I knew exactly what she was talking about. I groaned once more while I grabbed my eraser and started to erasing the whole problem. I rewrote everything, then glanced up at Michelle, while she nodded in improvement.
"Can I take a break?" I muttered, looking up at her. She smiled and just turned away, never looking back. I'm guessing that's a no. I started on my homework again, and finished nearly an hour later. I packed my stuff up, and sat back in my chair, looking at my computer screen. It still had the Sims 3 open on there, so i saved and let my Sims roam around. I got up, exited my room and knocked on Mike's door. 
I heard shuffling and running around the room. "One minute" Mike said, as he sounded out of breath. I groaned and walked down the hall, not wanting to know what was going on in there. Heather hopped out first, smiling too big to even hide what was going on. Mike came out last, with too messy of hair and i glanced at Michelle.
She glanced back, rolled her eyes, and turned away with a hint of a smile. I tried to hold back a laugh, but all i did was double over and laugh as loud as i could. Heather soon joined me, and i looked up at her and then to Mike, and him looking confused mad me only laugh more. Once I calmed down, I got up and sat in front of the flat screen to watch the weather.
"...Another murder in the city last night.." The news flash appeared on my screen, then the buzzing of the television went off. I looked for the person who was holding the remote, and it was Michelle of course. I opened my mouth to protest, but she just shook her head.
"Jessie, stop. You need a break-" She stopped speaking when i started to interrupt.
"No. I don't need a break. There's people dying out there, waiting for help and safety! Heather, Mike, and I need to get out there to save lives, because there's people getting their innocent lives taken away from them." I was standing up now, starting to walk to the basement, but i stopped in my tracks when Michelle put her hand on my shoulder.
"Jessica Alan. Listen to me right now. You need the break, Mike and Heather can go, but you need the break because what if your mom is the one killing people?" She spoke with hardness in her voice, seeming more Angelic with every word. That's when i knew i was pissing her off when I didn't mean to.
"I haven't heard from my mom in almost two weeks. This would probably help me, because ignoring my problems won't make them go away, Michelle. Please trust me." I sounded mean, almost demanding when i said that. I waiting for the slap in my face, but it never came. She let go of my shoulder and nodded her head.
"You're right, Jessica. I'm sorry. I'm just really protective of you.. You know?" I turned around and saw her smile, so then i hugged her tight and looked at Mike and Heather, hand in hand. I smiled and kissed Michelle's cheek, letting her know I thank her, for all her help. I nodded and listened as Mike and Heather trailed behind me, down into the basement. 
I turned on the lights, and all the deadly weapons before me, started to look more like bestfriends.

© 2012 EmotionalPanties

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Added on May 6, 2012
Last Updated on May 6, 2012
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