Episode 3 Intro: His Apprentice Hunts

Episode 3 Intro: His Apprentice Hunts

A Chapter by Xerclipse

The day has passed and Dick Bobber brings out his report on the news about the night before. What does he have to say?


Episode 3

His Apprentice Hunts


The apartment was small, neat, and clean. The windows allowed the daylight of the morning to light up the one room he was in. But in fact, there was only one room for his home. There was an oven, a bed, a television monitor, and a two tables. That was all he had in his room but hey, at least he can survive right?

Logun sat down on his own bed with his knife and pistol on his own hands. He did not wear his pony tail which allowed his own hair to flow loosely. He wore his white tank top and looked down onto the ground with a sigh.

He was young, beaten, stressed, and cautious. He ran blindly through the night of the woods. Behind him he had heard two angry but slow adults who have chased him down.

“Logun! Come back here you little s**t!” shouted a coarse voice of the mother.

Logun didn’t comply to the mother’s voice at all. Instead he traveled ahead quickly, but blindly.


He heard gunfire from the father. A bullet had passed through a tree that was not far from Logun.

“Get back here and be a good boy to your parents Logun.”

Eventually their fatigue and exhaust forced them both to stop running. They panted and sat down which gave Logun the advantage to run away. Logun hid behind a bush and allowed his exhaust to give in. He then heard both of the parents yell and scream. The cacophony grew louder and louder but Logun could not do anything about it at all. Of course he should run away right? Run Logun....Run!

He woke up from his flash back and then saw himself in his own apartment. He grew bored of his surroundings and decided to turn the television on.


“Good morning” Said Dick Bobber with a friendly smile. The screen was partially

fuzzy but the resolution was perfect enough for Logun to understand the visuals.

“This is Dick Bobber for PRO news. I am here to say something important for last night.”

Logun couldn’t bare to hear those words “Last night” anymore. For he was not interested about what had happened back there.

“Remember what happened last night, think, think hard about what the ‘Ascension’ have told us” said Dick Bobber in a quieter and a more humorous tone.

“I understand what he had told me fellow citizens of Acrisius” shouted Dick Bobber which irritated Logun’s ears. Dick Bobber reached under the table, pulled out a red ball that he fitted on his nose, and a blue wig that covered his head. He then leaned towards the camera and then stated with a laugh.

“Oh look at me. I have now joined the Ascension, and now I have to go and learn more about Acrisius!”

Dick Bobber then took off his ridicoulous wig and nose and threw them both away to the side. His face transitioned from a humorous clown to Dick Bobber himself, and Dick Bobber was clearly not satisfied what he had done to his own image. His smile tried its best to hide those negative emotions of his. He then used a more neutral tone but it was still predominantly opinionated.

“That is the Ascension for you. They were a joke. It was a comedy show that was given to us to air. But then we politely accepted their offer that would do us great things for PRO news. In fact, if you all have never laughed at that message this.....”

Dick Bobber waved his arms around loosely and his face stuck out his tongue in a childishly matter.


His face reverted back to his normal state. His tone was more imperative and very harsh.

“....then you all are empty, dull, dry, and unhumorous to the city of Acrisius. Come on, laugh!”

Logun heard the laughter from the window. He leaned outside of the window and then saw the other apartment buildings. He saw one family laugh with their kids, he saw a couple laugh holding each other. They all were staring at the television as they sat on their couches. Come on, laugh, it’s funny! Dick Bobber then said

“Yes....laugh you citizens of Acrisius. We were just trying to be funny and give you fellow citizens a great laugh for the night. After this, I am going to report a new target of Acrisius. Stay tuned for the next report. This is Dick Bobber for PRO news. Messenger of Heaven.”


Logun could not bare to listen to more of Dick Bobber’s dirty lies. He had immediately shut off the television with a sigh. Logun then said to himself.

“Yeah Dick Bobber, this place is just a comedy show to you....isn’t it? Well then, time to take Ryan out to hunting!”

He arrived at the terminal causally. The noise of the oncoming train grew louder, louder, and louder. Once again he had seen that girl he always saw at the train. Still she was beautiful but then she saw Logun’s face again. It was as if she was stunned by his appearance but then Logun found that odd. Oh well, to him it was the usual routine.

When they had both boarded the train, Logun sat down at one end of the train but the woman sat back a bit further than usual. She was looking down onto the ground as the train moved quicker and quicker. Once the train had matched it’s goal speed, Logun observed the girl who was still looking down.

It wasn’t over when it came to the television. The screen at the train station revealed an actor who wore a mask that was identical to the Ascension member who was on the air the other night. The actor had danced around and leaped across flowers. This actor was wearing a pink dress and a hat that had a heart on it. Some of the passengers of the train laughed, some of them didn’t, some were disgusted, but then there was that one woman who didn’t laugh at all. 

She tried her best to smile to blend with those passengers but she didn’t. She was not pleased with the images displayed on the screen. She then turned to Logun from that distance. Since Logun couldn’t bare to listen to the television, he turned to the woman. Of course they both looked away for their reasons. Wait a minute, there was something different about that woman who Logun never knew. She never liked to hear Dick Bobber and that was one fact but she was the only one who paid attention to Logun than the television.

© 2013 Xerclipse

Author's Note

This is brief but tell me if there is anything you don't like about it. I am considering to make another book in a matter of volumes. This would be called Volume 1. Any thoughts about this chapter or the volumes?

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I see romance a brewing. What more could I want? Love, blood and violance. May it rain the streets with blood. I want to bathe in it. Good chapter.

Posted 8 Years Ago

in a childishly manner-->childish

Two thumbs up for the beginning of the third chapter, good job re-introducing the girl (Logun's love interest, I presume). Interesting way of handling the Ascension, Dick Bobber. The thought of hearing everyone laugh simultaneously around me is disturbing...it's as if the population and the city are one. Great chapter!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Lol that's the point. I think you skipped a chapter. Did you? and thanks for the review.

8 Years Ago

just to let you know I posted the girl at the train that Logun has "love interest" in.

8 Years Ago

well I posted three more characters for the artwork

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