Episode 3B: His Apprentice Hunts

Episode 3B: His Apprentice Hunts

A Chapter by Xerclipse

Ryan has been severly injured and must be treated. However Logun has an "appointment".


Episode 3

His Apprentice Hunts

Part B

Who was the big boy who cried in the top of the tower? That’s right it was the great Leader of Acrisius “Carnegie Spree.” Time has passed since Carnegie Spree’s uncontrollable rage had physically injured Ryan. The mental injuries....not so much. It sure wouldn’t be a jiffy if Ryan had to recover mentally from that lullaby. Carnegie still hasn’t recovered from that rage, in fact he was still in his monstrous form tearing his own room.

There he was, Carnegie Spree, who left scratch marks and holes in his room. The tantrum did not cease at all. He had to then climb onto the walls, ceiling, and then onto the floor. He rolled over smashing the floor and destroying his carpet. The lullaby tune began to slow down, slowly.......slowly.................slowly......................slowly.......................slowly.............. then the tune had then paused instantly with a tick.

In a tick, Carnegie had placed his hands on the floor, raised his own light weight up, then let his exhaust out. His muscle fatigue and heavy breathing got the best of him. That diabolical face had reverted back into his cherubic, innocent looking, and that young childlike face he always had. He was sweating, he was tired, but very exhausted. He had stood up tall slouching forward towards the open door. Carnegie Spree then said in a sad but yet playful tone to himself.

“Oh boy that was some scaredy cat we had here. I hope little Ryan wasn’t too scared!”

He then went into his torn desk and saw something was missing. What was missing for Carnegie? He certainly knew something was gone but his desk was destroyed. But wait, what’s this.

The objects around the room began to levitate, and the scattered papers had been suspended on the air. Their motion and the flow of the papers began to sweep the air so cleanly. The chair that was in pieces unified into one perfect chair as it once was. Whoa, did you see what was going on in there, the damage Carnegie had done has been undone!

“Aw, this room isn’t complete yet.” Said Carnegie in a childlike voice.

He had to walk behind his desk to search for the missing object, but then, there was a picture face down. Once he had picked it up, he gazed at the image, then smiled at it. The image was of a woman who stood up straight casually. It predominantly revealed her face but there was also a bit of her chest that was covered by white aristocratic clothes. Her long freelancing hair flowed behind her shoulders and neck. Her face looked like if she was satisfied when she took it. Her eyes gazed upon Carnegie Spree. She was so young and beautiful for the leader of Acrisius.

“Oh you.....how is it that all of the chairs, desks, tables, and walls have moved back, but you can’t stand up on my main desk after being knocked down. But don’t worries, we has other ways to be with each other.” stated Carnegie Spree to the picture of the woman.

Carnegie Spree then took off his left glove. Oh what was this? The hand has a very hard texture. That was because it was covered in scars. Look, if you could see his palm, it had written text over it, but that text was written by scars as well. It said.

I Love You

Than Carnegie took off his right glove, and that hand was also identical except for the text that was written on the other hand.

I Hate you

During the afternoon at Logun’s apartment, Logun had placed Ryan on his own bed, bleeding severely but thank god his open wounds were covered by wraps and stitches. Logun then took some chocolate bars from a bag and then broke one piece into tiny segments.

“Eat this Ryan!” commanded Logun.

Ryan had bit the chocolate bar but dissolved it pretty quickly in his mouth.

“Logun......I thought.....you didn’t like chocolate......Why do you have them......in your house?” asked Ryan who struggled to speak.

“I always have them. They aren’t going anywhere and they certainly don’t expire. Now eat up, you are not suppose to think hard when you eat them.”

After Logun gave Ryan another chocolate piece, he ripped Ryan’s left sleeve open. Under that sleeve, it wasn’t pretty. The blood was still oozing out of the forearm, and the shoulder was off of the socket.

“Damn you Carnegie.” said Logun to himself. “Did you really have to give him the lullaby?”

He placed his hands on Ryan’s shoulder and then placed his fingers at the right spots of the arm.

“This is gonna hurt” stated Logun.


Ryan had screamed very, very loudly. It took him a while to calm down but between the time Logun applied the fix of the shoulder and the time Ryan had calmed down, the volume of the scream had exceeded over all of the other noises.

A few hours have passed and Ryan was slowly recovering from the pain. It was dark out for the moon to shine bright. It was time for him to wake up for the night. He then sat up holding his arm and feeling his face. He had suffered through severe physical damage but he used that little strength of his to pull himself together on the bed. Ryan then stood up holding a large bar that served as his walking cane to navigate himself around the area. He saw a post note posted on front of a wall next to him.

“Ryan, there is food in the bag on the table. You can eat it. When I come back I will have to take you home.” said the post note.

He had read the note, he turned to the table to his left. There he saw a wrapped sandwich. But another sense of his was hunger. He was starving for anything, he could eat a horse for all he could care. Ryan had opened the bag and saw the wrapped sandwich with tomatoes, lettuce, sliced ham, and mayonnaise. It wasn’t much of an advanced gourmet for him but it was enough for him to eat it. Of course his injuries prevented him from being too gluttonous.

Ryan had to take small bites....tiny bites, one by one, bit by bit. Once he had reached his tenth bite, he turned to see what else the room had. Logun’s room was not very fashioned but it gave Ryan interest. He was intrigued to see what Logun was hiding, he was intrigued by the mysteries and whatever was unknown. With a bit of sore muscles and pain, he got up to search around the room. He opened one drawer, nothing. Another drawer opened, nothing. He became disappointed by that miniscule adventure of his and then laid back against a wall.


What was that? He had turned around and realized one of the spots on the wall was slightly off. Well it was as if the wall had a little flaw or it had a mystery. Ryan then saw there was a crack on the wall. He had touched it and felt the feel of hollowness. He could easily stick his finger through it and then....



It was a sound of an unlocking door. It was high pitched since the door below was small. It was a hidden door at Ryan’s waist level. Learning from the grooves of the wall, he had come to realize one set of grooves were darker than the other. That was the door to the “mystery”. He had opened it and stuck his hand to feel for something. Of course he couldn’t bend down to see because of his injuries. He heard the sound of paper, and he felt the texture of paper. He pulled it out with his two only functional fingers for his hand. They served as tweezers but were operational enough to acquire the paper. His excitement grew quickly when he began to read the paper. The paper was revealed to be a note written to oneself.

“November 5th, 2012. That was my first day you had entered as a citizen and hangman of Acrisius. You didn’t need much verification, history report, or any form or way of registering as a hangman. You wanna know what made you a hangman, I sang a song out of darkness and hate from my own heart. That’s what it was. Right Logun?

Now what is the most valuable item of Acrisius? We all know money is something universal but then there is something that the citizens value more than cash, in fact they sacrifice their money for it but you are the only one who did not so far. That most valuable item is the chocolate. It’s not hard to miss it but I hope you haven’t eaten it. You better not take one bite from it because that stuff is not gonna help you. You heard the advertisements right? ‘Oh it’s gonna make you healthier, it’s gonna make you stronger, and it’s gonna make you a better citizen’. “

Ryan then had to turn to the back of another page.

“Realistically, I haven’t seen any citizen gain anything out of it. Nothing has changed because if that crap was true, then all of those citizens wouldn’t be taking Dick Bobber seriously right? There would be more targets for us and the city would be a complete ghost town and the only small group of people that would survive would be the ignorant who crave for that edible thing. You wanna know if s**t like that is real? Look at how the other hangmen act? It’s as if the job requires you to drink right before you do the business or take drugs before the work.

Hopefully Carnegie won’t get angry about it but he doesn’t seem to mind my deviations from the rest of the citizens and hangmen. He may be just a childish class clown but believe it or not, that ageless kid has a lot to hide. I know this city does not exercise what we believe in but you gotta survive. There is nothing you can do about it.”

Ryan had learned all he can from the note and then put it back inside that little secret door. But then his palm had felt a completely different texture. Whatever it was, he reached for it and pulled it out and then saw a picture of that girl Logun saw at the terminal every day. It was written in red ink. “Tanya Cunning”. The photograph had a large paper attached to it and Ryan had also read the paper.

“You know Logun, you may have a kid that wasn’t always streetsmart and was slow here and there but he did give me the idea to take pictures of that girl. You have to know who she is otherwise I am completely lost. Hey if that kid can take pictures without getting into trouble then I can do it too, which means you can. But for our own good let’s not take any more because that would make her a target incase if she committed a crime. Just this one picture is good enough. It doesn’t say much but I don’t want to know a lot more about her, I just..... have a feeling that face is all I need to know. It’s good enough to keep us out of insanity Logun. Thank you Ryan Gillard.”

Ryan then said to himself. “Oh....Logun you!”

Suddenly he heard footsteps from outside. Quick, he had to place the photograph right back into the secret door. He had then quietly closed the door and ran to his sandwich but then collapsed. A large thunk had been heard as he screamed in pain and agony. His facial muscles battled through those sores, bumps, and marks across his own face. Logun then opened the door violently and saw the fallen chair and Ryan’s body on the ground. He quickly helped him up and asked him if he was okay.

Ryan then responded under that coarse voice. “Yeah, I’m okay....I just fell.”

“Oh Ryan baby....” said Vixen from across the room. She had then came in with that mask of her’s and her posture. “Guess what.....!” she had said that in a long and a very playful way.

Ryan was then positioned to stand up but he had to lean on that cane of his. He put on a smile as if he were happy to see another person...or indeed a hangwoman. Ryan had shrugged his arms and said “What is it Vixen?”

“Well Mister Spree feels very sorry about what he had done to you. He is just.....” replied Vixen who was then interrupted by Logun

Logun then said “Save it Vixen..... ‘Mister Spree’ always says that after his damn lullaby. God I wished he throw away that stupid music box.”

“Well Logun baby last time I saw him, he was crying in his own little room that he never allows anyone to go into. Don’t you think that sounds serious! It’s the red room!”

“The red room? That thing that is always there but is strictly forbidden for any citizen or hangman to enter?”

“Yeah, what are you gonna say about it Logun baby. Do you need some chocolate? Don’t worry I haven’t eaten all of them yet.” responded Vixen in a very nasty but childlike tone.

Logun then stood by a moment and thought before he said unlike that instant moment where he heard the words ‘Red Room’.

“It’s not worth it. Here....let’s just help Ryan feel better right now so that he can

serve Acrisius as a hangman. I’m sure he forgives the boss.” He then turned to Ryan Gillard and raised his eyebrows at him. Logun then asked “Right Ryan? Don’t you forgive the boss for what he did earlier today?”

Ryan looked upon Logun after he saw the expression and then paused for a moment. He said “Well.....ummm.....yeah....I guess so!”

Vixen then jumped up and down like a bunny rabbit. Behind that mask were her emotions of happiness, well it wasn’t much different from the mask that looked like if the face was on ecstasy. She then yelled out “Yay! Baby Ryan forgives Mister Spree, Baby Ryan forgives Mister Spree. Come on Ryan, let me help you out of here so you can come to the tower with us.”

Without thinking, she escorted Ryan out by laying her hands on his back which were soft for the average and healthy person but was a bit too hard for him. Ryan took his time to walk but then Vixen yelled out. “What are you and old man? You’re a hangman and hangmen never grow old. Let’s go Ryan.”

After a few seconds, they both had left the room. Logun was still standing aside in his room once he had seen Vixen and Ryan leave but Ryan looked back just for one more glance. Then they had turned right in the hallway and continued to move. Logun then saw the half eaten sandwich and the fallen chair but still remembered that he had to keep up with Vixen and Ryan. Well it wasn’t as if they were gonna be ahead of him in terms of speed since Ryan wasn’t physically fit to rush walking.


Logun had turned back to investigate where the sound came from. He turned to the refrigerator which had a mirror. Oh wait, there was something odd about the mirror. It had a red handprint on it. Inside the room he heard obscure whispers from the air. The room was dark, cold, and a void. He then saw text at the lower part of the mirror. It appeared as if it were written in blood. The text below it said “3:15 AM Friday”. He came closer to verify what he had seen so then he.....


He got jumped by the screams from a face behind that mirror. It had scars, broken sunglasses, and a fedora. The shards from the broken mirror fell onto the floor. Oh great, mess to clean up. He then facepalmed himself and rubbed his red and pink eyes. Logun then kneeled down to see if there were still red text on the shards but apparently, there weren’t any red reflections or marks on the shards in any shape or form. It was just like that event at the train earlier.

“That face....it was that dodger” said Logun to himself mentally.

Logun pieced his memories together and realized something was following him. He recounted the times when he saw red handprints on some of the windows and mirrors he passed by.  He continued to speak to himself mentally. “Why the hell does the dodger want me? Doesn’t he know that he is going to get killed by contacting a hangman? It’s like a suicide mission for him to call for one of us. Alright, I guess there is one way to find out the answers tonight!”

“Logun baby? Is something wrong? Why the long wait?” asked Vixen from a distance.

“I’m just tired right now. You take Ryan back to the tower so he and the boss will have a nice chat. I’ll meet with you tomorrow.” responded Logun by shouting his answer.

Logun then sat down on his bed holding two of his pistols and checking for ammunition. What was under those cartridges? That’s right, the maximum amount of bullets to fill the capacity. He placed those two fully loaded pistols in his hidden holsters underneath his jacket. He checked his knives to see if they were sharp. He saw that they could cut anything so he stored it with him. Logun did not want to go unprepared for meeting this dodger that time. Who knew what was ahead of him? He was heading for the underworld but it sure wouldn’t be convenient in this hour. It was very scary and very dangerous for anyone to enter the underworld at night time. This better be something important for Logun if it is at the underworld during its ungodly hours.

To Be Continued

© 2013 Xerclipse

Author's Note

This took me a long time. Originally this chapter was going to have action but because of the terrible and tragic situation Boston, I have chosen to omit any crazy chaotic violence until the story really needs it. Sure the story will have some action shenanigans but the story needs a little rest and more plot building.

Respect to the ones who were caught by the explosion and give prayers to the ones who died and were injured. Pray for the ones who died to go to heaven. Pray for the ones who are injured to heal.

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Great chapter, I've been away from WC for awhile because of testing and studying...and I still have a few more weeks until that stuff settles down, but I wanted to at least finish reading Chapter 3. I loved the duality in this chapter, and the way the plot is thickening (I knew that chocolate was sketchy...but I love chocolate sooo much). Carnegie's hands were brilliant! Nice way of integrating Vixen back into the story, I'll read more later! Well done!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Writer #00

8 Years Ago

Yep, but I'll still have work over the summer, too -_-... but more time for other stuff like this an.. read more

8 Years Ago

same i would have to work too but then again our writing would definately boom. and i do know of cho.. read more
Writer #00

8 Years Ago

oh yes...
Don't let others control your actions or hold you prisoner, because of their actions. Write the way you want. Excellent chapter still worth reading even without the action.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Well it didn't hold me prisoner for the way I write, it actually helped me because the Boston bombin.. read more

8 Years Ago

I forgot to mention i now understand about the drug chocolate,very nice and smooth on your part.

8 Years Ago

Yes the chocolate is the drug that controls many people and hangmen, Especially Crimson!!!! Now I go.. read more

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