Chapter 2: Jaguar

Chapter 2: Jaguar

A Chapter by Viney

Wildcats are very popular in these times, as you will find.


 I woke up strapped to a metal table in a pure, white room. How did we get caught? I wondered. Apparently, World Government must have known about our little escape idea. It was kind of predictable and not very well thought out. They must have hid out just past the gates, then when we walked through, it all went downhill from there.

A couple scientists walked in, one holding a syringe full of a bright blue liquid inside. The one with the syringe was tall and a little chubby, with bright green eyes and brown hair. The other was shorter and skinnier, with pale gray eyes and stark white hair. Both were men, and looked like teenagers.

I knew what was in the syringe already. I didn't even struggle or say anything. I knew what was in store for me, and I knew I couldn't get away from it. The syringe came down to my arm. All I could do was squeeze my eyes shut and wait for it to be over.

I felt it go into my arm, and OH MY GOD IT HURT!!! I felt like I was on fire! I screamed and struggled against the straps frantically. It felt like I had been dropped in a furnace, on full power, while wearing a winter coat, in the middle of a big desert, while the sun went super nova right next to me! The pain ebbed away slowly(too slowly), and I tried to regain my bearings. I remembered my birthday, hobbies, pets, hometown, and all that, but I couldn't remember my name! My identity, who I was, was gone! I squirmed and struggled to escape, but it was no use; the straps were too tight.

Why can't I remember my name? It can't get any worse then this! Of course, it got worse. I paused to take a breath and look around. My bangs fell into my eyes, and I blew them away. The scientists were gone now. I heard something outside, and my ears swiveled toward it. I craned my head over to the side to see if anything was there. My tail twitched nervously. Wait... SWIVELING EARS AND A TAIL?!?! I looked down, and sure enough, I had a long, silky, golden tail with brown spots, about three feet long! I could also feel catlike ears on top of my head! “I'm a hybrid!” I screamed in disbelief and panic. I started gasping for breath. I forced myself to calm down.

What's my other half? I had golden tail with brown spots and catlike ears that swiveled. The only thing that came to mind was... A JAGUAR!!!

© 2013 Viney

Author's Note

I said that first was the worst, but I think I like this even less. I guess I really will have to go through and redo this stuff. But it'll be a huge project, and I have enough school work. I might have to wait until summer. Maybe some of you can tell me where things went wrong.

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Added on March 14, 2013
Last Updated on March 14, 2013
Tags: hybrids, hybrid, halflings, science fiction



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