Chapter 3: What life turned in to

Chapter 3: What life turned in to

A Chapter by Viney

A new chapter in Gabby's, or 'Silver's' book has been opened.


Two weeks later:

“Silver, wake up.”


“I'm serious,get up now!”

“Go 'way.”

“Get... UP!”

I landed on the floor next to my bed.

“Get up.”

“Shut up,” I muttered as I pulled myself off the floor. “Why did you need to push me off the bed?” I rubbed my eyes. “After all, can't be time to start training yet. Did something serious happen Magma?!”

Magma stood in front of me. He was part jaguar, like me. He had rusty red hair that constantly stuck out in all directions, yellow eyes that were keen and never missed anything(I hate yellow eyes), and was thin but strong. He was supposed to be my mentor. He was irritated most of the time. This was one of those times.

“It will be serious if your not in the Main Room to get your Link.” He told me, tail wagging with annoyance. A Link is when you get a kind of mind connection with someone your age that is the same type of hybrid as you are. I heard that after a long time, or in a time of need, you can mind-speak to the other person. I'm still not entirely sure what Links are good for yet.

“Come on! I'll wait outside while you get ready.” Magma left the room and shut the door behind him.

I pulled on my uniform(a gray T-shirt and gray shorts), brushed my wavy hair, and put on my one personal belonging: a silver jaguar necklace(it earned me the name Silver). I haven't figured out who brought it to me. My first day in the dorms I found it on my bed, attached to a note that read, “Don't show it to the officials.” no name. No clue about what it was for. I left my dorm and followed Magma to the Main Room. The Main Room was where you would eat and lounge around. It was white and circular, with a few couches together in a circle(guess what color!), and the counter where you get food. A clock hung on the wall behind the counter.

My eyes widened in shock as I saw all my old classmates talking and goofing around! We hadn't been allowed to see each other before now. A boy with messy red hair was talking talking to a very tall girl with short, straight, golden hair. A powerful looking girl with dark brown hair and blond highlights was yelling at a tall tan boy with sand colored hair about sports. All around me were my old classmates as hybrids! There was just one thing. I couldn't remember any of their names!

“They must have erased our names and the names of everyone we knew.” I jumped in surprise when I saw the jaguar boy next to me. He had long coal-black hair that was pushed over so it covered one of his eyes, which were an unnatural scary fire orange, yet still cold. He was lean, but his legs were long, and he was probably a fast runner. He was thin, and pale. I knew him, too. But his eyes weren't orange before.

Before I could reply, a man wearing a lab coat with the World Government logo on it walked in. All eyes turned to him. He started calling out our names(not our real ones of course), and directing people towards different rooms.

“Silver, Blaze, go to training room #74.” he called out. Okay, I know where that is. I didn't know who Blaze was, though. Oh well. I'll learn that when I get there. Training Room #74 is where I went every day, so I was sure where I was going.

My jaguar necklace bounced gently against my neck as I walked. When I stepped in the room, I was mildly surprised to see Magma there waiting for me. The room was square and white, like most rooms here. But it was special, because it could conjure holograms so real, that after a good day of training you went to sleep with bruises and aches all over. Magma's tail twitched slightly with excitement.

“Who else is coming down here? The man sent someone with you right?” he sounded like he thought I would be just as excited as he was. Then another person walked in. It was the boy with the coal-black hair from earlier. He looked totally relaxed.

“Silver, this is Blaze. You two are going to have a Link. You'll learn more about them tomorrow.” and with that, Magma left the room and shut the door. Then, out of a hole in the ceiling(I can't believe I had missed it in training), a thing that looked vaguely like a camera was lowered down. It had two lenses, one pointed at Blaze, and the other at me. A red laser beam came out of both sides, and before I could even think, the world started spinning beneath my feet. My last thought before my mind was hurled into the inky black depths of unconsciousness was: I never once thought life would be like this!

© 2013 Viney

Author's Note

I need to go more in-depth here, and it will be fixed at some point.

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