Earth and Sky

Earth and Sky

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

It was dark in Rose's apartment. "Are you getting the application in?" her room mate asked.

Chapter 1: Earth and Sky

It was dark in Rose's apartment. "Are you getting the application in?" her room mate asked.   

"I'm sending it right now." Rose said.
After clicking the "Send" Button, she plopped right into her bed in her small room. She fell asleep instantly after closing her laptop.
She slept.
She dreamt.  
Dreams. A funny thing that can be controlled with concentration. Rosemont Shield had the most peculiar dreams. Black Roses would surround her and engulf her. Sometimes wind would intensify. Sometimes it would rain. Sometimes, Fire would swirl around her. Such strange dreams. Hope Shield, Rose's foster sister, had dreams. She had dreams and nightmares about her life on the streets. She fought, But Rose was a better fighter. She had learnt that when she met her. Other dreams were kind of silly. It would be little birds swirling around her. 
This is their story. Their Legend.
Rose woke up in her apartment. She had recently moved in with her best friend to find a job to pay for a good college.
(Despite the fact that her parents were rich and she had straight A's.) 
 She had the smell of her friend's cooking wafting to her bed. 
She could hear her friend, hope calling "Rose! come here before the french toast gets cold!" 
Rose came running to the small kitchen cluttered with assorted cookbooks and supplies. "Ah, Hope! I'm surprised that you didn't get that job at the restaurant! You are such a great cook." She said. "Did you get a reply from that cafe yet?" 
She just smiled and nodded. 
"He asked us to come over for an interview over lunch." She said over the whistle of the tea kettle. "Now, eat up! we have a big afternoon today!" 
She handed her a plate of eggs, french toast, and a cup of sweet mint tea. 
 later that day, They left early for our lunch interview at the cafe. the streets were bustling in the big city. They found the small blue building where he told us to come. inside, there was a man. 
He was tall, middle aged, muscular, and strangely intimidating for a man, But he smiled at them with a fatherly smile and led them to a basement in the cafe. But they didn't know what trouble was heading towards them. In there was a tall, menacing, two podded, and complex machine. 
"Now, I need you girls to be my... 'Test Subjects' for this contraption."

© 2015 Ruby Pokedex

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Added on January 15, 2015
Last Updated on January 15, 2015


Ruby Pokedex
Ruby Pokedex

Wu Kai Sha, Hong Kong New Territory, Hong Kong

AHAHAHA OH GOD. WHAT IS UP GAMERS. I decided to look back on some old writing accounts and oh my GOD. I'm shaking and crying. This is the epitome of my 13 year old stupidity. Shaking. and. crying. .. more..