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As Rose was drifting, She could get a fuzzy view of who they were and recognized them immediately! They were Celestia and Luna from the My little pony show!

Chapter 3: Awoken
As Rose was drifting, She could get a fuzzy view of who they were and recognized them immediately! They were Celestia and Luna from the My little pony show! 
(She had only watched the show once, but got a grip of it.) 
They quickly ran to Her and Hope. Rose could make out the words of one of them saying "It's them, sister." before completely blacking out. 
Later, she woke up in a small room on a bed across from her best friend who had helped her escape the clutches of the disguised creature. 
She gathered the strength to pick herself up and walk to a mirror in the room. 
She screamed at the sight of what she had become. 
She became a pony like the ones in the show. She had a reddish autumn coating and a reddish brown mane. Hope woke up stuttering and saw their reflections and reacted the same as Rose did. 
Hope had wings and a light blue coat, but she had the same blonde hair as she did before. We noticed a marking on their rears. (cutie marks) 
Rose had a shield with a rose resting on it, and Hope had a dove with an olive branch in it's beak. 
"Is everything alright in here?" a voice said. 
The younger sister of the duo that saved us came in with a variety of food. 
"I thought I heard screaming." She said. 
Just then, the elder sister entered the room and stood by her sister. 
"Hello, girls. I am princess Celestia. What you two were attacked by was the Empress of dark spirits, Ravanta." She said. "You two are very important to our dimension and many others in the multiverse." 
She used her horn to pick up a shining item from a dresser in the room and handed it to us. "Use a telekinesis spell to grab this. Just picture it rising." She added. 
Rose did exactly what she instructed, but it took a few tries to get it to work. Then, it started to glow. she explained that it was a spiritual item which could be summoned in an instant. She led us to a library where another alicorn was standing.
"Celestia! These are the ponies that you told me about?" another alicorn said looking at us. Just then, a guard came running in shouting. 
"Oy, Celestia! The bloody compact is out of it's case again!" 
He had a perfect British accent with a charming aura to him. 
"Oh, I took it, Stephen." She said. summoning it. 
He just shrugged and left. As he left, He gave Rose an utterly charming smirk and said 
"I'll see ya around, I guess." 
She just stood there, and Celestia said "That is Stephen comet-shine. He is one of our best guards." 
Rose was speechless at the thought of someone that charming, when Hope stepped in and
"OOH! somebody has a CRUSH!" She jauntily said. 
Rose just blushed and gave her a friendly shove. Celestia laughed.
"The correct term is 'some pony', hope. You two will learn how we say things soon enough, but I must show you something." She said and gestured them to follow her.

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Added on January 15, 2015
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Ruby Pokedex
Ruby Pokedex

Wu Kai Sha, Hong Kong New Territory, Hong Kong

AHAHAHA OH GOD. WHAT IS UP GAMERS. I decided to look back on some old writing accounts and oh my GOD. I'm shaking and crying. This is the epitome of my 13 year old stupidity. Shaking. and. crying. .. more..