Magical Practice

Magical Practice

A Chapter by Ruby Pokedex

Rose started flipping through the book as she enjoyed the day. Her wound was tended to, but she was still worried.

Chapter 12: Magical Practice
Rose started flipping through the book as she enjoyed the day. 
Her wound was tended to, but she was still worried. 
Celestia asked for her to meet in the east tower, which appeared to be an unused bedroom. 
When she got in there, It had her collar that she had left on her bed in the guest room and was decorated with many things. 
"This shall be your official quarters for I am appointing you and your friends 'Heads of spiritual contact' as you live here." She said, then smiled at Rose holding her book with her magic. "Hope will be in the other tower across from here. There is a place in the gardens where I recommend you practice your magic." 
She also informed that twilight sparkle and her friends from the "Friendship Rainbow Kingdom" to visit. 
By hearing the name, Rose cracked up. 
"What is so funny?" Celestia asked. "Friendship rainbow kingdom? What kind of name is that?! I'd prefer just the Rainbow Kingdom!" Rose said, laughing hard at the strange name. After she calmed down, she thanked Celestia and got settled. 
She looked in her book at some basic spells. Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Magic Barrier, the works! 
"I will practice these later." She said. "Right now, I need to find Hope!" 
Then laughed at how it sounded like she needed the mental hope instead of her bestie, hope! 
She went outside to see her friend flying around like it was nopony's business. 
She dived, spiraled, weaved through trees, and flew at fast speed. Rose was happy for her friend and wished for wings of her own one day. So she can fly with her, side by side, like birds of a feather. 
She decided to just go ahead and practice for a while. 
She went to that place in the gardens where Celestia recommended. 
It was a big, flat area outlined with shrubs with a fountain in the center of the area. 
Four Unlit candle lamps were in each corner of the shrub walled area and little rocks were in a circle around the fountain. She used her telekinesis spell to lift all the rocks and arranged them in a neat line. 
"My telekinesis spell is doing well." Rose said, then flipped into her book. 
"Pyrokenisis. Recommended for candles or safe to burn  items." She read from the book. She struggled to do the spell, but she got one of the candles in the lamps burning. 
She just giggled and went to the next one. 
She heard Hope coming to land, so Rose waited or she would probably burn her or something. Hope landed perfectly on one of the sides of her line of rocks and trotted over to Rose. 
"What are you doing? I don't know why, but flying came so naturally to me when I came here! Even Celestia and Luna said they would schedule me to meet this group called the 'Wonder Bolts'." Hope said excitedly. "They are supposed to be some kind of elite flying group!" 
"Wow, sounds like a pretty big deal."Rose said. "I am practicing magic, and I am practicing the 'pyrokenisis' spell." 
They just chatted as Celestia was watching. By her bedroom window, She looked in a locket in a jewelry box. It had her and a picture her and two baby mares. 
She just smiled and looked out the window. 
"Soon enough." She said. 
She saw Rose and Hope happily trotting around, while Rose preformed magic. Soon, Stephen Came over. 
"wot's all this about?" He said. 
Then after explaining, He joined in too! While they had their fun, Rose sang to the beat of their running, and the others stopped and admired her voice. 
It was all fun until a familiar unicorn stallion walked in, following Rose's voice. 
"Why, young singing mare? What is all this doing in the ROYAL gardens?" He said. Stephen just approached him like he knew him and greeted him. 
"Hi, fancy pants. These.These are Rose and Hope. They Live here in the castle." He said. "Ah, yes! I remember you two from when you showed us the compact! Fleur dis lee was very impressed." Then just looked at Rose for a minute and mumbled something. 
"Meet me at this address by noon tomorrow!" He said, giving Rose a slip of paper with the address. 
He just went to fleur dis lee who was admiring the flowers in the garden. 
"His girlfriend is a supermodel, fleur dis lee. He is the most important elite pony in canterlot!" Stephen said. Then out of nowhere, aspen comes in. 
"Hey everypony. What did I miss?"
They just laughed and explained it to him. 
"Do you think he wants her to be a model? Or a singer?" Aspen said. Stephen just shrugged and said. 
"What's next in ya book, Rose?" She just opened it again and flipped to her previous page. "Plant Growth." She answered. 
For the rest of the day, they didn't worry about a thing. 
Rose's leg hurt from time to time, but she didn't see what it could become. For now, they will enjoy this period of rest.

© 2015 Ruby Pokedex

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Ruby Pokedex
Ruby Pokedex

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