A Chapter by Veronica

"Capri?" A very friendly, yet familiar voice said
"Are you awake honey?" Another voice, again familiar said
I opened my eyes and everything was a blur. But when my vision finally came back I noticed that I was in a hospital.
"Where's my mom, Where's--"
"Shh, honey you don't have to talk about it" A lady in all white said. She was at my right while I laid there in my bed. I looked around. Two beds down to my left I saw about 12 kids, all my age or under. They were all laughing and smiling while they looked at me. One whispered to another. I tried to make out what she said but I didn't feel like working hard. There was another lady to my left. The one on my right looked friendlier then the other one, but they both looked friendly.
"What happened?" I asked. All of the kids started giggling. Both of the ladies looked at all of them. Giving them a sign to be quite.
"Honey," The one on the right said.
"You were running away from, yet, another home and you got in the way of an automobile and it--"
"Hit you!!" One of the kids shouted. Then once again, they all started giggling.
"That's it." The one on the left said as she walked to the kids and motioned them to get out of the room. I watched her and all the other children leave the room. The one that stayed smiled kindly at me
"I'll go get you a wet towel, Ms. Parker"
"Parker?" I asked.
"Oh no." She whispered to herself
"Don't worry honey I'll call you a doctor" She said as she ran out the room.
Parker? Why would my last name be Parker and why did she say Oh no?
"Hello, kid" a man, who I'm guessing was the doctor came into the room about 20 min. later.
"My names not kid, if you haven't already noticed." I said. I know it was unpolite but I felt like I should have said that.
"Oh really, then what is your name... kid" I knew that I didn't like this guy.
"My name is Capri Diaz and I--"
"Your name is not Capri Diaz!" The lady that use to be on my right ran into the room crying.
Her and the doctor started to whisper.
"Okay... Lets take a look" The "doctor" said.
He was just doing what normal doctors do when you go for a check up.
"Well you don't have a concussion so I don't know why you don't remember even your name--" He said
"I do know my name!!" I shouted
It was silent for a few short seconds
"mhm" He said
"Imma go now. Maybe you should just refresh her brain. Tell her about her life, let her get rest... rada rada rada. Other then that... maybe you should scolded her more so that she can be a normal kid again. But I don't know why she doesn't remember anything." He was talking to the lady and then he left.
"Who am I?" I asked once he left.
"Okay I will tell you everything about you, everything about everything." The lady said
"Your name is , Capri Parker. Your parents died when you were born. Both. Your mom died giving birth to you and your dad killed himself cause he couldn't live without her."
"Awe" I said
"You are in foster care. Not an orphanage. Well... you are in an orphanage but we like to call it foster care. Even though we do everything that orphanages do. Give away kids, get them, blah blah. Being an orphan makes everyone feel bad, that's why we don't call it that. Anyway. You've been adopted 5 times. But those 5 times you have hated. You were abused, threatened..." She took a deep breath
"And beaten... bad. Close to death"
"Wow... I have a very interesting life..." I said
"yes... um" she coughed and started to tear. She wiped the tears away and continued
"You were born on July 4, 1903 in Connecticut--"
"Connecticut!!? 1903?" I yelled
"Yes" she said
"Where am I what year is it?!!" I freaked out
"Honey calm down, I'll tell you. We are in New York and it's 1918"
"Well that's all you need to know and adoption day is today. So you need to get dressed in your nice clothing and do your hair." She said

© 2009 Veronica

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i wish i was as good as you ..... sigh...... ahh

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on July 24, 2009



lala land, CO

Hiya! I'm a 14 year old girl who hates describing things. I write the way I talk so, you might not understand somethings I say in my stories. I made an account so that I could get all my ideas out. Al.. more..

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