Finding out

Finding out

A Chapter by Veronica

I woke up in my bed all nice and warm. I looked at Jamie in her bed. She was already awake with pictures in her hands.
"Jamie?" I asked
"Are you ready to admit it yet?" She asked
"Admit what?"
"You like him"
"I don't"
"haha ya right" she shock her head
"how long are you going to keep that up?" she asked
"are you OK?" I asked. she seemed kinda of mad.
"I'm just a little tired. I followed you last night," she said with a smile
"Do you wanna see the pictures I took?" I got up as quick as I could. There they were. Everything leading down to the kiss.
"You stalker"
"I'm no stalker"
"then what's this?"
"just pictures" I looked at them. I knew it was her.
"I had to find out how to turn off the flash, somehow, when he kissed you the flash turned back on"
"I guess... I'm going to show Ramsey." She said with a huge smile. I looked at her. She quickly grabbed the pictures and ran to Dr. Aickman. I ran after her trying to get back the pictures. She ran into his room and locked the door. What was going to happen? I went back to our room. I grabbed my iPod and put on the music. I was anxious. I couldn't stop moving my legs. Then I herd Ramsey's door open. There was knocking on Jonahs door. I herd talking. Once I herd a shout, it said,
"but you just can't, Jonah!!" I was still really anxious. Then I herd knocking on my door. I opened it and it was Ramsey. He walked inside and motioned for me to sit on my bed. I went to go and sit. I didn't want to look at him.
"I can't believe I would ever have to talk to you for this reason" He said. He was just standing there
"Focus on the chair" He pointed to the chair next to Jamie's bed. I looked over at it.
"Just on the chair and no one and nothing else" I blanked everything out but the chair.
"Your not just focusing on the chair, are you." He said
"Yes I am"
"Your also thinking about Jonah, and I can't having you thinking about that"
"no I'm not"
"I need you to focus on becoming a better medium"
"Why? what's that going to do for me?" I mumbled
"excuse me?"
"no, what did you say?"
"I said... what's that going to do for me?"
"It will make you have a better life. Think of all the money you could get"
"all the money will go to you though. Even though Jonah and me do all the work"
"there you go again"
"thinking about Jonah"
"but everything we talk about includes him. I'm not the only medium here!" It was silent for a few seconds. He left the room looking kind of mad. Then Jamie walked in with a huge smile.
"hey..." She said
"Oh... mad are we? I see"
"Do you know what you've done?"
"what did I do?" She looked weird. I just stared at her in confusion
"it's not my fault that your not suppose to like each other" she said
"well it's your fault for telling"
"I'm sorry but..."
"but what?"
"I don't know. I was listening to your ipod and I found a song that relates to me"
"what song"
"um... tear drops on my guitar by Taylor Swift"
"I can imagine me sing that song"
"ya but it's not Drew"
"I know" it was silent
"I know a song that relates to me" I said
"I'm a gummy bear by... i don't know" I smiled all big
"Oh that song." she started laughing
"I really shouldn't have told" She said
"I know"
"I just... I don't know why I did" She took a deep breath
"Imma go and get an apple or something. Do you want one?" I said as I got up from the bed.
"no" she said
"OK" I left the room and went into the kitchen. There sat a amazing red apple. The reddest I've ever seen. I took it and went to the sink to wash it. Once I got there I noticed someone walked into the room. I turned around. Is he following me? It was Jonah. He just looked at me with a straight face. Then he began walking again. He went to a cabinet. I continued washing my grand apple. I turned off the sink and turned back around. He was still looking in the cabinet. I was thinking about saying something. I could feel me wanting to at lest say hi. But I didn't, I just walked back to Jamie and I's room. I got there and Jamie was listening to my iPod. I sat down and bit into my apple. It was so good. Jamie looked up at me.
"That was my apple" she said
"well... it's a really good apple"
"but that was my apple"
"then... this is pay back for what you did to me"
"fine" we both just sat there in silence.                                                                        

© 2009 Veronica

Author's Note

Ignore all mistakes. :D

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Added on July 25, 2009



lala land, CO

Hiya! I'm a 14 year old girl who hates describing things. I write the way I talk so, you might not understand somethings I say in my stories. I made an account so that I could get all my ideas out. Al.. more..

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