Dinner at the Aickmans

Dinner at the Aickmans

A Chapter by Veronica

I rang the door bell not knowing what to expect. Will Ramsey be nice, or mean? Will Jonah not talk? Is he emo? The door started to open
"You must be Capri." I looked up at the older gentlemen and the first thing I noticed was his round glasses.
"Ya, Jamie invited me over for dinner, If that's OK with you." I tried not to look at him. Oh, how I hated his glasses. He looked at me with a welcoming smile,
"Yes, it is you can go and take a seat in the--"
"Place where you put all the dead bodies?" I cut him off.
"Excuse me?" He said
"Why does everyone say that? It's always the same answer, Never mind" I said as I walked in. Jamie ran down the stairs
"There you are!" She yelled as she ran excitedly to me giving me one big hug.
"Lets go and take a seat" She pulled me into there small dinning room and sat down at the round wooden table. I saw Dr. Aickman and Jamie, but where was Jonah? We all just sat there in silence for about 10 seconds before,
"JONAH!" Dr. Aickman yelled. Jamie smiled and looked at me.
"Coming." I heard someones voice say upstairs. Jamie drooped her spoon and looked at me.
"Amy can you help me pick that up?" She asked. I looked at her confused
"OK ,sure" I reached down really fast I got a chance to look under the table. Under there I thought I saw I corpse with there eye lids cut off and strange markings in their skin. I went so fast I didn't even know that I was even going to see that. Once I handed her the spoon. I Stared at Ramsey. He stared at me back. Then I slowly looked back under the table getting ready to run out the door. I looked under and there was nothing there. Then I saw a shoe behind me. I got up quick pushing the chair further back.
"Ow!" I turned around and noticed that I pushed Jonah into the wall
"Eh ma god!" I yelled. I then quickly pushed the chair under the table and went to go and help him. I bent down next to him and I tried to not hurt him again.
"I'm so sorry. Did I hurt you?" I asked
"No, It's fine." I looked at his face and noticed really big blue eyes. I could tell he was in pain.
"I'm really sorry, I just got really scared. I thought I saw something under the table then your shoe scared me. I thought it was something else." I said really fast
"I'm OK, really," He said
"Take a seat." Ramsey told us. We sat down and all the 4 seats were filled. Ramsey, thank god, wasn't next to me. Jonah at my right and Jamie at my left.
"Let us pray, Oh and Capri don't hold Jonahs hand, he will pray on his own." Ramsey said
"OK?" I said looking at Jonah confused.
Ramsey put out his hands towards Jamie and I. Jamie grabbed his hand and I grabbed Jamie's. I didn't really feel like touching Ramsey, so I kept moving my hand every time he attempted to grab it.
"Capri, are you OK?" He asked. I looked up
"Um. can we all just do what Jonah does tonight?" I asked
"You mean pray with everyone but just not hold hand with all?"
"Why?" he asked. I just sat there. I didn't want to tell him that I didn't want to touch a person who handles with corpse all day.
"Well.... OK. But just for tonight." He said. I was proud of myself for not making anyone angry (I seem to always do that). After we ate Ramsey went to the basement, leaving Jonah and Jamie alone with me.
"So... why can't we hold your hands?" I asked Jonah
"Have you ever done a Seance?" He asked.
"No." I told him. Jonah and Jamie looked at each other and smiled. He immediately grabbed my left hand and put out his right hand for Jamie to hold. She grabbed both Jonah and I's hand at the same time,
"OK, so what you do is close your eyes and Meditate" He said. So I closed my eyes and meditated for about 3 seconds before I started seeing things. I saw the same thing that I saw under the table but this time it was just staring at me. I herd people talking really loud, but I didn't know who they were. Then out of no where I felt a huge pain in my cheek. I opened my eyes and found Jonah in shock. I looked around the room and found that Jamie had gotten up and pushed herself against the wall. I looked behind be and found Ramsey with a little smile.
"Has that ever happened before?" Dr. Aickman asked.
"No"" I told him. He smiled a big smile
"Your a--"
"Amy!!" I herd a voice yell from next door
"I got to go!" I yelled, I ran out the door and climbed to my room as fast as I can.
"Yes?!" I yelled
"Get your dinner and eat in your room!" Amber yelled

© 2009 Veronica

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Added on July 24, 2009



lala land, CO

Hiya! I'm a 14 year old girl who hates describing things. I write the way I talk so, you might not understand somethings I say in my stories. I made an account so that I could get all my ideas out. Al.. more..

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