New Home

New Home

A Chapter by Veronica

Amber and Zurth lead me into a old car which they called an automobile.
"So where do you live? Where are we going?" I asked
"We, including you, live at a little house in Connecticut." Zurth said
"Connecticut? Wow!" I said
"Yup it's next to this amazing fu--" Amber got cut off
"Funical" Zurth said
"A Funical? What's that?" Amber looked at Zurth in confusion.
"A Funical is " Zurth and Amber started to whisper. Oh how I hated whispering.
"A place where people gather for special occasions." Amber said
"Oh" I said. Wow I just learned something... It think.
After about 5 hours of sight seeing and boredness, (new word :D) we finally got there.
"Oh wow" I said once I got out of the automobile. The Funical was a funeral home. To top that there was a cemetery a few houses down.
"That's not a "funical"" I said
"Of course it is" Zurth said
"No that's a Funeral Home" I looked at them and their eyes widened
"How about we go inside?" Amber said
"No... can I got meet the people who are there?" I asked
"No!" They both said quickly. Something weird started to happen. The pushed me inside. Literally.
"Okay you need to get to your room." Amber said. She locked the door behind her
"Can I look around first?" I asked
"Fine!" I yelled back I went to the first room I saw. I got in and slammed the door.
"THAT'S NOT YOUR ROOM!" Zurth yelled. I stomped out and went to the next room I saw. Stomped in and slammed the door. When I got in there I looked out the window.
"Uh Oh" I thought. my room was facing a window in the Funeral Home. I saw a girl in there. She was about my age. She had shoulder length dirty blond hair and little light freckles.
"Hi!" I yelled to her. She turned to me and opened her window
"Hi" She said sweetly.
"I'm Capri"
"I'm Jamie, I know it's a boys name but I'm not"
"What?" she asked. I chuckled
"Never Mind"
"So, who runs the Funeral Home?" I asked
"You mean Ramsey? Ramsey Aickman?"
"Uh, why did you ask?"
"Does anyone else live there?"
"Ya, Jonah." Jamie said looking confused.
"Oh" I don't know why I asked. I was just curious.
"Dinner!" I heard a man yell from the Funeral Home.
"I'll be back in about a hour, k?" Jamie said
"Well... How about you come over for dinner?" Jamie asked
"Really? Go over there?"
"Sounds great!" I said in excitement
"But Amber and Zurth might not let me go" I said
"I didn't see you ask."
"I'll go now" I ran to my door
"Can I go next door for dinner!" I yelled
"No!" Amber yelled. I went back to the window. BTW I was in my casual clothing.
"I can go" I said
"But I just heard her say no"
"You didn't hear nothing." I went to the bed and unpacked a rope from the bag I had brought.
"Your gonna climb out the window with a rope?" Jamie asked
"No Imma go down the rope." I said. I threw the rope out the window and climbed down it.                                                         

© 2009 Veronica

Author's Note

Ignore all mistakes

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Added on July 24, 2009



lala land, CO

Hiya! I'm a 14 year old girl who hates describing things. I write the way I talk so, you might not understand somethings I say in my stories. I made an account so that I could get all my ideas out. Al.. more..

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