Chapter 2.1 : Screaming Cliffs continued

Chapter 2.1 : Screaming Cliffs continued

A Chapter by aaaa

Chapter 2 continued


Abe watched mesmerized as she drew closer to the cliff, then he realized what she was about to do.

“NO!” He screamed and ran towards her, she did not seem to take notice and continued closer towards the edge. He had almost made it to her as she stepped off the cliff, she did not even break stride as she started to fall. He flattened himself onto the cliff as he tried to grab her as she fell, but it was to late. Then the scream started, the horrible blood wrenching scream. He had no idea what to do as he watched her fall. Then there seemed to be a shadow that went past her. Something was following her down the cliff; something else was in free fall. It seemed to be a black bullet, it fell along with her keeping pace as she fell, then there was another, and another. Eventually they formed a pack around her nearly obscuring her from his vision. The scream continued as she sped towards the bottom of the cliff. Then out of nowhere it suddenly stopped.

Did she hit the bottom? He thought to himself, no she couldn’t have she was not close enough to the ground yet. What could have happened? Where did she go? The black bullets couldn’t have been responsible the moment the screams had stopped they had scattered in all directions. They were now making their way back up the cliff. They came up strangely. They looked like jellyfish pumping their circular wing as they slowly climbed the cliff.

“Don’t worry.” Said Margaret, she had suddenly appeared right behind him; he had not heard her come up behind him. He had been solely concentrated on the falling woman. “She’s fine, nothing for you to worry about.”

“What do you mean nothing to worry about?! She just fell off a cliff she probably hit the bottom and died!” Abe yelled now completely panicking, the situation was becoming to much for him. He was starting to regret coming at all, he wanted to go home, and he wanted his field. Margaret looked towards the sky and sighed. The sun was now directly overhead, and clouds had slightly obscured it from view.

“I guess we have a little time. It has been rather rude of me not telling you anything. I don’t have time to tell you everything but I can tell you enough to hold you over until we get to camp.” She said and she sat on the ground. “Ask away, I’ll answer best I can.”

“Ok, ok. What is going on here, where are we?” Abe asked as he stared at her. He tried to discern something from her body language, anything that might help him understand what she was about to tell him.

“We are in a land, a land in-between the physical and spiritual worlds the physical world being earth, and the spiritual being Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. This is the place that fills the space in between. This is where souls come when they die to traverse to the spiritual worlds to be judged.” She spoke slowly as if that if she had said it quickly he would not be to keep up with the world. Well she was right, he was almost overwhelmed by the relative slowness of this statement.

“Then who was that lady?!” He said trying to use what little he did know to pry more knowledge from her.

“That was a dreamer. When someone dreams their soul kinda leaves the body, it’s as close someone gets to the afterlife without dying. What you just saw was someone having a falling dream. What you just saw and what she must have seen were two different things. In her mind she could have been falling off a building or a plane, or hundreds of other high places. When she stopped screaming was when she woke up. She is probably right now in her house freaking out due to the experience she just had.” After she had finished Abe realized that his mouth was slightly open. His mind seemed to have given up and was trying to close up shop in order to protect his psyche. 

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Nothing for you to worry about... nice, had me screaming at the chic.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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