Chapter 3.5: Dream Catchers, continued

Chapter 3.5: Dream Catchers, continued

A Chapter by aaaa

Chapter 3: Dream Catchers, continued

“It was all in good fun, the duel was merely a formality I was going to take you regardless. The duel was for the public; he beat me in the real match earlier that day. No matter how powerful you become it will never make you a better chess player. He has always been far better than me at chess.” The old man spoke with a kind of deflated pride. He didn’t to seem to like to admit that he had lost at chess, as if his loss in the battle meant little compared to a board game.

“A chess match, my fate was decided on a chess match.” With this she slumped back into her chair defeated.

“Anyway, ignore her she thought she was special because she was talented in the academy. Now she is realizing that she was simply a big fish in a small pond, and after her test she is going to be moved into the ocean. You said you were heading for the City of Brass. You saw how well she did against me it took her nearly a full ten seconds to succumb to my fear aura. I am willing to pay you one hundred gold Rezzecks and I will give you enough supplies so she will be able to eat for your entire journey there. Despite her attitude she can actually be very helpful at times.” Said the old man leaning into his chair. He opened his mouth and pushed in the last bit of his cookie. He chewed it slowly while looking at Margaret, his eyes wide with anticipation.

“No, absolutely not, I will not have a unlicensed Dream Catcher with us.” Margaret sat resolute returning the old man’s gaze steadily.

“She had her student license.” Mr. Sparrow said matter of factly

“Still if a enforcer catches us, and he is in a bad mood he won’t wait to deal with students license versus official license. He will just cleaves our skulls in and bring us to his tower and let his captain send out apology messages the Brass City.” Said Margaret

“Enforcers? We haven’t seen an enforcer in a century. They all died out in their last clan war. My master fought along side the Glekes clan. They lost, their entire population slaughtered, every man woman and child. Then the Maudin clan that beat them started arguing over the new high chief should be and fought among themselves until there was only a handful left. Thing like that happened among all the clans, no clan was not drawn into the conflict. It is generally agreed upon that they died out, a testament of their chiefs own greed.” Said the old man. He was obviously the more knowledgeable of the two, but Margaret was set of the fact that she was not going to let Laura come with them on their journey. Abe couldn’t understand why, if there wasn’t any risk all she could do was help.  He also was curious and wanted to hear more about being a Dream Catcher, and he wanted to see the metal bird thing from the picture.

“Why can’t she go Margaret? It would be a great help, and if she is as powerful as mister Sparrow says then she can help us a lot.” Abe was now facing Margaret along with mister Sparrow. Now that mister Sparrow had gotten Abe on his side Margaret was no longer able to fight back with a successful argument.

“Ok fine she can come.” Margaret pouted and looked away. Then she got up and walked around to the entrance to the hallway.

“Excuse me, where is your restroom, I need to use it.” Margaret obviously did not as she had had no need a moment ago. She simply needed a place to fume as her anger dissipated.

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